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Alice Payne – Visions: The Ultimate Chillwave Playlist Staple

‘Visions’ is the latest dreamily psychotropic dance-pop release from the independent Australian artist and producer Alice Payne. After releasing her debut synth-pop track, Drive, earlier this year, the hype is steadily garnering around her emotionally charged, sonically cathartic style.

The reverb-swathed soundscape starts with an ethereal indie trip-hop prelude before the downtempo four-to-the-floor beat starts to kick in to create a solid structure for the ensnaring track to capture you within.

With the teasing progressions, aural curveballs and enigmatic sense of intrigue in Visions, you couldn’t ask for a better chillwave playlist staple.

Visions is now available to stream on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Feel It In My Bones: The dynamic Miami artist Ha1ey evolves right before our eyes on ‘Seltzer’

As she read the signs and cooked up a new life as others went backwards during this horrible pandemic, Ha1ey turns up the heat to full on her sizzling new single which blows open the door on ‘Seltzer‘.

Haley Fishberger aka Ha1ey, is a flamboyant indie persona-pop artist and songwriter, producer, hot sauce lover, and dancer from Miami, Florida. She makes a deliciously soulful blend of electronic, pop and jazzy creations and seems to be only getting better on each one of her stunning creations.

Ha1ey’s sound is a fusion of soulful vocals, modern synths, and orchestral elements. Her message is “go big to go home.” Every song and performance communicates the importance of being the fullest version of yourself. Ha1ey embodies this through her sweeping melodies, risky lyrics, and empowering choreography.” ~ Ha1ey

Her lusciously intoxicating vocals are wonderfully striking as she sings with a marvelous aura about her, as she takes us on a refreshing ride to her lofty goals on this catchy new track. She appears to have that self-assurance woven into her soul that shows her where to go – as she performs with a magnificent style and grace – her sweetly toned voice has you so thrillingly captivated and totally captured by her brilliant energy.

Other defining characteristics of Ha1ey include sharing the personal stories behind her music, wearing capes just to throw them off during shows, sequins, and pouring hot sauce on everything.” ~ Ha1ey

Seltzer‘ from the highly talented New York-born, Miami-based indie pop artist and dancer Ha1ey, is that glowing track that shoves away all of the self-doubt forever. This is a multi-creative who lives for the stage, and has decided that this is her time to shine glowingly. With a bouncy beat that has you grooving to this enthralling tune, you are left in awe of her ever-growing potential.

This is the type of song which will have you reaching for your dreams, gritting your teeth, and believing you can achieve whatever goals you have set for yourself.

Hear this fine new track on her Spotify and check out the IG music page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lesse has released the most powerful ballad of the year with Runaway.

After racking up over 110k streams with his folky dark pop debut single, The Ghost, breaking pop artist Lesse is here with his latest deeply melancholic single, Runaway.

If Hozier carried the same pensive edge of Tom Odell, the sonic result wouldn’t be worlds away from this captivating ballad which uses minimalist minor-key piano notes and plenty of spatial effects to allow Lesse’s evocative vocal harmonies to resound in the atmosphere of the neo-classically inclined soundscape

The artist’s songwriting ability, paired with his vocal talent and lyrical vulnerability, make Runaway one of the most powerful ballads to have hit the airwaves this year.

Runaway is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Wish Someone Would Take My Place: The wonderfully authentic Savanna Leigh takes a second to breathe on ‘Girl Underneath’

After the massive success of her delightful five-track debut EP called ‘Changes‘, Savanna Leigh is quite sublime on her latest single called ‘Girl Underneath‘.

Savanna Leigh is a highly motivated Brandon, Florida-born, Nashville, Tennessee-based indie pop artist and model with a massive future. She sings with delightful elegance on each chord and takes you to a happier place.

Girl underneath” is a song about learning how to take time to really focus on yourself, to slow down, just breathe and figure out what you need whether it’s emotionally or physically. Prioritizing yourself.” ~ Savanna Leigh

After being inspired by her Dad who was a touring country artist who used to sing with her sister Lexi, you feel her mature attitude shine through like a calming breeze, as this is exactly what she wants to do.

Each note is made with a real class and superlative style, as you wrap inside her intoxication aura and let her music heal all of your self-doubts away. The glorious visuals only enhances her message, as she looks to move away from the suffocating crowds to focus on what is truly important. Getting away from those sticky clubs that can damage innocent souls and take you down tempting paths you should avoid, is a move that this smart young artist has certainly realized.

I moved to Nashville when I was 18 to pursue music full time but I have been involved in it my whole life.” ~ Savanna Leigh

Girl Underneath‘ from the twenty years-young business-savvy and fashionable Nashville, Tennessee-based indie pop solo artist and model Savanna Leigh, is an outstanding single from a clearly talented multi-creative. Her luscious vocals are so smooth and filled with an ear-shaking experience, that has your whole inspired body asking for more.

With a true message of telling yourself to slow down and look after your inner soul for a while, this is easily one of the best singles from 2021 so far. Her realness and quality shines through the dark clouds of this rather odd world, as that true genuine energy is so hard to find these days.

Hear this charming new single on her Spotify and see more via her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

No Kiss And Tell: Wavesy is numb to the current world on ‘Elevated’

As he avoids the current state of the world as he sees it unfolding before his very eyes, Wavesy is in the zone he wants to be in right now with his latest single named ‘Elevated‘.

Cameron Poe aka Wavesy, is an wildly creative singer, guitarist, bassist and pianist, who somehow fuses indie rock, RnB and rap together.

Wavesy is a personified dream that Cameron created to help convey the old school rock and roll sound with a modern, darker R&B/rap sound that he is producing and in every song you can hear the roots while he tries to blend new genres together acoustically.” ~ Wavesy

He possesses a quality about him that is so rare – from his memorable vocals to his deeply rooted lyrics – as we learn about an artist who is carefree and doing what he thinks is necessary, to survive this extremely odd planet we currently reside in. He will certainly not tell everyone exactly how he is doing things, but is confident that it will catch on if everyone opens up their eyes enough.

Elevated‘ from the indie rock/RnB and rap artist Wavesy, is a hauntingly immense track packed full of so much intrigue from a hugely talented soul who is floating calmly at the moment. He has made his own bubble during this horrible pandemic and is cruising around in it no matter what, as he waits for the world to return to a kind of normal again.

Made with a furiously bass-filled beat, this is a track that will have you feeling rather introspective about your current journey.

Hear this stunning new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Crashing Down: Manhattan’s Atira drops dreamy debut single ‘Somebody Else’

As she tosses and turns in bed worrying about something she can’t control, Atira worries that her true love is actually thinking about ‘Somebody Else‘.

Atira is a new Manhattan, New York-based indie RnB/pop artist who after pushing herself and having the support of those close, has launched her music career and couldn’t be happier with the decision.

I’ve always had a dream of being an artist. My parents told me as a little girl I had a karaoke mic that I always held onto- and would provide my family with unlimited music and performances in our living room (even when they did not ask for it).” ~ Atira

Sung with a lovely blend of smooth honey-tipped vocals which gives you a calming taste in your hungry-for-love soul – she performs with a true love feel – that is truly worried about losing someone so special.

Everything we hear seems to genuinely effortless and ocean breeze-like, as the beautiful background soundscape takes you into her story that has her worried that someone else might lure her special human, away from her when she is sleeping.

She writes songs that resonate with her experiences growing up across four countries and dealing with constant change, struggles in relationships and love, and overcoming challenges with identity/self-discovery.” ~ Atira

Somebody Else‘ from the Manhattan, New York-based indie RnB/pop solo artist Atira, is the true story about thinking so deeply about something it actually happens in your dreams. You are so concerned that your lover could be with someone else, when actually they could just be thinking about you. This is that hold-me-tight type of track when you need some reassurance, that things are actually going well despite what your over-stimulated mind is picturing.

Sometimes you just need to hear their voice, just to work out if all is still the way that it should be.

Hear this fresh new track on Spotify and see more news on her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hide Our Thoughts: Chicago alt-pop artist Chandler Poe wonders about the state of existence in this world on the poetic debut ‘No One’

With a poet-like style that changes up your current mindset to thinking more thoughtful, Chandler Poe is in inspired form via his brand new single all about this weird life called ‘No One‘.

Chandler Poe is a twenty-one-years-young alt-pop artist from Chicago, Illinois. He is a true underground poet, who puts on a stunning display with a performance which will have you listening twice and telling your friends about.

This is the message of looking a bit deeper as no one is the same at all – as you look to find something truly meaningful to hold onto – in this rather odd world full of misdirection and loneliness. He sounds ready to project his thoughts in his own way, which ultimately is the best way to do things.

With so many lazy copycats and fake posers lurking at every corner, this is an inspired effort from an artist with an abundance of creative energy just waiting to burst open and cure us from all the heartbreak around.

No One‘ from the Chicago-based alt-pop solo artist Chandler Poe, is the story about thinking deeply about this man-made alternate world which we currently live in. With so many people watching and listening to our every move, the power of hiding your thoughts and actions has never been more important.

Featuring a deep tone, introspective lyrics and an authentic beat that seems to end before flourishing rather quickly again, is one of the more fascinating debut tracks you will hear all year.

Hear this new track on Soundcloud and see more via his IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rope On The Mattress: Fresh Atlanta electro-pop artist GoshujinSama finds the naughty one he wants on debut track ‘Princess.wav’

With a high-tempo energy and lots of sassy vibes heating up his evening just the way he wants it, GoshujinSama finds the lady who makes him feel alive inside with his debut single ‘Princess.wav‘.

GoshujinSama is an anime-fueled Atlanta, Georgia-based indie alternative electro-pop/metal, hip-hop and punk-pop solo artist.

‘My music is very familiar, yet always subtly different and interesting. I travel the uncanny valley, in Doc Martens and a Band Tee.” ~ GoshujinSama

With quick-fire vocals that are backed up with a thumping speaker-shaking sound, that feels like you are in the middle of a video game music festival. This is a unique track that has a consistent edge and never lets up – as we are thrown into a washing machine-filled experience – with a waterfall-packed sensation of electric vibrations.

Influenced by acts like Green Day, Bring Me The Horizon, and Billie Eilish.” ~ GoshujinSama

Princess.wav‘ from the new Atlanta solo electro-pop artist GoshujinSama, is the message that heats up the windows in his candle-lit room. As he found the girl that will serve him in the way he desires, this is a naughty new single all about doing all those things that most others wouldn’t be keen for.

This is a hot-and-heavy effort from a youthfully exuberant musician, who is exploring his imagination all the way to the max.

Hear this debut track on Spotify and see more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

It Feels Like Years Now: Oxford rock band Dirty Money feel like they are sinking with ‘If’ (Dirty Mix)

If (Dirty Mix) by Dirty Money

Recorded at SAE Oxford in July this year, Dirty Money reminisce about that past life as things haven’t been the same since your former lover left abruptly on ‘If(Dirty Mix).

Dirty Money is an experienced high-octane Oxfordshire, UK-based indie rock band with a tremendous dynamic force flowing in the veins of their easy-on-the-ear soundscape.

Dirty Money completed its line up formation in February 2021. Born out of the demise of their previous band Chemical Pulse, guitarist Mark Walker and bassist Ross Hutton set about creating a new band with the purpose of creating original songs.” ~ Dirty Money

He sings with such a lighter-fueled spark that lights up this potent track which will have you thinking about that special person you thought you would be with forever. This lively UK band back him up with a punchy vibe that has you nodding your happy head the whole way through. Their strength-filled energy is highly noticeable and there is so much to like here, as their compelling sound is rather transfixing and full of that rare flair we all love to submerge heartily into.

Anchored by their deep influences from rock, metal, punk, and so many other genres, what comes out is a powerful rock quintet that delivers high energy performances with an emphasis on engaging audiences.” ~ Dirty Money

If(Dirty Mix) from the Oxfordshire, UK-based indie rock band Dirty Money, is the story about wishing that they would come back to you. You have been sinking like slippery quick-sand lately and wonder if the ex is happy in their new life, as you can’t help daydreaming about their sweet lips right next to yours.

Made with a consistently edgy energy which flows terrifically in your mind, this is a real underground gem all about wanting that special person back in your life again.

Turn up this rocking track on Bandcamp and see more on their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Space For Only One: Finland-based pop act Vogue Abyss head into the unknown with debut track ‘Universal Solitude’

Featuring crystal clear vocals that might leave your whole body shivering in admiration for its pureness, Vogue Abyss float into the sky above alone, to remind of us of the tragic story of Laika the Space Dog called ‘Universal Solitude‘.

Vogue Abyss is a fast-rising Finland-based indie pop band. With a sound that has your mind wondering the earth to seek out that true happy place, this is a new act that brings a cinematic experience to our transfixed minds.

The pilot behind the wheel is the songwriter/producer Harri Kangas who works with different artists on a song-by-song basis to complete his inner soul missions. On board is the US vocal talent Lakes whose peaceful and warm tone brings a touch of hope to the song’s melancholic theme.” ~ Vogue Abyss

This is the sad story that has been given a fitting tribute, with glorious vocals and a rather somber story which is still so heartbreaking even after all these years. The message is mixed in with what we are all experiencing right now, as so many struggle with being locked inside and feeling afraid whilst looking outside the window, with the world still struggling to open up again.

Laika, a stray mongrel from the streets of Moscow, was selected to be the occupant of the Soviet spacecraft Sputnik 2 that was launched into low orbit on 3 November 1957. No capacity for her recovery and survival was planned, and she died of overheating or asphyxiation shortly before she was to be poisoned.” ~ Wikipedia

Universal Solitude‘ from the Finland-based indie pop act Vogue Abyss, is the story from a band who perform with that extra class which is so rare. The movie-like ambiance brings a small tear to your eye – as you can only imagine the unnecessary trauma ensured – by an innocent creature on a mission that was set to fail, before it had even started.

Sung with a true grace and backed up with such a peaceful sound, this is a debut to truly remember as we all grit our teeth and find the courage to join hands, with those who we love again.

Hear this excellently performed new single via Spotify and find out more on the IG fan page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen