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Never Get Another One: Radiant Chicago RnB artist Vesta shines beautifully on ‘Personality’

Taken off the latest thirteen-track album named ‘Hydra‘, Vesta lets it be known that we have only one ‘Personality‘ so its best to use it wisely and be yourself always.

Vesta is a Los Angeles, California-born, San Francisco-raised, Chicago-based, queer indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter. Music with a purpose is the mission here, as there is a classy vibe that has been created to assist others in being themselves no matter what.

Vesta’s interest in music production began after listening to Daft Punk’s Alive 2007, as began their mixing skill with Ableton Live. Progressing from house to a more relaxed style akin to that of Sade or Raveena, Vesta slowly began to incorporate their own writing and voice into their music.” ~ Vesta

There is much to love from an underground artist of this quality, with a true story that so many of us seem to easily forget. With so many people trying to copy bad role models daily, this is the kind of refreshing correction the youth need to digest and never forget the taste of.

Personality‘ from the highly creative Chicago-based indie RnB/soul artist Vesta, is the message that should reverberate about our hungry-for-realness hearts and adds an extra glow of love to proceedings. The vocals are crystal and pure, created with a dazzling display of that intriguing goodness. which is much-needed in this at-times selfish world.

This is the type of peachy track to put on when you need reminding – that you should always be yourself no matter what – and express yourself to be fully understood in this treasured life of ours.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dj. K-Phi made Medusa his muse in his latest single featuring Waxtheproducer & Rocky Sandoval

Medusa has been the muse of countless creatives, but few have paid ode to her powerful mystique as aptly as Dj. K-Phil did with his latest RnB single, created in collaboration with Waxtheproducer & Rocky Sandoval.

The single is a soulfully-lavish mash of RnB, trap and moody alt-pop that goes further than keeping in line with contemporary trends. The old school sense of unbridled passion is perceptible in the lyrics and vocals; what sets the release leagues apart from the rest is the resonant sense of despondency and realism when it comes to modern affection. It is impossible not to get hooked on K-Phil’s sound; he could easily reach the same heights as Yungblud and Lil Nas X with their fusing of alt and urban textures. Save a spot on your radar.

Check out Medusa for yourselves by heading over to apple music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Stef Amadeus – Can’t Stop: Bitter-Sweet Dark Soul-Pop

Moody soul-pop may sound like a paradox, but that is exactly what up and coming artist Stef Amadeus served in her latest single, Can’t Stop, which blends contemporary dark electro-pop stylings with her imploringly powerful vocal timbre.

When she effortlessly stretches to the high notes, her harmonies carry the arresting appeal of Kate Bush; through the verses, she’ll treat you to a far more vocally vulnerable performance that breathes life into the all too relatable vocals. Can’t Stop is sure to resonate with anyone who finds themselves harbouring an avoidant personality through lines such as ‘you will never break my heart if I never even let you through, I can’t stop avoiding you’.

Amadeus’ talent is only matched by her emotional intellect that raised the airwaves’ collective IQ with the release of Can’t Stop.

The official music for Can’t Stop is now available to stream via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Blowing My Own Trumpet takes us around the world with ‘She’s a Black Snake in My Grass’.

Blowing My Own Trumpet is the latest project by South African Trumpeter Claude Lamon. His culturally cultivated sound is best enjoyed through his latest single, She’s a Black Snake in My Grass, featuring his daughter Josephine Lamon, which comprises elements of folk, rock, and African rhythms.

The vibrantly rich soundscape uses jazzy piano motifs around brass and the male and female layered vocals that pull together to celebrate their love for the land and the heritage that made their ground-breaking roots-based sound possible.

She’s a Black Snake in My Grass is now available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

I Don’t Want You To Leave: Perth RnB artist Outlnd heals up from the break-up which still hurts on ‘Feel Love’

Produced by JCAL, Outlnd gets out those deep feelings which have been holding him back from flourishing after that massive disappointment in a past relationship which is now over with ‘Feel Love‘.

Outlnd is a youthful and highly skilled Perth, Western Australia-based RnB/soul artist, smooth vocalist and well-respected music producer.

Feel Love is about the tribulations I went through over a break up about a year ago. You go through so many emotions so writing it was almost like therapy for me. I just had to get these thoughts out of my head and voice it for my own sanity.” ~ Outlnd

This is the message which has you feeling so introspective – as he wonders why things folded so quickly – with a softly toned voice that has you floating in a bubble of reflection, mending your heart naturally so you can love again.

Feel Love‘ from Perth, Western Australia-based RnB/soul solo artist Outlnd, is that sad single all about trying to heal up from a sad moment in your life. You wonder if they truly loved you as they left you behind, for you to pick up the pieces of your broken heart which is still in shock and wishes you had more time together. Sung with a remarkable energy which has you thinking back to when lost that love you thought was unbreakable, this is a stunning single with such pure vocals which will put you into a different mentality from before.

Hear this new therapeutic single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Polyphonic Exophilia – ups et pertulerat: a progressive soul-funk serenade.

Vol. 2 by Polyphonic Exophilia

Norway-hailing music collective, Polyphonic Exophilia, describe their sound as sensual progressive alternative soul-funk, and it’s fair to say, if any bassline is going to leave you weak at the knees it is the one in the standout single, ups et pertulerat, from their EP, Vol.2.

Ups et pertulerat is the Latin phrase for ups and downs, and that’s exactly what the soundscape explores; if you constantly find yourself between mania and melancholy, you may just find that your tumultuous mind reflected at you through this exploratively engaging release.

The jazzy, tonally warm instrumental single is all about the bass-carved grooves and the colourful alchemy that breaths between them. It leaves you in anticipation of what the next progression will offer as the shimmering polyphonic keys bring the soul in the absence of vocals.

Check out Polyphonic Exophilia on Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

SPOTLIGHT FEATURE: Aisyah – The Way You Make Me Feel

Brunei-based alt-RnB artist, Aisyah, has been on our radar since the release of her seminal 2021 single, Slow Down. With her latest release, The Way You Make Me Feel, her sound resounds with even more cinematic emotion and brevity.

The Way You Make Me Feel was released on September 3rd; it was written to celebrate the desire and intimacy that transpires when we find someone on our wavelength and create deep and meaningful connections. The single itself is just as touching as the sentiment; with the smooth pace, ambient textures and hypnotic vocals, you’re almost lulled into a dreamlike state as the single unravels.

Her sound may carry an old school sense of soul, but Aisyah’s sound is distinctively leagues apart from other artists experimenting in the realms of alternative RnB. In addition to creating her own music, Aisyah came away from Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions studio with a discernible talent in creating an absorbing aural Mise-en-scène. She also became the first Bruneian artist to work in the American film music industry.

After working on Walt Disney’s Christopher Robin, Netflix’s Daybreak, and Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, Aisyah turned to her solo career. She wrote her debut single for James Abrams’ short film, ‘Walls’. In 2021 she moved back to her hometown to expand her reach in the Southeast Asian music industry and beyond. Judging by the success of her 2021 releases, it is safe to say that she is succeeding.

The Way You Make Me Feel is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Abeni delivered a reminiscing RnB hit with ‘High School Crush’.

Indie RnB singer-songwriter, Abeni, has been honing in on her musical talent since high school, the place that sets the scene of romantic affection in her standout soul-steeped single, High School Crush.

The sunny grooves laid down by the guitars and basslines create a sun-kissed, organically rich platform for Abeni’s velvety smooth lyrics to harmonise above; sinking into this soundscape is pretty much non-optional. High School Crush exhibits the artist’s passion for classical and jazz while keeping the sonic palette very much in the realms of old school accordant soul.

High School Crush is now available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

She Comes Around When She Wants Me: Hatter desires that naughty-can-be ‘Secret Lover’ (feat. Amera Jade)

Produced by OmniBeats, Hatter wants to get away for the weekend as when they link up, everything else seems to float away into insignificance on ‘Secret Lover(feat. Amera Jade).

Hatter is a UK-based rapper, travel enthusiast, songwriter, mental health advocate and music producer. He is a former Garage and Drum & Bass MC and Club Host, who has made a memorable return with a riveting blend of RnB/soul music that stirs our senses awake just right.

This song is based on a true story about meeting a stranger who was already in a relationship and falling in “love at first sight”.
It embraces the deepest desire of having a discreet connection with a “Secret Lover”, encourages us to act on our emotions and feel those butterflies in your stomach even if you’re in a relationship with someone else.” ~ Hatter

This is the movie-like story of meeting someone you desire real quick – as your smile broadens brightly and a bit more cheekily – you both know you shouldn’t be together, but the connection is too hot to ignore.

Made with a sizzling air of steamy ambiance that heats up the barbecue without any firelighters needed, you feel their attracted eyes link up and never let go, even if there are fireworks in the sky already.

As an intrepid traveller and holding a belief to always learn new things, my influences are constantly evolving due to my interactions with people from around the world but always focus on energy and emotions that connect with everyday people regardless of their gender, race, or social status.” ~ Hatter

Secret Lover(feat. Amera Jade) from the UK based artist Hatter, is that mind-stimulating track which takes you to a sexy place you can’t forget easily. With a sensual atmosphere, a catchy beat, ravishing raps and a sensational singer, this is that summer track to turn up and let flow, as long as you want.

Hear this sensual new single on Spotify and check out more from his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

As If I Don’t Matter: Superlative Slovakian duo Dennyiah remembers the time when an innocent heart was totally lost on ‘Autumn 2015’

Returning with their first single since 2020’s well-received ten-track album ‘Human Aspect‘, Dennyiah recalls that time when their vital soul was greedily taken away for a while in the breeze of manipulation on ‘Autumn 2015‘.

Dennyiah is a Slovakian indie-pop/country/soul and blues fusion duo. They combine beautifully to give the world an inspiring message of hope and healing, throughout the scary storms of modern day.

This song is about one of the biggest lessons I ever learnt. I was in a relationship with a man that I madly fell in love with. Very shortly after we got together, I completely changed my life for him, for our love. Gradually, I became convinced that my life’s only worth, because I share it with him and I live for him. I lost myself.” ~ Dennyiah

This is a sumptuously performed song – lathered with that horrifying memory from the past – which takes you to a time when you were hidden away by someone who pretended to love you. Selfishly they were keeping your wonderful shine for themselves, as you were fooled by a master soul-thief.

Sung with a world class vigor, excellent guitar playing and that rare honest tone, her incredible vocals take you to that distant memory – which you have faced head on – to conquer the toxic power it had over you.

Since making their debut with the 2020 full length ‘Human Aspect,’ they have become a mainstay in Slovakian music, winning over a dedicate legion of fans with their heartfelt, story driven songs.’‘ ~ Dennyiah

Autumn 2015‘ from the Slovakian indie-pop/country/soul and blues fusion duo Dennyiah, is the story of feeling that your sense of time was in a distant place you couldn’t find for a long time. You feel like you were locked in a love cage you couldn’t get out of, as you were proved wrong when you though they were the one you needed. It turns out, you were on a journey to finding your self-worth, a lesson you learnt the hard way. A vital moment transpired after you were able to find your escape, as you realized that they were actually a traitor, who stole your bravery and innocence, for long enough.

Hear this fresh new single on Spotify and see more of their vibe on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen