Charles Cleyn invites you into Acoustic Folk Pop ambience with their latest single “Sorry”

“Sorry” is the irresistibly charismatic single from up and coming Acoustic Folk Pop artist Charles Cleyn who finds the perfect balance between playful vocal charm and lyrical depth in his soundscapes.

Straight from the first reverberant note in Sorry, you’re immersed in a polished, organically rhythmic, hook-filled track which offers real candid emotion. Such a vibrantly upbeat single gently tackling issues such as self-harm definitely isn’t something you hear every day.

Amongst other mellifluous aspects, Sorry constantly feeds you irresistible rhythm and you’d have to be soulless to refuse. Even though Charles Cleyn’s latest single offers plenty of contemporary appeal, the up and coming artist shares the same magnetic sensibility of artists such as Paul Simon who offer colourfully narrative restorative catharsis with their tracks.

You can check out Charles Cleyn’s latest single Sorry for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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