Kelsey Blackstone is a stylistically expansive sensation in her latest single, Willow

Kelsey Blackstone’s latest stylistically expansive single, Willow, proves there is no definitive sound of the summer. Away from the plastic pop fray, Blackstone submerged the sonic palette of this imagination-sparking release into the ephemeral bliss of the sun-soaked season which quickly passes, long before the memories we cling to, and keep ourselves warm with in the colder months

With a jazzy pop chorus, filled with smooth horn stabs and mellifluous grooves, and an electro-folk middle eight nestled into the synthesis of pop, rock, soul, and award-winning songwriting that puts Kelsey Blackstone up there with the greats, Willow brims with incomparable quintessence.

It’s impossible not to get swept up in the dreamy reverie of her transcendent vocal lines as they bring swathes of colour and soul to the lyrics which yearn for consistency in an ever-changing world and nestle into the single that delivers a quintessentially old-school live sound.

Whenever you feel the need to touch grass, tune into this single instead; your connection to nature will be far greater. Better yet, never miss a chance to witness the Boston-born artist’s live performances; whether she’s playing solo or with her six-piece band, she’s renowned for raising the roof and allowing her audience to taste tonal utopia.

Willow was officially released on June 14; stream the single on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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