CharLeon’s Latest Release Takes Listeners On A Journey

Hans Christian Anderson once said, “Where words fail, music speaks.” No listeners know this better than the ones attending raves and filling dancefloors for the chance to share an energetic session of dancing and feeling without the need for greater cultural contexts or interpersonal discussions. CharLeon answers the call and his prepared with more than your average dance beat with his song Journey. This song attempts an expression of exuberance incarnate, and it may just make it happen once the speakers start pumping.

The introduction gives us the faintest hint of vocal samples and prepares the listener for a standard pop hit with tinges of electronica. But once the bright pianos are accompanied by thunderous kicks, we know we’re in store for much more. The colorful lead synth and razor sharp basslines command the scene and only allow interludes for playful and bluesy piano lines that help break things up before the next intense climax. It’s a familiar format but it’s used because it works. This isn’t looking to cross into new boundaries; it’s a celebration of where we are and a reminder to enjoy the moment. CharLeon certainly knows how to take the listener on a Journey.

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