Christina Nini – Cry: Meet the Queen of the Contemporary Love Ballad

Yep, you guessed it, Christina Nini’s latest single Cry is an absolute tear jerker. As soon as you hit play you’re treated to some high-octane emotion from the up and coming Pop singer songwriter. The prelude playfully teases you into a track which deals with all the drudgery of heartbreak in one of the most poignant and raw ballads I’ve had the pleasure of checking out this summer.

As the artist’s fourth single unfolds, the emotion contained in the lyrics becomes palpable; they almost certainly contain a piece of Christina Nini’s soul. Her strong and lascivious vocal style further amplifies the resonance behind the lyrics which perfectly matches the instrumentals behind Cry.  The use of acoustic and digital instruments in the mix create an ethereally tentative pace for the vocals to follow giving Cry that ultimate feel-good, chill out vibe alongside treating you to some blinding instrumental breakdown and solo’s especially from the electric guitar.

You can check out Christina Nini’s latest single Cry for yourselves by heading over to Spotify; why not stick the single on your coffee shop playlists while you’re there.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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