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Crystallized Love: Atlanta’s Sarah Rae delights our thrilled senses with ‘Selenite Soul’

With a rejuvenation-filled feeling that is entranced by wonderfully beautiful and divine feminine energy, Sarah Rae has our hearts feeling full again with ‘Selenite Soul‘.

Sarah Rae is a Atlanta, Georgia-based classically trained pianist, vocalist and dream-pop indie singer-songwriter. She makes that delightful music all about the expressions of life and harmony, with a soundscape that feels like you are in a new world than is better than the current one.

Selenite Soul takes on a shoegaze form full of vocal textures that will propel you off to space. This dissonant tune was written about finding healing within yourself, and spreading that light to souls around you.” ~ Sarah Rae

You feel so much more refreshed after this caring experience, as you lather happily inside such a gloriously-made bath-like waterfall of wonder for you to wrap inside and pass on to other kind souls around. The vocals are so peaceful and you feel like you are indeed floating to a place you can’t quite explain, unless you have been there yourself.

Selenite Soul‘ from the Atlanta-based indie dream-pop solo artist Sarah Rae, is the type of song you put on to close your eyes with, as you find that strength again to heal up after recent current events. This is a track to get lost inside, as you turn up the volume and let her pure aura take you to wherever you are destined to be.

Made with a true love and fairy-like power to help you find your true calling, this is a rather special effort from a stunning musician who sings with that rare freedom you are only born with.

Hear this new single on her Spotify page and see more via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Just Remember Where You Started: Arizona’s Victims of the New Math bring us an inspiring lifeguard moment to float with on ‘You’re Swimming’

Taken off the latest four-track EP called ‘Heading to the Suburbs‘, Victims of the New Math urge us to turn our mindsets around from the negative to remind us that ‘You’re Swimming‘.

Victims of the New Math is a compellingly down to earth Phoenix, Arizona-based 70’s inspired lo-fi rock act lead by Thomas Young.

With several album and EP releases over the past 15 years, the band has incorporated other diverse influences ( Glam rock, New Wave, psychedelic rock, lo-fi rock, and indie rock) to create a unique sound that never quite fits prescribed genres or styles.” ~ Victims of the New Math

With an honest tone and compelling lyrics that have you suddenly feeling so introspective about those moments you wish you could take back, the message here is to look forward as you are floating anyway. The seas will always calm down eventually once the tide changes – as you move forward to brush off any sticky seaweed – that is holding you back from progressing your soul to better times ahead.

You’re Swimming‘ from Phoenix, Arizona-based 70’s inspired lo-fi rock band Victims of the New Math, shows us a story about being sad about something ending, but being self-aware enough to know that the bad times won’t last. With a glaze-filled ambiance that has you feeling like you are in a movie on this tremendous new single, this is something rather specially-made with that rare class of yesteryear.

Hear this new track from the experienced Arizona native up above in the Soundcloud and see more news on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Demon Dressed In Denim: Fast-rising Australian RnB artist samuel jr keeps to the schedule on ‘M92’

As he slides into picture and shows us his intent, samuel jr isn’t messing around and is worried that he might turn into the devil on his latest visuals for ‘M92‘.

samuel jr is a supremely promising Western Sydney, Australia-born music producer and RnB solo artist, who makes the type of music which shows why he is so highly regarded currently.

In 2019, samuel jr. started recording his own songs and developing a new sound of a mellow and atmospheric fusion of rap and R&B, which was heavily influenced by the wave of Soundcloud R&B artists that had emerged at the time, with the likes of PartyNextDoor, Roy Woods and Bryson Tiller.” ~ samuel jr

This is the heart beating message of feeling a bit paranoid by everything going on, as you look to your right and to your left, keeping a lookout on things as you build up your loyal team. The music is fast and fresh – each lyric is rather haunting and touching too – as his eyes show us what is really going on in this wild world.

M92‘ from the Western Sydney, Australia-born indie music producer and indie RnB artist samuel jr, is a striking track with flashy visuals that might make you feel dizzy at times. The startling lights grab your attention swiftly like a robber in the night, as you look deeper and see a musician who can tell he is rising the ranks quickly. Temptation looms if he isn’t too careful, as he points his trigger to the top as he wants it all, and he wants it now.

With reflective lyrics and a clear talent for flowing realness into the mic, this is a new track to be totally enraptured by.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Find the silver lining in A-Mar’s bluesy indie single, Raining in New Orleans.

Even though using the weather as a parable for complex emotions isn’t exactly novel, independent bedroom pop artist A-Mar’s single, Raining in New Orleans, proves there’s still plenty of poignant poetry to be pulled from our stormy, unpredictable weather systems.

Vocally, there is plenty of reminiscence to the likes of Jack Johnson, but it is in the instrumentals where A-Mar truly comes into his own. His soulful infusion of indie, blues and jazz in the cathartically laidback single sets him leagues apart from his contemporaries and icons alike. If this is what he can achieve alone in his bedroom, we’re all too eager to hear where the future takes him and his tender, instantly magnetic expression.

Raining in New Orleans is now available to stream along with the artist’s debut album, Around El Mundo, via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Words Begin To Fade: Kristin Venae just wants to look deeply into those eyes on ‘Lullaby’

Taken from her highly-anticipated new album called ‘Black Widow‘, Kristin Venae is quite superb on her latest single that is the follow-up to ‘Still Here‘, with a beautifully romantic single called ‘Lullaby‘.

Kristin Venae is an Australian indie soul-pop artist, actor and model, who is a former member of Latin groups Ritmo De Tropical, Loose Minds and The Magnificent Companeros.

Influenced as a child by artist such as Prince, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston & Ricky Martin.” ~ Kristin Venae

Featuring a blend of stunning aroma which lifts the atmosphere and aromatically has you reaching for that lighter as the candles are feeling lonely, as the wine is poured and two hearts are brought closer. The energy is certainly hot here as this steam-filled track takes you to a moment which is so uncommon in this click and swipe world, as you look into each others eyes and vow to never be apart.

Lullaby” from the multi-talented Australia-based indie soul-pop artist, actor and model Kristin Venae, is such a sweet song all about feeling that supreme rush when you are around someone who you can’t believe is next to you. The feeling is so right and you never want to let the moment go, as she sings with a real true love feeling with terrific vocals attached. This is the type of song to dance with romantically, when you are with that special soul who you just want to be with all night and beyond.

When the heart knows, your whole body follows the leads into this rare place that needs to be truly cherished.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more via her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’m Getting Impatient: California RnB artist Josy B drops scorn-ridden lyric video for new track ‘Crybaby’

As she quickly closes the door on her ex who was bringing her down with all the lies, Josy B makes a statement of intent to anyone clouding up her sunny energy mindset with the new single called ‘Crybaby‘.

Josy B is a vibrant indie RnB/pop artist from Los Angeles, California. She makes a silky blend of deliciously articulate mixture-filled concoction of catchy music that is wonderfully relevant in these over-stimulated times.

She sings with a wary eye towards the man she once loved – as he showed his disloyalty and is now constantly dialing her up – as Josy knows inside her beating heart, that the love is gone and the kisses have moved away from his weepy actions.

Crybaby‘ from the Los Angeles-based indie RnB/pop singer-songwriter Josy B, is the story about getting tired of all the disloyalty streaming through the gutters of so many flaky souls. She just wants to be happy and is closing the door on anything or anyone who attempts to bring her vibe down with a brave display here. Featuring a top notch vocal display and meaningful lyrics which tells the truth, this is a courageous woman who is ready for that realness that her hungry soul seeks.

Knowing what you want, is the first step is getting to where your are destined to be.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more info on her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Comes And Goes: Tel Aviv rock band Selfish Gene urge us to open up the cards on ‘Cake’

Returning after a distance of twenty years since their last release to the world, Selfish Gene return with a tasty track from their much-anticipated five-track EP ‘Dream of Electric Guitars‘ called ‘Cake‘.

Selfish Gene is a Tel Aviv, Israel-based indie alt-rock band. After being hidden away like lost treasure for so long, they finally satisfy our starved souls with a performance that revitalizes all of our conscious senses, with a guitar-packed shock-wave of soundscapes to lather inside.

This is the story about wishing you knew certain things a long time ago, as it would of saved you so much trouble over the years. You now know that no one can create magic and that the luck of the cards is actually in your hands, as you unhealthily torment yourself for not knowing this valuable information before.

Cake‘ from the Tel Aviv, Israel-based indie rockers Selfish Gene, is a thunderous effort from a band who have clearly missed being together and making high-tempo music together. Sung with a heavy gusto and featuring a powerful background, this is a sterling effort from this experienced outfit. With that taste for making music together back inside their creative music-filled fingers, it feels like they have just started and are ready for more to follow.

Dreaming of those electric guitars in their sleep for so long, has certainly woken up this giant of a band from their enforced slumber.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on the FB music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wish I Could Explain: Swiss indie pop survivor Aura Davis courageously breaks away from the past on ‘Unbroken’

After dealing with those inner demons that can break anyone it chooses, Aura Davis has conquered so much after this much-needed hiatus away from creating with her excellent new single on ‘Unbroken‘.

Aura Davis is a reborn-from-the-ashes indie pop singer-songwriter and multi-creative who is based in peaceful Switzerland.

I basically have two personalities”, Aura explains laughing. “On one hand we can all agree on the fact that there is a certain amount of narcissism involved but then again I am a very introverted person when it comes to opening up, like, I may share a lot, but I almost never expect anything in return“. ~ Aura Davis

You feel an inner power which sweeps all over her awaiting body and soul, which has shaken her core and blown away all the treacherous poisoned saliva which threatened to defeat her. This is the message of climbing up from the glue-like quicksand which has taken so many kind souls underneath forever – as you close your eyes and take a deep breath in – and feel truly happy that she broke away and survived those blood-clawing chains of the mind.

She’s darker, stronger, more honest and a lot more herself than ever before.” ~ Aura Davis

Unbroken‘ from the Switzerland-based indie pop singer-songwriter Aura Davis, is that stunning redemption story that we all needed. This is a strong woman who unshackled herself from what was holding her down, as she inspires us all to truly be happy inside where it counts. With hauntingly beautiful vocals and featuring some smartly written lyrics, she is on full form with a highly memorable release which makes your whole body shiver throughout.

Finding that escaping light is possible, if you believe that you can fight through anything that is attempting to destroy you.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via her exciting IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Should Of Listened: Vacaville rapper Summi takes insightful aim on the voices inside his head with ‘One Shot’

Taken off his latest eighteen-track album ‘Mellow Echo, Steady Increase‘ and made from his cozy home studio with lots of love and real talk attached, Summi skillfully loads up and is ready for his opportunity now on the new single ‘One Shot‘.

Hunter Sumner aka Summi, is a youthfully exciting indie rapper, classically trained drummer and producer from Vacaville, California.

I graduated with an Audio Engineering degree from SAE Expressions College in Emeryville, California in December of 2020.” ~ Summi

Featuring a fresh flow that has your inquisitive ears locked into the moment as he takes aim at the doubts, you feel his reflection getting deeper as he pulls the manifested trigger and breaks away from the past.

This feels like a true redemption story – all the small-minded naysayers seem to be far away now as he lifts his head up – pulls the fly sunglasses on his face, sparks one up, and reaches towards those inner dreams which shall make him happily complete.

One Shot‘ from the multi-skilled Vacaville, California-based rapper/drummer and music producer Summi, sends a true talk message about learning to calm those pesky voices in your head, which can temptingly lead you far from your idea path. He raps with a mellow style which keeps things low-key, as he shows us where he is right now in a life with a crazy world as the canvas.

On a top class beat and raps full of much potential, it feels like we are witnessing an artist who is truly starting to express himself and do what he knows needs to be done. Setting yourself free creatively, is the only way to satisfy that hungry soul.

Hear this terrific new single on his Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Invite You To My Gig: San Diego rapper T. Ka$h feels the cold shiver from a former lover on ‘Call You Back’

After taking an enforced hiatus due to the horrific covid-19 virus which has shockingly plagued the world recently, T. Ka$h returns with his latest track all about someone holding you back named ‘Call You Back‘.

Tyler Knauff aka T. Ka$h aka Backwood Bobby, is a San Diego, California-based indie hip-hop artist, songwriter, podcaster, and business owner.

With a style reminiscent of a variation between Smino and J. Cole’s more melodic sound and the hard hitting instrumentation of Joey Bada$$ and DaBaby, he focuses on standing out from other white rappers.” ~ T. Ka$h

He raps with an assertive style that is never too much on the ears – as he confidently tells us what has been going down with an ex who won’t leave him alone – when things have clearly moved into another dimension since you were together last. His mind has evolved and he knows what type of partner he wants, to have him enhance spiritually and move into a new era with a soul who actually supports his career.

Call You Back‘ from the San Diego, California-based indie rapper and podcaster T. Ka$h, is the eloquently described story about wondering why a former lover keeps on dialing you up, when things have clearly ended. They have been hurt before and you drive each other crazy – but you just know that you can’t be together – even if the good times were incredible.

This is the type of break-up track to play when you know its time to block the number, and move onto better times ahead away from that energy-sapping drama.

Stream this wonderful new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen