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Telamor – Wild Wild Weekend: Avant-Garde Party Rock

As a staunch Frank Zappa fan, it was impossible not to instantly fall in love with Boston-based up and coming artist Telamor’s latest single Wild Wild Weekend (Metal Mix).

The eccentrically experimental track fuses sleazy Party Rock with artfully inventive elements of Avant-Garde Blues to create a supercharged infectiously playful track. I live to write the words ‘you’ve never heard anything quite like this before’, and they’ve never been more accurate.

Telamor may not take himself all too seriously, but the nuances in the sound and the quality of the production prove that he takes his sound incredibly seriously. If you’re looking for a sticky-sweet riff-soaked aural pick me up, look no further than this insanely refreshing taste breaker.

You can stream and download Telamor’s latest release by heading over to Bandcamp.

Keep up to date with the artist’s new releases via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Lil Utku K.T releases Lifestyle: An insanely catchy single

Lil Utku K.T releases the latest piece ‘Lifestyle’ with it’s Hip-Hop and Rap elements, it’s one that gives off this insane energy and it’s such a lively track to listen to.

A lot of things going on throughout this piece, but that is what makes it stand out so much. The beat has so many unusual sounds flowing through, from hard-hitting beats, adding in that distorted sound as that pierces through the vocals.

Only being a fairly short piece, Rapper Lil Utku K.T has combined his talent to produce something that flows in such an incredible way. Adding in autotune, sound effects and a mental melody to go with it, you must check this one out.

Be sure to check out the new single by Rapper Lil Utku K.T Lifestyle by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall


Sea of Fog releases Michael Collins Observes the First Moonwalk from the Columbia Module collection

Indie Folk band Sea of Fog has released three-track EP ‘Michael Collins Observes the First Moonwalk from the Columbia Module’.

The first single named after the EP, is a very soothing and calming piece of music, it’s always at such a slow pace and uses classical orchestration to light up the background. The vocal ranges go together in such a beautiful way, Thomas Powers comes in with his deep and soothing vocals and goes alongside Jordy Cheney who comes in with her high-pitched sweet vocals.

A clasp of the guitar strings, starting gentle then the strum begins to get louder. In each track the guitar really does stand out, it’s perfectly timed, it has this smooth tune to it. Plucking at the guitar strings, to strumming loudly on them when the vocals begin to get higher and the pitch is taken up a notch.

Sea of Fog have created a collection of Indie Folk songs that are so calming to listen to and really show just how good a guitar can really sound alongside some incredible vocal ranges.

Check out Sea of Fog’s The Wanderer and the Outcast, Michael Collins Observes the First Moonwalk from the Columbia Module and Child of the South by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall


Jake Bass – Oh Wow: Accessibly Ambient Contemporary Jazz

If you’re still under the impression that Jazz is inaccessible as a genre, prepare for your perceptions to be shattered by Jake Bass’ latest instrumental track Oh Wow which was released on March 15th.

By rhythmically infusing elements of Ambient instrumental EDM Hip Hop with smooth Blues Rock soaring guitar licks, Oh Wow unfolds offering hypnotically immersive aural alchemy with every progression.

The effortless, yet masterful guitar notes seamlessly find accordance with the electronic instrumentals which provide a solid structure to the track while the warm guitar notes gently rise above the rest of the mix. Downtempo soundscapes don’t often come as rhythmically magnetic as what Jake Bass has deftly curated in Oh Wow.

You can check out the official music video to Jake Bass’ latest single via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


John Crossan releases latest single 2 Wheels & 3 Bottles

John Crossan has released his latest single ‘2 Wheels & 3 Bottles’, Soul, Pop and Rock combine for this calming and catchy piece.

Plucking at the guitar strings creating that smooth instrumental, adding in a tap to the strings to create that slight difference in sound, using the acoustic to his advantage and playing it in such a mesmerising way as it combines with the vocals perfectly.

John’s tone is light and tranquil, keeping that same pitch and that same tone, always managing to hit every note in an excellent way, whilst making sure that the instrumentation collides alongside the tone.

John Crossan’s new piece has so much potential, the skills he has on the guitar are insane and you must check this one out.

Listen to John Crossan’s 2 Wheels & 3 Bottles by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Karley Myall


Prepare Your Summer Playlists for Rounna’s Standout Reggaeton Track “Empaquetao”

Latino Reggaeton artist Rounna dropped their standout fiery mix Empaquetao as 2019 drew to a close, if you missed it, it’s our pleasure to introduce the rhythm-soaked danceable drop.

Now that summer is once again around the corner, it’s time to start reintroducing equally as tropical tracks to our playlists, and summer anthems don’t get much hotter than Empaquetao. The Reggaeton beats in Empaquetao may be contemporary and fresh, but the arrestive potency of the exotic rhythms remains. Unilingual minds may not be able to decipher the lyrics, but the grooves in the melodies are universally arrestive.

You can check out the official music video to Rounna’s latest single by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Jesse Grossi – Aquarius: Sticky-Sweet Reggae Pop Rock

Reggae is renowned for its feel-good vibes and ability to feed us sun-soaked grooving euphoria, but in Jesse Grossi’s enamouring mix of Reggae, Pop,  Ska and Rock Aquarius you’ll feel a smorgasbord of uplifting emotions.

The track kicks off with an atmospherically moody Indie Rock prelude before breaking into punchy Ska rhythms which lead up to sticky-sweet Pop rock choruses with plenty of inventive instrumental experimentalism thrown in for good measure.

For anyone who grew up holding Peter Andre’s hit Mysterious Girl close to their hearts, Aquarius isn’t just a playlist essential. It’s the ultimate Reggae Rock taste breaker.

Naturally, we’re all too excited to hear what the LA-based artist will release next.

You can check out Jesse Grossi’s single Aquarius for yourselves via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Premiere: James W Howard is set to make their debut with their cabaret-inspired Rock Pop single “Twirling The Rosé”

By drawing from everything from Musical Theatre to Classic Rock to Pop, James W Howard has created an eccentrically uplifting track with his debut single Twirling The Rosé.

Queen fans will definitely be enamoured by the theatrical soundscape which is led by infectiously melodic honky-tonk piano and infused with nuances of Psych Pop and Rock. Adding even more jaunty appeal to the single are James W Howard’s vocals which stand as a testament to his talent as a natural performer.

It’s safe to say that I haven’t heard any new artist offering the same kind of contagiously euphoric exuberance as what you’ll find when you hit play on Twirling The Rosé.

You’ll have to wait a little longer before you can check out James W Howard’s indulgently upbeat sound for yourselves. In the meantime, you can head over to Facebook, Soundcloud and Instagram and keep up to date with news of future releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


FlightLevels releases latest single Kick Rocks

FlightLevels has released his latest single ‘Kick Rocks’’ a combination of Rap and R&B it’s pretty out there but that’s what makes it such a hit.

Sounding like a pure diss track, it’s honest, explicit and definitely shows that FlightLevels has something to say, it may not be to everyone’s tastes. But the loud pulsing beat flows alongside the deep vocals as the pure R&B style takes hold.

The beat is very out there and cuts through the vocals, having a high-pitched keyboard tune flowing alongside the vocals, it’s manic and honest and that’s just what he does best and creates insane melodies to go with it.

FlightLevels has created a Rap and R&B track that many will want to delve into, so be sure to check this one out.

Listen to FlightLevels Kick Rocks by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall


Couch $urf have released their latest sonically-charged feat of Alt Rock “White Lies. Green Eyes”

White Lies. Green Eyes (You Break My Heart)” is the sonically-charged latest Alt Rock single from up and coming LA artist Couch $urf. The anthemically visceral energy paired with the infectiously catchy Indie Rock chorus is exactly what you want to hear when delving into a single from a new artist.

The raucously magnetic vocals move through just as many evolutions as the tight instrumentals, ensuring each is as adrenalizing as the last.

The punchy vitriolic hit explores Jangle Pop, Psych Rock, Synth-Pop, and even throws in some blazingly bouncy Ska offbeat rhythms to get you well and truly psyched as the accessible yet authentic track unravels.

Any fans of the Vaccines, The Strokes, The Wombats, The Cribs, and The Libertines definitely won’t want to miss this Indie Rock earworm of a release.

You can check out White Lies. Green Eyes for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast