Chilly Winters – D.N.D.D ft Hatch: Morosely Candid Hip Hop

If you’re looking for a Hip Hop track which goes beyond skirting around superficiality, prepare to be sobered by up and coming Rap artist Chilly Winters’ latest single D.N.D.D ft Hatch.

While the single doesn’t move all too far away from the archetypal structures of Hip Hop the depth of the lyricism will have you in an arrested state from the very first verse. Rap lyrics don’t often come as morosely candid as what is audible in D.N.D.D. Yet, rather than just being an offering of melancholy, the single which Chilly Winters created with Hip Hop artist Hatch also offers plenty of inspirational energy making the single even more emotively bruising.

D.N.D.D is just one of the tracks found on Chilly Winters’ latest EP “Cold Hearts Break Hearts”, as you can expect with a title such as that, each of the tracks are as raw as the last.

You can check out Chilly Winters’ single D.N.D.D ft Hatch for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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