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Speaking up on mental health: French alt-metal band ODC roar in with the demon-destroyer ‘I Don’t Know You’

Headed up by lead singer Celia Do, ODC fire their way to our hearts with lots of heavy 8 string guitars, fast-paced electronic sounds and moody melodic vocals that will leave you feeling inspired again.

The electric shock of a start is like a medic doing CPR on a passed out patient. You will feel almost breathless and a few sips of fluid will be needed.

This is all about trying your best to stay above water during this horrific time as the world bends into an unrealistic Rick & Morty type of world that was unimaginable a few years ago. There are so many temptations out there to hold onto and some are good but so many more are bad for you, and only sinks you further into the sinkhole of the downward spiral.

Her voice is so powerful and the spectacular synergy is forcefully dynamic; you can see the sparks flying off the guitar strings. The vocals are lit with a fuse and these make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up to attention as she weaves her way with her band’s full backing.

ODC speak up about real issues which are an admirable characteristic in anyone’s book. ‘I Don’t Know You’ is about wanting to know yourself again and what your dreams and goals really are. In a world full of mistrust and innuendos, the French alt-metal outfit pull the blanket off the self-doubt and show us that it’s okay to feel pain. If you talk about it and ask for help, there will be a kind face to help you no matter what. You can destroy your demons if you believe you can.

Turn the voltage up on the Spotify link and find out more via the band’s IG and Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Big goals to achieve: Zingg rockets up the music ladder on ‘Psychedelics’

Swiss-born and London-based Zingg is a rising rapper who has that extra layer of confidence and competitiveness that sets him apart from most. With his laid back style and riveting lyrical delivery, he is a new school musician who adds some color to this dull year on ‘Psychedelics’.

Signed to London’s Red Rokket Management, this is a lyricist who has big dreams and even bigger goals. He has a Post Malone type of style and his influences include Drake and Travis Scott. His aim is to be on their level and on this single; his intentions are so clear with a visually stimulating track that satisfies immensely.

The swirling whirlpool type of start soon brings us to hear his flow and this is a driving force of energy that is curiously catchy. The fishbowl of musicians that are trapped is vast but you get the feeling that he is on a team that have an ear for talent that succeeds. You soon start to sway your head around as he ventures out with his vast vocal ability that you turn up to hear each word.

This is a story of that crush that wants to be with you so bad but you are taking things slow, careful not to fall in love too quickly. You have been together before and things turned hot but you don’t want to get burnt so are keeping the cold water on for now.

The London to Basel time-traveler Zingg could be the voice of the future as he makes each verse seem so effortless. He possesses that freshness that gives him that rare top shelf type of rap appeal on ‘Psychedelics’.

Head into this new wave here on Spotify and find out more via Insta or watch the music video on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Comics and music combine: Underground NYC emcee Massive Jugganott elevates his mystique on ‘Only in NY’ (ft. Melodiq)

Massive Jugganott is a New York emcee with a big point to prove on ‘Only in NY’ (ft. Melodiq). He smashes the dusty door down to make wack rappers retire and shows us what the proud genre of Hip Hop should sound like. He is from a place that either makes or breaks you and delivers a track that is exactly what 2020 needed.

He wants to be an artist that is heard and respected. This is a man who has a gigantic love of comics and music; these two worlds combine in a smash-fest that is hard to ignore.

With a classic Frankie Blue Eyes sample to set the stage up for what is about to occur next; we grab our piping hot popcorn and sit down to listen to big boy Hip Hop. This is that old school sound that feels a bit lost sometimes with all the cheesy flavored weak rhymes that have somehow infested the minds of the youth. He references the legend Eric B and your attention is even closer to the speakers as the booming beat gets you in that New York state of mind.

The difference between Massive Jugganott and other rappers is that he respects where you are from. He isn’t interested in petty beef and is beyond what most musicians in his neighborhood think about. Making that top shelf music is what he is about and this is a huge statement of intent for a young emcee that is just starting his music journey. He respects the trailblazers before him and the art-form that was intended to unite the community, not destroy it.

Only in NY’ (ft. Melodiq) is one of seven debut tracks to enjoy and remember that true New York Hip Hop sound. Let’s all hope he can find Eric B.

Heat up your day on Soundcloud and see more from Massive Jugganott on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Cultures collide in Gullypabs and Trizzac’s Drill track ‘Zone 2 in Spain’

‘Zone 2 in Spain’ is the chill-inducingly dominant Drill track by South East London artist, Gullypabs, and Spanish Drill trailblazer, Trizzac. Despite its very recent release, it’s well on its way to going viral.

There’s ferocity behind each venom-laced syllable as collaborative chemistry effervesces between the dual Rap bars. To create the perfect platform as cultures collide in this gritty yet sun-soaked hit which runs through with blissfully escapism-aiding exoticism, the melodic beats are minimalistic but serve to create a grippingly intense atmosphere which will hook you in from the first scathingly charismatic verse.

If the grind in this heated hit doesn’t you adrenalized, you can assume that you’re a little dead inside.

You can check out the official video which dropped on November 18th via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast.


Reject your nihilism with Etoile Marley’s alchemically eclectic track ‘LockItDown’

I would probably sell my soul to be able to exude as much confidence and positivity as Etoile Marley did in her latest release ‘LockItDown’ which throws back to 70s Funk Rock, weaves in elements of Neo Soul and finds its structure around Old School Hip Hop.

The jazzy-soul driven hit is practically an intervention, you’ll feel any lingering apathy or pessimism evading you as soon as you hit play. LockItDown is an accordantly high-vibe hit, but it makes no bones about confronting you with the very real fact that you’re in charge of your mentality.

Only an artist with an insurmountable amount of talent and vision could blend elements of Hip Hop, Blues Rock and Dark Pop to such an alchemic effect. It’s safe to say that you’re going to want her on your radar.

You can check out LockItDown via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast



SENTO – Lay Back featuring TATONKA: The Soul Driven Ambient Hit That Will Keep Your Synapses Firing

Swiss-Norwegian artist and producer SENTO’s latest soul-instilled Alt Electronica single ‘Lay Back’ featuring TATONKA is a sublimely idyllic feat of aural ingenuity. With enough ambience within the mix to offer you a sense of catharsis and plenty of digitally-orchestrated Funk to keep your synapses firing, Lay Back easily transcends the notion of genre and becomes somewhat of a paradox. It’s a grooving dreamy slow burner and a bass-riding groove-riddled entrancing hit, all in one deftly produced package.

With SENTO’s tendency to weave everything from Funk to Hip Hop to Neo Soul into his tracks, it’s always worth delving into their eclectically inspired sound, and thankfully, there is plenty more in the pipeline.

You can check out SENTO’s latest single via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Orange Joe has delivered an off the Richter Hip Hop hard-hitter with ‘Royal Blue’

Bounding into play like an excitable puppy chasing its own tail and looking expectantly for belly-rubs comes Orange Joe’s ‘Royal Blue’, all 1’43” of Akon-meets-Arrested Development grooving hip hop charm. It grinds, it’s got serious flow, there’s humour and irony in the lyrics but there’s serious bump’n’grind in the track too.

‘Royal Blue’ is audacious, full of pep and vitality, a proper party hip hop summer track, all lowrider and air-suspension of a tune with lift and drop and full-on, funky in-your-face charm.

See the video for ‘Royal Blue’ on YouTube; check out Orange Joe, and the Purple Spirit project, here.

Review by Alex Holmes


Saphira takes us for an electronic ride down the Apocalytic Highway

Electronic Alternative Pop comes in many forms, from the wistful and ethereal to the heavy and dance-oriented. Sitting somewhere in the middle is this, the new single from ‘singer-songwriter from another dimension’ Saphira.

Taking in themes around impending environmental disaster, and humans apparent masochistic delight in letting the planet burn in the pursuit of a quick buck, ‘Apocalyptic Highway’ is a charming, ironic little satire set over a sparse melody of chimes, swirls, and swoops. Saphira’s vocal is mercurial, wandering between poetic spoken word and whimsical high-register singing, somewhere between Warpaint, Bjork, and the Cardigans. As much performance art as electronica, ‘Apocalyptic Highway’ is out now on all major streaming platforms.

Hear ‘Apocalyptic Highway’ on Spotify. See the video on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes


Heating up the boiler room: ‘Captain Bullshit’ by the electric Wynton Existing kicks us into shape again

Taken off the new 12-track full album ‘Wicked Fabrications’, ‘Captain Bullshit’ is a punk rock ride from Wynton Existing that gets that body moving again after a long slumber of lonely days.

Wynton Existing who is Wynton Huddle on his passport, is the singer and guitarist of Central Pennsylvania’s high-paced psychedelic rock band, Medusa’s Disco. He got bored of lock-down days away from the sweaty music venues and wanted to use his juices to blend up a solo album that was full of action packed music to keep him occupied. The results are immensely impressive and this is a true rock star that made this song from his boiler room. 2020 has certainly made us evolve and just get things done, no matter how.

The psychedelic, surf and indie rock morph-fest is a fiery mash of tasty tunes from a motivated solo artist that is used to being in a band. His voice is supremely energetic and fresh, ready to get his frustration out and do what he loves.

The feeling of being taken for a ride is heavy on the ears with the welcome harmonic buzzing in your ears for a brief moment too. The solos are so funky and you will find that your head can’t stop bobbing alone as you feel his painful vocals about the story of how this year is so full of reckless abandon and more sensible heads need to prevail. This is a track that so pulsating that you might need to have a lie down after this as your brain will explode with memories of when you used to rock out to music like this every weekend.

Captain Bullshit’ finds Wynton Existing doing his solo journey to pass time and to stay busy throughout this doomed year that has killed off so many music venues and blunted big dreams. When the dust settles again and those curious faces appear at gigs and festivals again, there will be a music renaissance like no other. If he can stay focused and find extra streams of income to mesh with his music, Wynton Existing will be at the center of the redemption story. He has that extra bit of quality that you are only born with.

Supercharge your mood on Spotify and see more on his IG and Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Turning classic poems into music: True Gospel Bookstore release love-torn 9th single ‘Fades Into Blue’

True Gospel Bookstore (aka TGB) was formed by North Carolina native Don Edwards to record his poetry work and to bring it alive again through music. Now based in sunny LA, he also works with singer-songwriter Angela Michael, who helps brings his music to a whole different level. ‘Fades Into Blue’ is the 9th single release and this is an alt-rock song about that lost love.

The steady start flickers like a memorable time in your life when things were way more peaceful. In these dark times we need a hero to step up and help us gain that perspective again. His voice is strong and confident and the name of this band says it all really. He wanted to have a bookstore when he was at college and this would of help house a church too. Sadly he couldn’t get the lease he wanted and ended up working at various jobs instead. The idea stuck with him and now through music, it has come alive.

This is about that love you can’t get out of your mind. You were drinking your beer and life was going along decently. From that moment on however, things all changed and you couldn’t get enough of that smiling face. Sadly things didn’t work out and they left so there is so much regret sprinkled in here as you lost your faith for some time. You wanted to be together but the stars had other ideas.

His voice is full of life stories from that special moment that is now just a memory but also a pleasurable one. ‘Fades Into Blue’ reminds you of those memories that you love so much, but are now fading rather quickly into the dust. True Gospel Bookstore is a classic music creation that has been brought to life through lots of love and determination. This is a man who realized that hardly anyone appreciated real poetry anymore, so he evolved and made it into music instead; to reach a global audience. This is a true inspiration to those out there who have given up and need a humble hero to look up to.

Take a listen to true class on Soundcloud and follow the story via IG and Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen