Go Metric USA entered a new alt-folk chapter with the archaic reverie in ‘Old Books No One Remembers’

The scent of bibliosmia drifts throughout the poetry of the anachronistic reverie in Old Books No One Remembers by the irreplicable artist, Go Metric USA. You almost get the sense that you will stumble into Oscar Wilde between the chapters of the beguiling alt-folk progressions which resound as though they have been conjured, not created in the formulaic fashion through which most modern music unravels.

The traditional folk instrumentation gives the single an authentically organic aura which sends sparks through the imagination when working in synergy with the abstract whispers of narrative enchantment. Old Books No One Remembers is a single that bores into the soul, tantalising it gently with timbres that will stir the most primal facets of your being.

This unique blend emerges from the heart of the Texas independent and experimental music community, from an artist which revels in exploring the space between spoken word and jangle music, resulting in a confluence of folk traditions, adventurous soundscapes and masterful songwriting.

Old Books No One Remembers is the perfect introduction to Go Metric USA and their ability to create matrimony between the past and present while ensuring the memories of their sound endures long after the final note.

Old Books No One Remembers was officially released on June 2nd; stream the single on Soundcloud and YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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