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Floats Away Into The Dawn: Talented young Pittsburgh musician Victoria Montgomery hears the calming voice of freedom with ‘Never Let Me Go’

After years of gaining confidence with open mics and taking the time to improve her songwriting skills, Victoria Montgomery flourishes brightly on her new single taken off 2021’s debut EP A Song For You‘, with the soulfully sweet ‘Never Let Me Go‘.

Victoria Montgomery is a Washington, Pennsylvania-born, Pittsburgh-based indie folk/pop singer-songwriter, and Washington and Jefferson College graduate in International studies. She sings with such a vividly innocent imagination, which shows us that it is still possible to float around freely chasing your dreams, if you so wish to do so in this often dark world.

Her smooth and tranquil voice opens up your mind to see within your own soul, as you are taken aback by such a relaxing artist, who has fought hard to overcome her own fears. She sings with a growing sense of belonging, with a pleasant soundscape that has your soul feeling content again.

Never Let Me Go‘ from the thoroughly enthralling Pittsburgh-based indie pop/folk Victoria Montgomery, shows us a emerging artist with a beautifully peacefully tone and a heartfelt lyrical ability, which shines through on this lovely new single. This is the story about finding that sweet love that sets you free and makes you so happy inside.

Closing your eyes and opening your heart is the only way to be truly happy, when you find that special soul.

Stream this fine new single on Spotify and see more moves on her Facebook music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

John Greska has released his eccentrically introspective indie-folk-pop single, ‘The Big Hill’

John Greska

If Bowie picked up some folky Midwest charm, his Ziggy Stardust days would have run in the same vein as John Greska’s eccentrically psychotropic single, The Big Hill, which explores the pace at which the sands of time slips by.

With the playfully polyphonic synths and keys paired with John Greska’s quaint yet charismatic vocal timbre, this indie-folk-synthpop-single couldn’t be more endearing. Rather than leaving you in an existentialist catatonic state as you ponder just how fleeting your existence is, The Big Hill leaves you with the same ardour for life as exhibited in the reminder that the days will slip by you if you let them.

The Big Hill will officially release on July 19th; you can check it for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Folk meets Britpop in River Knight’s latest single, She Came Round, featuring Ralph Walling.

Americana meets UK Britpop in River Night’s alt-folk single, She Came Round, featuring Ralph Walling. While instrumentally, the semi-orchestral folky instrumentals run in the same vein as Dylan’s did in the 70s, there’s a touch of Oasis and the Stone Roses to the vocals that contrast with the accordant tones of the acoustic guitar progressions.

She Came Round is just one of the authentically original singles from the Southampton-based duo’s lockdown-born album, Grow, which released on June 25th. With plenty of tour dates in their diary, 2021 could very well be the year of River Knight.

She Came Round is now available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Don’t Ask Me: South London’s You, Me and Him ask they aren’t followed on ‘You Told A Lie’

Bringing us a kindly made taste of their wondrous new music with the first single from Standing in the Wrong Place’, You, Me and Him wonder the gardens in peace and ask for quiet again to reflect on this traumatic moment that shouldn’t of happened at all on ‘You Told A Lie‘.

You, Me and Him is a peaceful indie/folk act from South-East London, England, that was formed by singer/guitarist Jim Newman, and multi-instrumentalist/double bass player Max Goff. They make that deeply textured type of soundscape that is beautiful, and created with so much grace.

The songs from ‘Standing in the Wrong Place’ (forthcoming album) were written over the course of four years and recorded over two session in four days in their secluded South-London home. ‘You, Me & Him’ have created an album based around the minimal sound of voice, acoustic guitar and upright bass. The aim of the album process involved the musicians playing live in a
raw and natural setting. These performances were captured in the recording that you hear today. The finished album is an authentic body of work with a respect for the way in which the songs were written and recorded.” – You, Me and Him

This sound is so authentically calming, as you feel the sadness wrapped into his lyrics and superb voice. The soundtrack is a such a blessing to hear and you feel like you are listening to a song from another time. This is such a gem and you feel like you are intertwined into something quite special.

I was really struggling at the time, living on my own in the middle of a creative block. This song was inspired by a question of loyalty, which I’m sure everyone can relate to; but I think the melancholic message is coupled with an uplifting feeling that reflects the emotional process I went through.” – Jim Newman

You Told A Lie‘ from the London-based folk duo You, Me and Him, is a sad song that is all about that time when you are let down badly and the trust has been shattered like glass. You thought that you could trust them and now you feel so let down, as the feeling has your heart sore, and your mind set on getting away for a while.

This stunning new release from You, Me and Him is up there as one of the best folk songs of 2021.

Stream this top new single on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Sent The Angels: Susan Waters tells us its all going to alright again on ‘You Said’

After taking a break from burnout and to replenish her growing creativity, Susan Waters returns to our lives on her lovely new single that was co-written and co-produced by her son Sky named ‘You Said‘.

Susan Waters is a proud mother born in Chanhassen, Minnesota, a solo indie folk/pop singer-songwriter, and a highly keen road biking enthusiast. She took time to build up her business and to raise a family for many years, however she has recently gone back into her heartfelt passion of songwriting.

“I want people to feel that we are not alone.”Susan Waters

You will find such a genuine soul here, her beautifully toned voice is genuine and so kind, as her faith shines through the dark clouds to give us hope again. Her vocals show us someone who is clearly self-aware and who knows that we need to find that much-need love again, to truly express ourselves into happiness. That true feeling that has your whole body shaking in excitement – is the only way to be fully free and if you hide away your heart – you will lose its shine that needs to fly like a curious bird up above.

You Said‘ from the lovable mom and indie folk/pop singer -songwriter Susan Waters, shows us a loving musician who tells us that we must never lose ourselves, as light is around the next corner if you believe enough. This is exactly the song to play if you are feeling a bit down and need some much-needed inspiration. You will need some tissues too as this is an emotional ride to finding true purpose, that shall have you singing at the top of your lungs.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more news via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Never Found The Right Key: Utah’s multi-talented Sky Olson still remembers the chords even though the love has faded away on ‘Wedding Song’

Taken off his brand new seven-track album called ‘Unsure Waters‘, Sky Olson sings with so much meaning and love on a track that will have you listening so intently with the ‘Wedding Song‘.

Sky Olson is a soulful indie folk/pop singer-songwriter from Logan, Utah. After previously being featured whilst sticking up for his friend with April’s ‘F*ck That Guy‘, we find him focusing on his own efforts to navigate the wild seas, with a sterling song here that sees him changing direction like a skilled sailor.

Using music as a way to journal his life struggles, Sky’s lyrics often speak about personal experiences. Having suffered from chronic illness, Sky uses his music as a healing process whilst also trying to spread a message of melancholic hopefulness.” – Sky Olson

With a peaceful voice that is stacked full of meaning, we open the door to see a singer on the rise personally again. He has put the pain behind him and sings with such glorious pureness, as each note is made with so much intent. A truly skilled performer, this feels like his moment to really shine and never look back at the past.

Wedding Song‘ from the talented Logan, Utah-based indie folk/pop singer-songwriter Sky Olson, shows us an artist who is dealing with the memory from the time that he thought would last forever. After careful reflection, he has realized that something wasn’t quite right and he feels refreshed now. He knows that he will find the right person who will mesh well with his spirit, so that the chords sound so beautifully in tune. Just like true love is meant to be.

Hear this new creation on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Maybe We Can Fly Away: Exceptional Australian folk duo Boy On A Hill spit out the sour pips to grow that long-term love on ‘Superglue’

After having our loving hearts in a crush-filled flutter with ‘Pretty Thing‘ from earlier on this year, the awesome Boy On A Hill fellas are back at it again on the fixing-the-cracks single about never giving up on love with ‘Superglue‘.

Boy On A Hill is an outstanding Perth, Western Australia-based indie-folk/pop duo with a vibe that keeps your soul alive with hope. They smartly strap on those laced-up boots, kick the pesky rocks away, and take us onto a safe path with a sensational sunset up above.

It’s a sweet acoustic pop tune about relationships, with an animated video created by the multi-talented West Australian singer Ornella.” – Boy On A Hill

You feel so warm and captivated by this lovely single from the rather talented and genuine mountain-conquering outfit, who seem to have the genuine kindness and that rare much-need motivation needed, to tell us relevant stories in such an enchanting way. The gushing vocals and effortlessly penned vocals are mixed wisely with a true sound for the ages – that makes everything okay again – despite how things may have started in your day.

Superglue‘ from the terrifically self-aware Perth, Australia-based indie-folk/pop duo Boy On A Hill, thoughtfully wipes away the self-doubt and shows us all how its done, if you truly want to spend quality time with that sweet soul. We are transported into a superbly-made animated video that captures the moment perfectly, and has your happy feet tapping like they should again.

See this wonderfully-made video on YouTube and follow their movements on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Sign Was New: Good Morning Bedlam know its time to leave the homely ‘Blue House’

Bringing us the first of eight much-awaited releases in 2021, Good Morning Bedlam take us to a nostalgic place that will have you beaming broadly like a night-lit sky on ‘Blue House‘.

Good Morning Bedlam is a fantastic three-piece indie folk/pop act from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They cleverly fuse jazz and rock into their lovely music melodies, to create a blend of sounds that tastes so good in your willing music palate.

Blue House is a reflection of childhood. It’s about my parents moving out of my childhood home and how there is a grieving process to leaving behind not only a house, but a lifetime of memories. However, moving forward is a necessary part of life, and it is time to make new memories in new places, and to do that it is time to leave behind the blue house so that a different family can create new memories there. After all, it’s more than bricks that make a home.” – Isaak (vocals/guitarist) from Good Morning Bedlam

Deep down in your soul you feel the efficacious energy brewing from Good Morning Bedlam, as they knock politely on your dusty door so that they may be let into your life, with a breathtaking energy you just can’t say no to. They judiciously turn your frown into a smile – with an effortlessly effulgent nature – which has you feeling so happy again.

Blue House‘ from the likable three-piece indie folk/pop group from Minneapolis, Minnesota called Good Morning Bedlam, paints us a clear picture which is intertwined with their common human experience ethos, which drives their music into new levels of unforeseen feet-tapping enjoyment.

Sometimes you just know you need to move on, so that you may grow and experience a new home which you can make your own.

Stream this catchy new single on Spotify and see more stories on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Time After Time: The transcendent Georgia Duncan searches for that true peace on ‘Golden Ribbons’

Released off Hertha Records, Georgia Duncan shows extreme quality beyond what your racing mind can fathom with ‘Golden Ribbons‘, which is taken off her stunning just-dropped four-track EP called ‘The Light‘.

Georgia Duncan is a supremely elegant, highly conscious indie-folk South London-born singer-songwriter and music workshop facilitator. She makes that peaceful music that is all about how the world needs to be way better, as we blindly go from one war to another, whilst unwittingly adding fuel to the fire as we go.

You feel her calming presence right by your side as she sings like someone you would want to have a proper conversation with about current affairs- as she possesses a style that has you hooked instantly – each word has been carefully crafted and made with a timeless appeal for the ages. The intimate soundtrack here has been so well put together and this feels like you are stuck in time, thinking so deeply about what we can do better to live in much-needed peace.

Golden Ribbons‘ from the focused South London-born indie folk singer-songwriter Georgia Duncan, shows us a wonderfully self-aware and talented woman who knows that her music is beyond what she thought it would be. Her voice is marvelously in tune and she makes meaningful strides to show that art can actually make a difference, with what is going on around the world and what has to change. This is something really special that gives you welcome shivers of excitement.

Stream this top new single on Spotify and see more news on her IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Believed In Me: UK singer Stu Read apologizes for not being there on ‘I’m Sorry (For The Worry)’

As he sings passionately with such sadness and much regret, Stu Read tells us the heartbreaking story of not being around when he knows he should of been on ‘I’m Sorry (For The Worry)‘.

Stu Read is a soulful Oxfordshire, England-based indie pop/folk singer-songwriter and music producer. He has an ability to strike your heart with a stunning array of vocal skills, that reaches notes you thought impossible.

This song is all about reflecting on loss. Its a man who is looking back, and wishing he could have the time all over again, as he mourns losing someone who cared for him, knowing he could have cared more for them. This song slowly builds, meandering through reflection, and climbing to a final apology.” – Stu Read

I’m Sorry (for The Worry)‘ from the deeply-textured Oxfordshire-based music producer and indie folk/pop singer-songwriter Stu Read, is a harrowing tale of feeling that you should of, and could of done much more. Standing tall now and trying to make up for the time lost, he makes amends terrifically with a lovely song that will have you reaching for those tissues.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen