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Ellie Irwin explored the agony of unmet expectations in her timeless folk single, Pill That Won’t Go Down

Pill That Won’t Go Down” by Ellie Irwin is a heart-wrenching exposition of coming to terms with a breakup where it was impossible to meet expectations. The single explores the intersections between contemporary folk and the styles of Joni Mitchell and James Taylor while winding in elements of alt-country through the acoustic guitar strings.

This track doesn’t just strike a chord; it is enough to reshape your idea of contemporary relationships, where we’re as disposable as everything else in our throwaway economy, where novelty trumps loyalty, regardless of the memories you throw away, the scars you carve into souls, and the distrust you leave in the minds of people you allowed into your world only to show them the door out of it.

Ellie Irwin’s vocal performance efficaciously encapsulates the aura of melancholy without the emotions overbearing the delicately balanced performance that will stay with you long after the final lyrical reprise of ‘the pill that won’t go down’. For anyone who has been there before, Ellie offers not just solace but a cathartic release, her music acting as a mirror to the soul’s more sombre realities.

For fans of innovative, thought-provoking folk, Ellie Irwin offers a profound exploration of heartache and the human condition. Her music serves as a critical commentary on the disposable nature of modern relationships, delivered through a blend of singer-songwriter finesse that echoes the timeless classics, yet with a twist of rawness and originality.

Pill That Won’t Go Down was officially released on April 12th; stream the single on Spotify and Apple Music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Drum n Bass entered into a new evocative era with Joy Doc’s All of Me

Joy Doc’s latest single, ‘All of Me‘, is a compelling showcase of her multifaceted talent as a drum and bass producer, vocalist, songwriter, DJ, and pianist. Hailing from London, Joy Doc has been carving a niche in the UK’s electronica scene, and this track is an undeniable testament to her superlative prowess.

The track commences with an ornate orchestral introduction, setting an evocative stage for what’s to come. As Joy Doc’s vocals enter, “Oh Lorde,” will be the first thing on your mind due to the striking resemblance and depth in her voice. These vocals, layered over the sound of hammered piano keys, create a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere, where you can contemplate the self-sacrifice of giving someone your whole essence only to transform into a shell of who you were before you surrendered yourself completely and knelt at the feet of romantic mercy.  The lyrics poignantly explore the transformation of self when consumed by love, painting a vivid picture of becoming a secondary character in one’s own love story.

The production, handled by Joy Doc herself, is flawlessly and meticulously crafted, ensuring that the listener is drawn in and remains captivated until the outro and then some; the crescendos of drum & bass momentum are tensile, perfectly timed to elevate the track’s emotional intensity.

Mixed and mastered by Jose De Mara, ‘All of Me’ is a declaration of Joy Doc’s potential to dominate the electronica landscape. Her previous accolades, including her debut E.P ‘Sunshine‘ and the recognition of her track ‘Been Here Before‘, are just the beginning.

All of Me will hit the airwaves on April 19th; stream the single on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Stephen Waterhouse brought Broadway to the Airwaves with ‘Feeling Inside’

With hints of Bo Burnham’s INSIDE LP and serendipitously infectious lyricism, the debut intrinsically self-aware single, Feeling Inside, from Stephen Waterhouse is a testament to his cultivated songwriting stripes.

The balance of Lo-Fi bedroom pop intimacy and ornate orchestral elements allows the piano-driven single to unravel as an intensely distinctive musical theatre-adjacent triumph. Vulnerable enough to read as a diary entry, and striking enough to bring a touch of Broadway flair to the airwaves, the single is a revelation that leads to rapture when the orchestral crescendos swell in the soundscape and spill over into your soul.

Stephen Waterhouse’s vocals open a mesmerising juxtaposition within the production; rather than attempting to assimilate, he runs through with his earnestly sincere quasi-spoken word delivery which harmonises as the release builds in momentum.

The Royal Northern College of Music graduate, accomplished pianist and accompanist, and musical director may bring a classic touch to his work, but it doesn’t diminish the commercial cross-over appeal in Feeling Inside, which was released ahead of his 2024 EP which is being primed for a Spring/Summer release.

Feeling Inside was officially released on March 11th; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Darius Marquis weaved RnB, Retro-Pop & Gospel into a Folklore Serenade with ‘Fairytales’

Like every good folk tale, Darius Marquis’ standout single, Fairytales, alters the mind through expansions of the imagination. The slick with soul and swathed with experimentation release exists between the borders of genres, exploring untrodden intersections of RnB, retro pop and gospel, allowing Fairytales to unravel as an exploratively sincere extension of candour.

Fairytales nuancedly exposits how stories shape our perceptions of the world while we’re too innocent to experience the unfair brutality of it only for those illusions to be shattered, one shot to the heart at a time. The Houston-based artist and producer charted these emotional themes with folk-esque eloquent ease, allowing the poetic fragments of introspection to flow throughout the hazy instrumental currents with melodious ease. With gospel infused into the grooves, the melodies endlessly ascend beneath Darius Marquis’ honeyed harmonies which bring luminescence to the most bitter-sweet facets of life.

If there was as much justice in the world as fairytales would have us believe, Marquis would be a #1 phenomenon.

Stream Fairytales on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Spotlight Feature: Reverberations of Longing Linger in the Affecting Agony of Pinwheel Valley’s Single Reverie

Pinwheel Valley’s latest eclectically alt-indie single, Reverie, echoes a poignant symphony of emotional turmoil and tender confession. The bittersweet draught of love is the lead single from their eagerly anticipated Reverie EP, which heralds a significant evolution for the Canadian artist, formerly known as KAIS, now steering the ship of Pinwheel Valley through the waters of the indie music scene from their Mediterranean home base.

The melancholic mosaic of poetry, agony and rhythmic intuition is the first signal to be distributed via Levantine Music, it stands as a testament to how honed the artist’s sound has become in the absence of lyrical inhibition. Qais Khoury’s vocal delivery and melodic structuring evoke the spectrally affecting beauty of Jeff Buckley as Reverie traverses the complex emotional landscape with soul-stirring urgency and timeless poignancy.

The guitars, warm and overdriven, act as the perfect counterpoint to the raw lyrics, as the progressions journey through the valleys of longing and the peaks of despair. Pinwheel Valley masterfully conjures a world where every note and every word is steeped in emotional significance. The result is a track that does more than just resonate with the listener; it pierces the soul, leaving an indelible mark.

Khoury’s influences, ranging from Thom Yorke to Ben Howard, shimmer through in the song’s intricate fabric, but Reverie is unmistakably Pinwheel Valley’s own. As the band starts this new chapter, writing through their inexplicably alchemic signature, it is clear they have the potential to write the future of alt-indie.

Reverie is now available to stream on all major platforms, including Spotify.

Follow Pinwheel Valley on Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Weather the storm with Chris Chism’s indie Americana folk exposition of introspection, When It Rains Down on School Street

Chris Chism’s single ‘When It Rains Down on School Street’ is a folk offering steeped in Americana and visceral emotion, reminiscent of a melancholic gaze through a rain-glazed window. This consolingly evocative release spills into the soul, embodying the essence of introspective folk music.

The gentle, finger-picked guitars in the track carry an alt-country flair, intricately woven and effortlessly carrying Chism’s vocal notes. His voice, a shot to the heart, resonates in the celestially timbered vein of Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, and Ray LaMontagne. It’s this combination of delicate guitar work and soul-stirring vocals that elevates the single to the epitome of pensive solace.

‘When It Rains Down on School Street’ aches for both literal and metaphorical brighter days; Chism’s ability to capture this longing, coupled with a sense of cynicism that often accompanies life’s storms, makes the track a poignant reflection of the human condition.

Raised on a diet of bluegrass and classic country, Chism’s roots are evident in his music. His journey from metal and punk to the folk and country scenes has culminated in a sound that will see him go far. Now a fixture in North Carolina’s folk scene, his music reflects the stories and struggles of working-class people, infused with raw honesty and deep personal connections.

When It Rains Down on School Street was officially released on March 25; stream the single on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

M31 injected catharsis into loss with his soul and rhythm-driven ambient electronica debut Gone

M31, the new electronic project by Melbourne-based artist and producer Jake Debono, made a captivating entry into the leftfield chill electronica scene with the debut single ‘Gone’. The soul-driven staple for any vibe-out playlist pours aching emotion into a lo-fi production which grooves through the warm reverberations of major key chord progressions, creating an intimate soundscape which speaks volumes of M31’s songwriting stripes.

The track explores the impact of loss while agonising over hauntingly sweet memories and the anxiety of moving on. M31’s mastery in confessional lyricism is evident, offering a narrative that will resonate with anyone who has faced the struggle of starting a new chapter with someone they never wanted to leave behind. Despite its strong emotional themes, ‘Gone’ is a sonic lesson in catharsis. As passion reverberates through the single, it becomes a space for reflection and emotional release.

The production of ‘Gone’ is a testament to Jake Debono’s versatility. Transitioning from a rock-licked sonic edge, influenced by bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers and R.E.M, to a chilled-out electronic ambience, M31 showcases a profound adaptability.

Gone was officially released on March 29; stream the single on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sarah O’Moore – Troubled Mind: A Soulful Reflection on Contemporary Tribulation

Sarah O’Moore’s latest single, ‘Troubled Mind’, from her upcoming debut EP ‘Social Paralysis‘, is a poignant exploration of mental health and the complexities of modern life. The powerful narrative challenges the listener to introspectively sit with societal expectations and personal struggles and proves that good songs make you feel, great songs inspire profound shifts of perception.

‘Troubled Mind’ is a testament to O’Moore’s exceptional ability to blend genres, fusing elements of RnB, Folk, and Soulful Jazz into an indie singer-songwriter production. Her vocal harmonies, reminiscent of Amy Winehouse and Macy Gray, carry endless emotional weight, resulting in a hauntingly affecting delivery as the instrumentals complement her voice perfectly, creating an eye-opening soundscape which addresses the disconnect in conversations about mental health. She delves into the reality of living with the scars of trauma and facing an uncertain future, a theme that resonates deeply in today’s climate. Her music offers a space to sit with struggles authentically, without succumbing to the pressures of toxic positivity.

Inspired by James Joyce’s “Dubliners”, O’Moore’s upcoming EP, ‘Social Paralysis’, promises to delve further into themes of social stagnation and the struggles of today’s youth. ‘Troubled Mind’ sets the tone for this journey, inviting listeners to confront the unspoken and find solace in shared experiences.

Troubled Mind was officially released on March 29; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Delve into the digital abyss with Intonation Effigy’s harbingering journey, Artificial Intelligence

Intonation Effigy’s latest single, ‘Artificial Intelligence‘, composed by Keegan LaBrot, is a dark and harbingering journey into the underbelly of electronica. This cinematically dystopian instrumental release is larger than life in its encapsulation of the ever-lingering threat of AI’s inevitable domination.

The track is a masterclass in creating a disquieting and artfully disconcerting atmosphere. Intonation Effigy’s use of complex and glitchy time signatures is a sonic visualisation of the tumultuous epoch we are entering. The equilibrium between dark, bass-drenched synthetics and light, almost ethereal aesthetics is a testament to Intonation Effigy’s ability to emotionally round out his immersive productions. The track is a journey, not just through sound, but through the emotional landscape of a world grappling with the rise of artificial intelligence.

As the third single from this artfully profound visionary, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ establishes Intonation Effigy as an essential name to follow in the electronica scene. This track is more than a musical composition; it’s a statement, a reflection of our times, and a glimpse into a possible future dominated by AI. For fans of electronica looking for depth, complexity, and emotional resonance, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ by Intonation Effigy is a must-listen.

Artificial Intelligence dropped on March 19th; stream the single on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Yodashe is a spectral siren in her avant-garde electronica track, EASTER

Yodashe, an avant-garde firebrand will leave you eating out of the tones of her spectral vocal presence as she weaves a tapestry of sound that transcends the ordinary in her single EASTER.

She didn’t need any further testaments to her ingenuity at this stage in her rapidly ascending career, but in EASTER, she became an undeniable contender for the accolade of one of the most prodigal names in electronica. While others are content riding on the coattails of Trip-Hop pioneers, Yodashe uses glitchy elements as one facet in her richly layered sonic synthesis.

In EASTER, Yodashe’s production skills shine through the complex blend of massive beats, trance-esque phasers and indietronica trappings, creating a hauntingly panoramic soundscape. Her introspective vocals weave through the music, creating a sense of intimacy that contrasts with the grandeur of the electronic backdrop. This juxtaposition is the heart of the track, a dance between the colossal and the vulnerable.

As the less-than-archetypal rhythmic progressions storm through you, playing havoc with your rhythmic pulses, until you are left wantonly desperate for the next hook to ensnare you into the ebb and flow this production that is as disorientating as it is exhilarating.

For those seeking a track that defies convention and delivers a profound sonic experience, EASTER by the London-based artist, producer, and Redbull Music Academy alumni is an essential listen.

Stream the EASTER EP on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast