OAK GLEN – Enemy: A Debut of Viscerally Arrestive Indie Electronica

Through a unique mix of Post Punk Indie and moody viscerally arrestive electronica, up and coming artist OAK GLEN’s debut single “Enemy” was born. While the lines between Indie and EDM may be becoming increasingly blurred as more and more artists tackle synergistic mixes, OAK GLEN still manages to bring a unique energy to the contemporary soundwaves. Even with the clever intricacies found within Enemy the arrestive capacity is never lost; instead, the clever effects serve to envelop you deeper into the potent hit.

If you could imagine what a mash up of Interpol and London Grammar would sound like, your answer is found within the soundscape of Enemy which gave us the perfect taster of what is to come. It’s probably time to start getting excited.

You can check out OAK GLEN’s single Enemy for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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