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Get swept up in the romantic tides of Kristin Venae’s soul-pop single, Still Here.

With the same gripping, soulful eminence as Shania Twain, Celine Dion and Maria Carey, up and coming Australian singer-songwriter Kristin Venae’s latest single, Still Here, is simultaneously a hit of nostalgia and a refreshing blend of soul, pop and indie rock.

You’d be hard-pressed to find more stunning guitars in a pop single; the jangly effervescent notes give Still Here a sweet psychedelic kick while Venae’s vocals pay ode to everlasting love. You can’t help getting swept up in the romantic tides of Still Here which precedes the release of Venae’s upcoming debut album.

Still Here is now available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

UK-based artist Soul has released his ethereal RnB trap track, move on.

UK-based RnB artist Soul has made an ethereally dark contribution to the genre with the release of the standout single, move on. The steady, deadpan vocals occupy plenty of space in the soundscape that finds its structure through downtempo, melodic trap beats.

Soul may be fresh from his inception, but the self-taught artist is discernibly well-practised in the art of expression. His melancholy-erring sound extends compassion instead of self-apathy while he explores the dark places our minds can take us to.

We’ve come a long way in recent years with opening up the conversation around mental health. Raw tracks such as move on are only going to make it easier to break the stigma and move away from our tendency to leave mental scars on people we once found affection for.

move on is now available to stream on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sarah O’Moore serves soul food in her sophomore single, I Need U.

Alt-RnB soulstress Sarah O’Moore has followed on from her debut single, Here to Stay, with the sophomore single, I Need U, which energetically emanates good vibes despite running through varying senseless tragedies present in socio-political landscapes.

The Irish singer-songwriter’s funk-bridled old-school style incorporates elements of jazz and reggae to create a culturally rich smorgasbord of sound led by 70s-style synth lines. The sonic textures alone are enough to advocate cultural harmony. Yet, through her matter of fact lyrics, minority groups have a true ally, and the affronts of the narrow-minded that are depressingly prolific are quashed under her graceful soul.

With a voice as authentic as Macy Gray’s it will be no time at all before Sarah O’Moore is ascending the RnB charts.

I Need U is available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

I Wanna See You: Toronto-based singer JAHSHONA re-releases ‘Sustain’

As her kind soul heartily desires to be with someone who is only interested in a proper partnership, JAHSHONA sings with that love-laced passion to find that sweet relationship which will assist her to reach all those manifested-to-the-stars goals on ‘Sustain‘.

Jahshona Yahselah aka JAHSHONA, is a Canadian-Jamaican soul/RnB vocalist, Musical Theatre student and songwriter, who is based in Toronto, Ontario. She makes that emotionally-charged music which has your heart thumping quickly, as she takes us on a romantic-filled journey.

Jahshona’s musical prowess began at the age of eight when she began choreographing dances to Mariah Carey, and Aaliyah records in her elementary school library. Her father, a musician and producer, was around to hear Jahshona sing aloud, accidentally for one of the first times.” ~ JAHSHONA

With a mightily desirable vocal ability which lathers eloquently through your curious speakers, this is a terrific track which shows us her progression and the delightful ambiance attached, only strengthens her growing name.

Sustain‘ from the youthful Toronto, Ontario-based indie soul/RnB solo artist JAHSHONA, is a fervent song with so much sweet-nature-powered kindness. This is a wonderfully raw song with that proper passion attached – that has your body feeling so warm and intrigued – as you remember that time you just knew what you wanted.

In this world full of quick-swipes and ghosting in seconds, finding that loyal soulmate has never been more important.

Stream her new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A Special Night: The Confederation skillfully soak away our worries with ‘Coat In The Hallway’

Featuring the excellent talents of Jill Mccracken and Lynz Crichton on vocals, The Confederation return with their fifth released track on the elegantly delivered single ‘Coat In The Hallway‘.

The Confederation is a old school-sounding indie jazz/soul/pop-fused collective who bring through a sumptuously toasted music sandwich of tasty fillings – all packed into one delicious blend of deliciously memorable soundscapes –  to wet our ravenous appetites.

We are interested in the concept of bringing a ‘feeling’ to our music in the way the golden age artists did.” ~ The Confederation

The lyrics are superbly honest, as the glorious vocals mixed with a lovely ambiance all intertwines together to make sure that this is a proper listen. You feel the dashing love floating in the air around you, as your face starts to blush and remember being with a kind soul, who had the rare power to make your heart beat so much faster than before.

The Confederation is a melting pot of musical dna fusing styles from the golden past, vibrant present and exciting future of music.” ~ The Confederation

Coat In The Hallway‘ from the elegantly soulful The Confederation, is a stunning single which is full of that warmly-lit romantic wonder. This is that late-night track to play loud when you have found someone special to spend your valuable time with, as you gaze sweetly into each others eyes and imagine where things will lead to next.

Stream this fine new single on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jane Allison proves why she’s the next soul-folk sensation with her single, ‘Don’t Spill Water’

Soul-folk sensation Jane Allison has released her latest single, Don’t Spill Water; with disco, funk, psych-pop and blues-rock written into the mellifluous mix, it’s impossible not to get swept up by the vibrant energy.

The Welsh singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and actress seems to emanate as much magnetism on screen as she does through her captivatingly narrative singles. She may stay true to the storytelling roots of Folk, but when it comes to her sonic style, that is where the bold experimentalism grips you.

Through the choppy staccato chords and rich ABBA-Esque vocals, Don’t Spill Water is an intoxicating invitation to strip yourself of the resentful weight you carry through life. That’s a reminder that we all need from time to time.

Don’t Spill Water is now available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

I Let You Slip Away: Chicago’s Babybrutha shows his respect for Paul Weller on ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ (The Style Council cover)

Written by the legendary UK musician Paul WellerBabybrutha reminds us of our often-selfish ways that need to be extinguished quickly before they ruin our lives on ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf‘ (The Style Council cover).

Babybrutha is a Chicago-based four-piece funk/rock/soul band founded by the lead vocalist and bassist Tim Lee. He makes that soulfully relevant type of music that strikes passionately into your heart, and has you thinking reflectively about your life.

Paul Weller originally wrote this classic for The Style Council and it is the only cover on the album. Tim Lee has always been a fan of Weller’s and this is one of his favorite songs. The lyrics are the same but the arrangement is all Babybrutha.” ~ Babybrutha

This is the true story about wishing you could take back the moment you took that special soul for granted until they stopped answering your calls, as you think about your actions and vow to never let this happened again.

With a softly spoken vocal ability that shines through so peacefully, there is such a calming nature intertwined into this classic cover song which has you enjoying his terrific guitar-playing. This is a man who usually performs his own music and was so inspired by this true classic – that he felt was important to share this honest track – in this often-selfish world that needs to hear this message.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf(The Style Council cover) from the Chicago-based multi-talented funk/rock/soul act Babybrutha, is a new release that sends a tribute to the incredibly skilled songwriter Paul Weller, while also showing his qualities with a peaceful display that will have your feet tapping along. This is a very introspective track which has you thinking so deeply, as you wish you could have some moments back to change what transpired before in your life.

See this new music video on YouTube and find out more on the the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Nadine Shah brought her broodingly veracious post-punk-tinged soul to the Barbican in a one-off performance of her seminal album, Kitchen Sink.

In our depressively dystopic times where nothing seems to hit the same, Nadine Shah made sure she was the exception from the ennui; from the moment she walked on stage to the tune of synthesised jazzy discord, the atmosphere became just as electric – despite the social anxiety that mostly muted the audience aside from rapturous applause.

In her one-off performance at the Barbican in London on July 18th, she played her jazzy post-punk record, Kitchen Sink, in its entirety before playing what she claimed to be (they are) her ‘hits’. The critical acclaim she received following the release of her album in June 2020 had little impact on her infectious humility that radiates from her unfiltered stage presence.

As a proud owner of all of her records, I still somehow managed to underestimate the immensity of her vocal talent. There are few things in life more visceral than hearing her resounding, Jazzy vocal timbre and Pete Wareham’s demonic sax solos complemented by the acoustics in the Barbican.

Within the male-dominated realms of post-punk, Shah’s misogyny-challenging latest album, as with all of her music, comes with a sense of vindication that feels like a nuanced extension of the Riot Grrrl era. If anyone can kick ass with class, it’s Nadine Shah.

The deliciously rich brooding tones in her fourth studio album are a far cry from the abrasiveness of most artists striving to inspire through their lyricism, and they are all the more efficacious for it.

Grab yourself a copy of Kitchen Sink via Nadine Shah’s website.

Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Yona Marie has dropped her interstellar hit single, Take Me to the Moon.

With her seductive style and snipingly clever lyricism, up and coming artist, songwriter and producer Yona Marie has exactly what it takes to become the Peaches of RnB. Her interstellar hit, Take Me to the Moon, dropped on June 21st; it is the perfect introduction to her devious yet undeniably soulful class and style.

Any fans of 90s and 00s RnB will feel right at home in the empowering energetic single that follows a female protagonist trying to bank on her social capital while contending with lavish hunger. In essence, it’s a soulful affirmation that if you can get it, you’re worth it.

You can check out the sensual sassy grooves in Take Me to the Moon for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Hold Me: Penny Roox desires someone real to love on ‘Sad Sad Dreams’

Returning graciously with her second single after the incredibly real ‘Mean‘, Penny Roox reminds us of her remarkably vintage sound via the new single which transports you to a highly reflective place called ‘Sad Sad Dreams‘.

Penny Roox is a The Netherlands-based indie dream-soul singer-songwriter. She elegantly seeks to find that pure love through tragedy, and sings about these memorably intimate moments which has your heart beating so fast.

Stepping into an all-so-alluring vintage black-and-white daydream, Penny Roox presents herself as a long-lost classic songstress of the 60’s – alluding to the likes of a modern-day Dusty Springfield or Nancy Sinatra.” ~ Penny Roox

Her stunning vocal ability is so peaceful with a tinge of heartbreak, as she looks for that human who will have her floating into the sky, with so many butterflies fluttering all over her soul. Each note is so sumptuously made, the supreme soundscape takes you to that place where you feel like you are in a completely different era, that is so far away from this often-harsh world.

Sad Sad Dreams‘ from The Netherlands-based indie dream-soul singer-songwriter Penny Roox, is a moving track of the highest order – as we are wrapped into a love bubble – by such a nostalgic artist who is truly rather special. She weaves a gorgeously-tied bow all over our hearts, as she takes us on a ride to that moment you wish was easier to find.

True love is that elusively frustrating journey, that you only know you have found, when you unexpectedly find it.

Stream this top new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen