Explore the cosmos with the indie folk-punk Starchild, Charlie Diamond, and his latest single, Magnetic Love Atomic Romance

Charlie Diamond, the self-professed alien on Earth, has shifted sonic form to transmit his latest single, Magnetic Love Atomic Romance.

The rugged and raw folk elements from his previous releases are enmeshed within the release which blends the anthemically augmented aura and massive vocal hooks of The Courteeners with the subversive folk-punk edge of The Violent Femmes. The spacey Bowie-esque middle-eight adds another dynamic to the expansive release. The juxtaposition of the ornate violin strings and cosmic textures allows you to get lost in transmission as you’re prised away from the grip of gravity.

Rather than diminishing the raucous high energy of the release, which signifies that Charlie Diamond is stridently coming into his own, the gritty DIY aesthetic of Magnetic Love Atomic Romance immerses you deeper into the expressively exhilarant release which sees the singer-songwriter stridently wearing his heart on his guitar strings.

If the unfiltered amorous candour of Neutral Milk Hotel never fails to evoke affectionate emotions, prepare to fill your soul with Magnetic Love Atomic Romance which attests to love’s ability to abstract monotony from our mortal coil and liberate us into a higher form of consciousness.

The official music video for Magnetic Love Atomic Romance will premiere on YouTube on June 29th.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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