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So Many Dreams: Elle Moon needs help solving these ‘Big City Problems’

Taken impressively off her vividly captivating eleven-track debut album called ‘Purple Skies‘, the special Elle Moon leads us bravely into her mind on the follow-up from her previous single ‘Prodigy‘, with a true story all about her struggles and new goals she has set despite the devastating carnage around her on ‘Big City Problems‘.

Lara Mamoun aka Elle Moon, is Atlanta, Georgia-based twenty-eight years-young incredibly talented multi award-winning indie singer-songwriter, director, actor, comedian, web designer, clothing store owner and music producer, who is an ambient/electro pop and rap artist with Lebanese roots and sings in English, French and Arabic.

The song stems from her struggles with depression, her failed relationship, her desires to succeed and her realization of new found dreams. Her failures have equipped with her a burning passion to strive for and achieve greatness. This song is meant to inspire listeners to overcome any obstacle holding them back.” ~ Elle Moon

With a fighter-mentality, she ponders if her problems are actually massive like a mountain, or just silly and actually easy to solve. She possesses a clearly toned vocal ability that is awash with sumptuously designed promise – as she airs out her issues so that she may be free from the distrust from her lovers seedy ways – and her own lofty ambitions to achieve all of those obtainable goals.

‘I’m fluent in French, English, Spanish and Arabic and I have a background in Economics, Engineering and the Arts.” ~ Elle Moon

Big City Problems‘ from the Atlanta, Georgia-based multi-skilled artist Elle Moon, is an honest story about wishing she had been told how things were really going to be like in life. She sings with so much gritty determination as she wonders if she should really be alone rather than with someone who she can’t totally trust, as she tries to work out which path needs to be in her mind right now.

On a catchy beat with so much to like, this is an inspiring track for anyone who needs some help solving their own issues in this rather confusing world.

Hear this top new track on her Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The World Is Ending: BaliAudio reminds us how much better the world was before ‘1999’

After hearing from Mom about how much purer the world was before, BaliAudio sings with much passionate spirit about this topic which so many agree with on ‘1999‘.

BaliAudio is a fresh and talented Utica, New York State-based indie hyper-pop artist who makes music from the cozy bedroom. This is that easy-on-the-ear type of vibe, that captivates all senses.

I’ve made music for almost 5 months but most of my other songs were me testing the waters and finding what type of music fits me best, this single is the first song that my genre is set and stone.” ~ BaliAudio

Bali performs with a real and enthused nature – this music is heartfelt and with much spirited texture – as we are introduced to a quick-fire track to truly wrap collectively into. The words come out with a true nature and you can tell Bali wishes a time machine was available, so the soul could go back and see what it was like in those never-forgotten times.

1999‘ from the non-binary Utica, New York State-based hyper-pop solo musician BaliAudio, is the reminder that things seemed a lot simpler back before that clock to 2000 struck. Somehow the world changed and for many, things have only gone downhill since. Sung with a real insight from hearing about what things were like before, you feel a genuine worry in the voice that the world is in a bad state.

This is a catchy single which will have you pondering the past and the future, whilst looking at the stars and hoping for a more peaceful tomorrow.

Hear this reflective new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Never Felt So Alone: Sydney pop artist -B-Low- knows she only wants his ‘Attention’

With a true story and a breathtaking beat from Sugimura about the dangers of those toxic relationships which can give you long-lasting scars, -B-Low- is at his honest best with the latest striking single to grab your ‘Attention‘.

-B-Low- is a Sydney, Australia pop artist. After falling in love with making music at high school, he has since used this valuable art form to escape from the harrowing road of life, which can suck you in and grab hold of you forever if you aren’t careful.

-B-LOW’s new album brings the listener into his world of issues of Substance Abuse and other problems relating to his world. His new style is inspired by artists such as the Weeknd and The Kid Laroi.” ~ -B-Low-

After releasing the excellent ‘Wasted‘ and terrific ‘Feelings‘ in 2020, we feel the return of an artist who has unfinished business. His supremely likable style keeps you hooked the whole way through, with so much passionate and heartfelt emotion steaming from the concerned speakers.

His vocal ability is rather special, as he takes us into this story which we have either dealt with personally, or seen close friends try and handle.

Two people can stay together forever but will never be fulfilled until they stay with their true love for eternity.” ~ -B-Low-

Attention‘ from the Sydney, Australia-based pop artist -B-Low-, is a harrowing tale about how someone can have so much hold over you. Your ex’s mind games are so manipulative – as you look for love but only find pain – your heart creaks as it breaks suddenly again, while you wonder why they want to hurt you so much. This is the break-up track to play when you know you need to walk away, but keep on looking back as when you are together, their touch feels so incredibly beautiful. Until they throw you away again that is.

Hear this new single all about that person you love and hate on Spotify and see more on his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

They Came Back Like Boomerang: Orlando rapper Bottomboii Shawn makes his own route with ‘Been On’

Taken from his recently strapped twelve track ‘Fully Loaded‘ album, Bottomboii Shawn shows the world what is takes to get out from the gutter to make it big on your own with ‘Been On‘.

Nardogan Shawnn aka Bottomboii Shawn, is a highly motivated Orlando, Florida-based indie rapper. He is a hungry artist who fuses that street-story type of hip-hop flavor, which is full of bass-heavy beats to shake the nervous speakers and real stories of survival from the hood.

This is the message of being left for dead and starving at times – until you realized that to truly get fed – you need to man up and act like a King would. After some resourceful activities, you find you niche and intend to keep that cash flow smiling for good.

With effortless charm and a bars arsenal that delves deep into the past with the future already secured, the hard work pays off with a ravaging display behind the mic, as we hear a man on a mission to never go back to those dark times. Loaded with a busty beat that keeps you enthralled, this is a track that has you admiring his desire to never give up when the chips were down.

Been On‘ from the emerging Orlando hip-hop artist Bottomboii Shawn, is that honest truth-packed story all about seeing who your true team is. He had a tough life growing up and had nothing for a while as people let him down again and again, as he now thrives and sees those who doubted him coming back to eat even though they don’t deserve it. Loyalty is everything for this young rapper as the world has hardened him up. His only mission now is to make sure that being broke again, is never an option.

Hear this brand new track on his Spotify and find out more about his life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

5 Of the Best New Indie Music Bands to Look Out For

Discovering new independent artists that blow your mind but still fly under most people’s radars is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you are left with that giddy new-sonic-experience feeling; on the other hand, you’re frustrated that the world remains blind to such talent while they bemoan the bands on the radio.

The variety of indie music means that even the staunchest of fans who proclaim to know EVERY band worth knowing won’t get to explore every corner. We’ve rounded up five of the best independent artists who have left an ever-lasting impression on us at the outset of their careers, during a pandemic, nonetheless. We waited for the great art that would follow times of great suffering; the five artists listed below delivered.

1. Emma Hunter

The ineffably sensational Oxford, UK-based alternative artist Emma Hunter appeared on our radar with her conceptually compassionate music video for her single, Here I Go, in January 2021.

Her debut single explores domestic violence with profound grace by creating a protagonist gripped with indecision on when to leave an abusive relationship; the sense of trepidation creeps right through the smoky art noir release. Through her 50s flamenco and surf rock influences, she allowed the past to draw parallels against very contemporary problems, alluding to the lack of novelty in domestic violence.

We were left mesmerised by her shimmering guitars, Tom Bruce’s unique percussive flair and her vocals which could turn any soundscape cinematic. Her ability to touch upon subjects so sore with unflinching passion without rubbing salt in the wound is phenomenal, to say the least. Any time spent listening to Emma Hunter’s expressive conceptuality affirms that she has exactly what it takes to become the next Anna Calvi, St Vincent or Nadine Shah.

Here I Go is the title track from the Here I Go EP, released on August 14th, 2021. The 4-track EP is now available to stream and purchase via Bandcamp.

Social Media Links: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

2. Joe Astley

With his infectious persona and singles which vary in the way that they hit hard, there was no forgetting Joe Astley after being introduced via his haunting indie folk-rock single, Revolution Postponed, in February 2020.

His seminal release with the Wallgate Band, Television Fantasy, is a vibrant indie-rock extension of what John Carpenter warned us about in They Live with plenty of sticky-sweet raucous punched pulled for good measure. There are just enough rock n roll stripes to take the guilt out of the equation when enjoying this endlessly energetic track. If you can imagine what it would sound like if Def Leppard poured some sugar on Bruce Springsteen, you will get an idea of the all-consumingly sweet sound Astley offers.

Now a resident artist at Liverpool’s iconic Cavern Club and with the backing of the likes of Clint Boon, Robert Carlyle and the BBC, it is only a matter of time before Joe Astley sheds his status as an independent artist.

Grab yourself a limited-edition vinyl copy of his 4-track debut EP here. Or check out the EP on Spotify.

Social Media Links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

3. Damn Jackals

The proto-punk artists responsible for the stickiest earworm of the year easily earned a spot on our top 5 indie artists list. If any track is going to leave you disco dancing in your bedroom, it is the raucously romantic indie garage rock hit, Lovely Nuthin’ by Damn Jackals, which was released this summer.

From the indie punk-rock hit, expect swoon-worthy vocals with reminiscence to the Strokes, vintage guitars and plenty of doo-wop nostalgia from the slicker than slick Brooklyn, New York-based 5-piece. Since making their debut, Damn Jackals have garnered plenty of attention for their tendency to explore between genres instead of within them. How they haven’t already reached the same heights as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and the Black Keys is beyond us.

Lovely Nuthin’ is now available to stream and purchase on Bandcamp.

Social Media Links: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

4. The Maitlands

The Manchester-based indie post-punk outfit The Maitlands have plenty in their aural arsenal to easily distinguish themselves from the stiff geological competition.

They released the timeliest single of 2020 with their seminal release, Where Did it All Go Wrong, which offers a far more vocally vulnerable swagger to most post-punk crooners paired that certain brand of euphoria that can only spill from thrashing angular indie guitars.

Where Did it All Go Wrong was subsequently followed by the stormer of a single, When it Rains, it Pours; the vocals act an anchor in the tumultuous chaos brewing between the grungy basslines, scorching hot guitars and frenetic percussion. Rarely can I say that an emerging artist is as good live as they are on record, but their enigmatic energy is a refreshing exception.

Check out The Maitlands on Spotify, Bandcamp and YouTube.

Social Media Links: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

5. Yellow Brain

The ensnaring atmosphere of Yellow Brain’s indie electronica sound first gripped me when I caught them live at the O2 Ritz in Manchester when some of Manchester’s finest artists came out in support of John Hall’s new charity for grassroots music on August 1st, 2021.

The Mossley, UK-based duo’s standout single, Fast Talk, is as dreamy as any Suicide single and as moody as any Echo and the Bunnymen release. While other releases, such as Glistener, douse you in solemnly dark tones that spill from the guitars while the solid danceable beats encase the shoegazey discord. Within the vocals, you’ll find the same provocative appeal as offered by artists such as Alex Cameron and She Wants Revenge, yet, there’s almost a Lynchian feel to Yellow Brain adding yet another facet to their enticingly dynamic sound.

Catch them at one of their upcoming tour dates; until then, get acquainted on Spotify and Bandcamp.

Social Media Links: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

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Can Hardly See: Xanacova releases debut sixteen-track hip-hop album that urges us to ‘Send Help’

Powered resourcefully by indie label The Lotto Tribe, Xanacova shows us deep inside his extremely creative mind on the brand new sixteen-track release called ‘Send Help‘.

Xanacova is a passionate eighteen-years-young indie emo hip-hop artist from Austin, Minnesota. He makes that introspective blend of music which is full of deep thoughts and self-doubts, in this harsh world which seems to lack the love it had before.

Send Help is a 16 track intimate hip hop genre album that talks about Xanacovas own struggle to be someone who matters in the world he lives in.” ~ Xanacova 

There are no fillers here on this quickening heart-beating effort, as he seems to grow majestically on each track. The honesty is quite remarkable and particular gems have to be ‘Working‘, ‘Go To‘ and probably the best track all them all, ‘All Night‘. There is so much sadness, darkness, hope and true integrity on each of these songs especially, that has you admiring his inner strength to show the world his true feelings.

He raps with so much consistency the whole way through and the catchy beats keep you hooked on the line all the way to shore – as you are enthralled by his confident delivery – for such a youthful artist with much promise.

Send Help‘ from the emotionally stressed out Austin, Minnesota-based indie rapper Xanacova, is a conscious release which shows you a young man who is looking for his true path, in this confusion-filled life. He feels that he is set for fame and wants it so bad, as he performs with that extra flair that only the few possess. This is the type of album to put on when you are feeling down and need a boost, from someone who lives through his music each day.

You feel like this is the art form which truly sets him free, so he can climb out of his current state of mind and find that self-enlightened happy place of contentment.

Hear this new album on Spotify and check out the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Her Eyes All On Me: André Molina finds the sweet honey girl in ‘Miami’

With crisp production from the well-respected Logan Brondo, André Molina brings the intoxicating heat as he has just met someone who makes him want to stay forever on ‘Miami‘.

André Molina is a New York-based indie-pop artist. He makes a deep blend of music all about his honest life, as he sings with stunning effortless charm.

He bears his heart on his sleeve and is heroic in his approach to his relationships with his friends, his family, and his lovers. Rather than shy away from the doubt and insecurity one can often feel from the risk of love, he faces the complications head on.” ~ André Molina

This is the late-night cheeky glace at your new crush who makes your heart beat so much faster, as you both hold hands and feel those rare sparks which flows fantastically through your whole body. The thrilling beat is rather flourishing and sends a signal of desire – that you can’t help but lather into naturally – as you move closer to see where the night will lead.

His music is borderline melodramatic, but the empathetic and sophisticated will connect with and understand his message.” ~ André Molina

Miami‘ from the New York-based indie-pop musician André Molina, is that song which makes you want to stay with your new lover forever. He sings with a glorious tone and brings that slow dance party, with marvelously clear vocals which put you in a fantastic mood. This is the dashing track to put on loud when you are with that lover you can’t stop thinking about, and is one of the smoothest tracks you will hear all year.

Hear this fresh new single on Spotify and see more fashionable vibes on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Like A Book With A Missing Page: The Killing Tapes sees them losing control on ‘Dancing With The Devil In You’

Bringing us a haunting tale which is so striking into your knowing soul, The Killing Tapes sing with so much significant meaning on their latest song all about watching another person grow far apart from you, right before your watching eyes on ‘Dancing With The Devil In You’.

The Killing Tapes is a Sweden-based indie alt-dark rock/electronic duo band. They make that movie-like music which has you floating into another word entirely, due to their emotional creations which has you sensing that they are onto something rather unique.

Shortly into the writing process they both realized that the songs were of such quality and importance, they begun the writing and recording of the album Black.” ~ The Killing Tapes

This is the relevant story that hits home hard. You are with someone who you thought was special, as you see that they can’t control themselves and give up too easily in the face of internal conflict, You then agonizingly watch them destroy, the very beauty which made them so wonderful in the first place. Sung with such a rare intensity and backed up with a memorable background sound to truly remember, this is a dark-lit song of truth.

Dancing With The Devil In You‘ from the Swedish alt-rock/electronic duo act The Killing Tapes, sees them witnessing a loved one swimming into the lake of blood and unfortunately turning into someone else. This is the sad story of being around someone change so much, so fast, as you wish you could help them change but know that its probably over.

Made with an 80’s type ambiance, this is a cinematic soundtrack if there ever was one.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

No Stress: Excellent Essex singer Faith Louise lives life to the fullest on ‘Summer Fun’

Recently signed to Regent Street Records and produced by the highly regarded Ashea at SAFO MusicFaith Louise brings her loyal friends along for the ride of a lifetime on her latest stir-the-soul single ‘Summer Fun‘.

Faith Louise is a sixteen-years-young pop artist, tea enthusiast and actor from Clacton-on-Sea, Essex in the UK.

A cup of tea makes everything better.” ~ Faith Louise

This is the story of going for the groove in your heart as the wind takes you places to see what’s out there, as you look for the sunrise and have that joyous time you have been missing. With a party vibe entrenched all over this fantastic single with so much bounce, this is the track to get you in the mood to have some fun again. Enjoying the moment before it ends, is the way to stay alive in this often darkly-lit cold world after all.

As a massive KPop, 90s, Club and Pop music fan, her new original releases will show you her own take on her love of this style of music.” ~ Faith Louise

Summer Fun‘ from the youthful Clacton-on-Sea, Essex pop singer-songwriter Faith Louise, is a breathtaking-beat packed track that has you remembering those exciting days with your close mates. With glorious vocals from a sensational singer who is on top form here – as each word sung makes you smile fondly – this is the type of single to put you into a good mood, no matter what else is going on in your life.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Leave With You: Mikey Bank$ knows that its none of his business what she does on ‘Pikachu’

Taken from his brand new eleven-track album called ‘Pr3$$3d F0r T1me‘, Mikey Bank$ crash lands with someone so alluring on the sensual new love struck track all about wondering if she feels the same on ‘Pikachu‘.

Mikey Bank$ is a self-assured Brooklyn, New York-born, Atlanta, Georgia-raised indie hip-hop artist. Inspired by heavyweights such as 50 Cent, Fabolous and Vybz Kartel, he makes an exciting blend of party late-night vibes which takes you straight to the dance floor.

You feel the message of desire from his smoothly tinted raps which toasts warmly into the oven as they get closer and closer, his wide-open eyes are only for her. The electric energy is alive here with sensual lift off – as the thought remains if she is actually single – while you casually think about what you could be doing together, if you had a romantic night alone together to get acquainted.

This is a highly motivated artist who makes those skillful moves on mic – which shows you he is truly ready for the big time – with an honest flow that tells you the story straight up. With an optimistic outlook, it feels like he likes his chances of spending that quality time, when that elusive royal flush presents itself.

Pikachu‘ from the confident Brooklyn/Atlanta rapper Mikey Bank$, is that story about wanting to be with a girl so badly you can’t stop thinking about her. You have a feeling that she is actually with someone else but it feels so right when you are together, as you wonder if she will ever leave him for you. Made with a intoxicating beat which captures the moment like a Polaroid picture when the heat is at its most steamy – this is that late-night track to play – when you desire that person you probably shouldn’t.

Hear this fresh single on Spotify and see his IG for more music news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen