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For The Last Moment: Pedro Meyer thinks back to those long-lasting moments on ‘Please Remember Me’

With his dark long locks flowing into the gusting breeze as he looks deeply into the sky above, Pedro Meyer wonders if his memory will live on forever with his profound new single called ‘Please Remember Me‘.

Pedro Meyer is a Rio de Janeiro, Brazil-born, Denver, USA-based indie singer-songwriter who fuses in his own original combination of funk, blues, Americana and folk.

With particular attention to lyrics and composition, his music aims to find the balance between the moods that sways the listeners and lyrics, drawn from his personal life and observations, that everyone can relate to.” ~ Pedro Meyer

As he guides us into this deeply intimate story that has you gazing into the mirror, Pedro Meyer is in a calmingly contemplative mood as his gritty vocals show us his ever-rising quality. This is an artist who certainly isn’t afraid to write completely honest lyrics, that has you in a quietly thoughtful and nostalgic mood.

Please Remember Me‘ from the Brazilian-born indie Americana/folk singer-songwriter Pedro Meyer is an emotional track that sinks you into the bubble bath of your churning soul and with a concerned look on your dreamy face. You feel that this is all that you want, as you look into your memory and hope that you have lived for a purpose. Having your name live on even when the darkness comes, is so vital as you ensure that you have not wasted your time on this planet.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud and see his moves via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Second Guess: Whirlin’ Jack Dervy teaches us about the rising tide on ‘Bad Trip a.k.a Existential Blues’

With his EP scheduled for January 2022, Whirlin’ Jack Dervy teases gently us with a new single that he is truly proud of and is so delighted to lead us into this honest story about that ‘Bad Trip a.k.a Existential Blues‘.

Whirlin’ Jack Dervy is a Rochester, New York-based indie folk/rock solo singer-songwriter and band member of The Wily Tycoons.

After deciding that this special track needed that extra sauce layered inside, we find a musician who is so thrilled that his creation has come to life with a professional touch from a studio that understood his vision completely.

I’m actually really proud of it.. it’s honestly the best song/recording that I’ve made so far. And I say that with absolute confidence.” ~ Whirlin’ Jack Dervy

As he entertains us with his intricate guitar playing and honest lyrics that might bring a smile to your face, Whirlin’ Jack Dervy takes a big sip and leads us into this well-made single that has you feeling like you are listening to a proper storyteller who hasn’t reached his prime yet.

Bad Trip a.k.a Existential Blues‘ from the soulful Rochester, New York-based indie folk/rock solo artist Whirlin’ Jack Dervy, is a fantastic story made by somebody who has truly lived. He shows us how that night can change for the worse when you hit that mental roadblock that can hide your mind away, as you need someone close you guide you to safety away from the storms that can blow you over off your feet.

Made with a gritty feel, this is the perfect late-evening track over a campfire as you spend time with those who truly understand your vision.

Hear this smokey new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Come Back To You: Manchester indie-folk artist David Gorman sees the days go by on ‘La Mort’

As he calmly narrates us a factual tale about overworking and living in a constant blur that has you wondering where reality actually is, David Gorman is blessed to have the support of his loyal partner who stands by him no matter what on ‘La Mort‘.

David Gorman is a Manchester, UK-based indie-folk singer-songwriter who makes the kind of vintage-sounding music that leaves you feeling warm and safe inside your locked-up soul.

Inspired by the likes of Bright Eyes, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, and Gregory Alan Isakov, David has become a songwriter known for his catchy melodies and delicate guitar playing but it is his passion for lyrics that stands out when you listen to the stories told through his songs.” ~ David Gorman

With a voice so undiluted and unforgettable that you just want to listen to him all day, Manchester’s David Gorman is the definition of an underground diamond in the rough. His intricate melodies scintillate your mind awake from a self-enforced slumber – as his vivid storytelling has you in a thoughtful wonder – which somehow has the power to give you detailed flashbacks from your own life.

The song is about trying so hard to make a living that you forget to live along the way. I asked Jack to create this piece last year when me and Alysha moved into our house. As the song took shape, this piece just felt more and more like a good fit for it.” ~ David Gorman

La Mort‘ from the Manchester, UK-based indie-folk singer-songwriter David Gorman, is such a genuine song that has you feeling all contemplative about your own voyage in life. With most people always too busy and forgetting to enjoy themselves, this is that sincere reminder to take a step back and really be grateful for what you have in this world. If you are always unhappy with what you don’t have or always working on something that isn’t actually important, you will never be truly content anyway.

Listen to this peaceful single on Spotify and see his visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Captive: Craig Gould tells us the sad story of the lonely prisoner who is held by the ‘Captain Of The Seas’

After the well-deserved success of his much-loved debut ‘Ain’t No Place To Hide‘, Craig Gould returns with the 2nd single that shall form part of his full project which is due for release in Spring 2022 on this heartbreaking tale about the fearsome ‘Captain Of The Seas‘.

Craig Gould is a Burton-on-Trent, UK-based indie alt-folk/Americana/country singer-songwriter and is also a highly inspirational Mental Health Campaigner with CALM.

As the heavy oceans take down someone who shouldn’t be chained up so cruelly, Craig Gould brings us a thought-provoking new single that takes you into such a thoughtful place to ponder deeply. There is so much to like about such a memorable track like this – that takes you into a whole new world of thinking – and imagining a life where you are at the mercy of someone so unnecessarily evil.

Captain Of The Seas‘ from the Burton-on-Trent, UK-based indie alt-folk/Americana/country singer-songwriter Craig Gould, is a vocally-pleasing effort of excellence that might have the hairs on your arms standing up to attention. He sings with such a joyful style and the well-constructed lyrics completely grab you by your soul, to lead you to into this cinematic-like story.

Being free is something we should never stop fighting for no matter what.

Hear this captivating single on Spotify and see what unfolds on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Follow My Lead: DORA GOLA takes us into the beautiful forest with ‘Flying Tree’

After impressing us all with her amazing ‘Dark Sand‘, DORA GOLA is quite excellent on a new song that will have you singing from the top of your lungs and looking for that much-desired peace inside nature again on ‘Flying Tree‘.

DORA GOLA is a Poland-born, Lahinch, West Ireland-based indie dark electro-pop/folk solo artist, dancer, vocal and performance coach, and courageous Vitiligo survivor.

Her music looks to rekindle the connection that has been lost between humanity and mother nature, forcing us all to rediscover the simple beauty of the earth and bridge the gap that has grown in these modern times. Through a spiritual language that holds no barriers, her music is a rediscovery of ancestral roots, mystery, and sensuality.” ~ DORA GOLA

With her naked bare feet guiding us into a safe space to truly be free again, DORA GOLA sends us a spark filled light to uncover our true consciousness again with a breathtaking display here. She sings with such pure enjoyment and you feel like her angelic ambience is so delightfully real, far away from the darkly-lit world that can bring you down so easily if you let it emerge victoriously.

Flying Tree‘ from the fearless dance-infused Lahinch-based solo artist DORA GOLA, is an absolute anthem that is all about keeping the love strong and never forgetting that hope is just around the corner if you look deep enough. With stunning vocals, a catchy beat that illuminates only good energy to blow away the doom and gloom, this is the kind of track to play when you are feeling a bit down and need some of that much-needed inspiration again.

Listen to this soul-healing single on Spotify and see more of her journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Made Of Stone: Boria carries on with the heavy load via his outstanding new single ‘At Arms Length’

Taken off his debut solo album called ‘Any Place But Now‘, Boria brings us a majestic new single that fans of Lambchop, Gregory Alan Isakov, The Cinematic Orchestra, or Damien Jurado will be feasting ravenously over with ‘At Arms Length‘.

Boria is well-loved Great Canyon Records signed Catalan dark-folk singer-songwriter Lluís Bòria’s brand new project and this is a special listen that shall carry you to heartfelt places you didn’t know existed.

Boria paints melancholy portraits of life, death, and love floating across his fingerpicking patterns for which he has become known. His solo debut was produced and recorded by Jordi Casadesús and mixed by Bernat Jordana at TapeTone Studio.” ~ Boria

Boria exhilarates our fleeting souls with a truly magnificent presentation that has you sensing that you have just heard something quite astonishing. There is so much love on each part of this absolute gem, that seems to have your engaged ears listening rather intently as you reach for the tissues on this emotional masterpiece.

At Arms Length‘ by the brilliant Catalan dark-folk singer-songwriter Lluís Bòria aka Boria, is a truly excellent song that will you have you reflecting on your own relationships in life. As time seems to move so much faster and recollections fade a little quicker, spending time with those who you love has never been more important. This is a special single that will certainly remind of you this essential notion that shall have you thinking a lot deeper than before you pressed play.

Hear this terrific new single on Spotify and see more news via his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Who Will Be There: Melanie Peterson has us wondering about that kiss on ‘May I Have Your Midnight?’

As she glances next to her to see if that special person is there to give her that sweet and tender kiss she yearns for, Melanie Peterson sings with so much love on the hand-holding new single called ‘May I Have Your Midnight?‘.

Melanie Peterson is a Toronto, Canada-based, Saskatoon-born indie folk/pop singer-songwriter and actress who has a lovely vocal ability that has you feeling so much warmth and genuineness right beside you.

I aimed to match Melanie’s soft vocal lilt with tender instrumentation while dancing under an ethereal parasol. It’s cinematic and shimmering, with no big drums, just a heartbeat pulse. I wanted to showcase not just a beautiful song, but a beautiful voice. I feel it worked.” ~ Derek Downham

With souls soaring joyously into the beautiful blue sky above, Melanie Peterson shows us that dreams can still really come true. She performs like someone who undoubtedly believes in that magic that only your gut can perceive, as your eyes spark and sense that something rather ravishing is about to happen.

May I Have Your Midnight?‘ from the Toronto, Canada-based, Saskatoon-born indie folk/pop singer-songwriter and actress Melanie Peterson, is a charming single that hopes for that special kiss when the clock is about to switch into a whole new year of possibilities. This is a pleasing experience from a lusciously-tipped vocalist who sings with such a kindhearted style – that shall have your pulse racing rather quickly – as you imagine locking lips with someone who wants to be close with you on this special occasion.

Hear this sweet new single on Soundcloud and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Spirit Of Christmas: The Bilge Pumps elevates our mood for this special time of year on ‘Trimmin’ in the Riggin’

Taken off their ‘A Pirate’s Christmas Wish (Deluxe Edition)’, The Bilge Pumps spring our smiles away from the sadness as we get into the spirit of this special holiday with ‘Trimmin’ in the Riggin‘.

The Bilge Pumps is a cheerful Dallas, USA-based indie-folk band who make the kind of music that is rather nostalgically pleasurable and undoubtedly gets you into a happy place again.

We specialize in performances that combine sea songs, shanties, and Celtic music with a huge dose of silly comedy.” ~ The Bilge Pumps

With pleasant vocals and a pirate video that has you in a better state of mind than before, Bilge Pumps shows us how the holidays are supposed to be spent. As they decorate their proud ship to show the locals how it’s done, you feel a warm sense of family here that is such a joyful experience.

Trimmin’ in the Riggin‘ from the engaging Dallas, Texas-based indie-folk act The Bilge Pumps is a Christmas song to feel so reinvigorated by as they take us to a really happy place most of us have forgotten. With all the doom and gloom merchants around lately, this is an enchanting song to put your stocking up to, as you hope that you aren’t on the naughty list this year.

See this festive video on YouTube and see more on the FB music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

How to Define Folk Music?

In short, folk music is music that is representative of communities, played on the available instruments, and more often than not, many people in the respective communities can play it. Folk music has never been about displaying virtuosity and skill, to this day, that carries on in the easy acoustic chords and the cracked and raw vocals in Western folk.

Contrary to popular belief, folk music isn’t all banjos, moonshine and rickey American front porches; the original storytelling genre is so much more than the Western sum of it. In fact, Botswana in Sub-Saharan Africa has one of the most prolific and unique folk cultures; their instruments of choice are mouth bows and handclaps, instead of mandolins and accordions.

As with many genres, the definition of folk has evolved with the times and not necessarily at the same pace across the continents. Folk started as a reflection of present modernity, for example, folk songs were used to protest slavery and as a socialist tool during pivotal eras of unionism.

Interestingly, one of the world’s most infamous rock n roll stars, Keith Richards, of the Rolling Stones gave a poignant view on the importance of folk, which extends far beyond the folk genre. During an interview, he claimed that there is only one song, and Adam and Eve wrote it, the rest are just variations. The metaphorical statement may not immediately sit nicely with the impious. But what he was really getting at was that songs written today have the music of yesterday to thank as much as the creative mind penning them.

What is Folk Music?

There is no one size fits all mould for folk music across the continents – just compare the Nordic neofolk outfit Heilung to Bob Dylan or the hooky songs of Frank Turner to the melancholic Chinese ballads of Yu Boya. However, there are a few general rules of folk. Such as the use of instruments that are not used in your typical pop or rock band and the tendency for folk to be written and recorded on acoustic instruments.

To understand folk, it is best to stop primarily thinking about the sonic signifiers and contemplate folk music’s role in society. Inherently, *true* folk music is passed down from generation to generation as a form of storytelling. As time goes on, the verses in the songs change to reflect the cultural shifts.

The question of what is folk music? becomes even more confusing with the consideration of new sub-genres of folk, such as murder folk. Award-winning artists, such as Nick Cave and Amigo the Devil use darkly macabre imagery and tone, but they still carry traditional folk hallmarks. They tell a story through the narrative lyrics; the only difference is that in murder folk, the lyrical tales are fictional. Yet, the dark themes that often explore outlier sensibility and mental instability are still resonant to the fans who can relate.

The best folk music blogs recognise the importance of folk music as much as its international versatility. At A&R Factory, we have provided a platform to folk artists from all across the globe and we are always looking for the next big storyteller.

Indie-soul singer Evan Meulemans mainlines optimism into his latest single, Morning Fades.

US singer-songwriter Evan Meulemans’ fresh fusion sound is a cocktail of indie, reggae, Americana, blues, and his authentic brand of soul. If his sound has evaded you so far, his single, Morning Fades, is the most affable introduction to his meaningful approach to music.

With his effortless out-reaching bluesy indie vocals falling into a Grammy-worthy instrumental score that will instantly melt fans of Jack Johnson, Brett Dennen and Cas Hayley, Morning Fades leaves you questioning how Meulemans isn’t already a household name.

Like all his music, Morning Fades compels the listener to find the beauty in what can often feel like a loveless world. His advocation for harnessing love, creating balance and seeking contentment and connection is exactly what we need on the airwaves. Especially given the timeless resound of his optimistically-rendered sound.

Morning Fades is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vanedergast