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A terrific insight into the music business with ‘Dear Mr Producer’ from Estella Dawn

Estella Dawn is a USA-based singer who is back with the earth-shattering vocals that impress on her new single called ‘Dear Mr Producer‘.

This is a genuine singer-songwriter who combines elements of Pop, Neo Soul and Rock music with intelligent lyrics and powerful vocals to create lasting original music that blasts through the speakers.

The New Zealand-born, Colorado-based singer has a huge voice that never strains or sounds out of tune. She has that special gift and is using her skills for good things. The lyrics are real and this is a winner. A real special soul who isn’t taking the easy route.

I love how Estella sings and the way that she has made sure that integrity is very high on her agenda. She is not willing to let anyone else control her music career and she is a shining light in the music world. Too often integrity is low down on the list of some performers as they rush to the top, this is not one of those times and for this, we should applaud this fine singer.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


‘Get over It’ from Fendahlene is a relationship problem in a catchy song

Get over It‘ from Fendahlene is a relationship problem in a catchy song that has lots of awesome riffs to keep us wildly entertained.

Fendahlene were formed in Sydney back in late 1994 by Paul Whiteley (guitar and vocals), Ashley Hurst (bass) and Ben Felton (drums). After moving to Europe a few years ago from Australia, they decided to have a break to reboot. This worked wonders and music has been contact since. These love love working together and the experience is for all to see.

The bass line are tremendous here and this is a top act. The vocals are smooth like a bald head, the catchy vibe has you pricking your ears up to hear more. This is the mark of a quality track.

This is the story about getting over a relationship that isn’t going well. Things were great and then life happened. You are tired or being in the firing line and have decided to move on as it isn’t worth it anymore. Or will you be able to chat about it and move on? Time will tell but things aren’t looking good so far.

Get over It‘ from Fendahlene is a fine indie-rock song and the catchy elements keep you hooked all the way through. This might be the new breakup anthem of 2020.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Richie Ravello feat. Ryan Spring Dooley bring the truth on ‘Summer Fast’

Richie Ravello feat. Ryan Spring Dooley bring the truth on ‘Summer Fast‘ as this video is so well made and sung with passion.

With a video featuring a baby and pictures from the youngster, this is a song that grabs you by the heart and makes you smile. Life is too short to waste and this is the message here. Sometimes, things happen for a reason. The world is so windy sometimes and the dusty streets can blur our eyesight sideways. Music and what matters to you deep inside, is all that really counts.

I like the message a lot on this indie-pop-rap track that is so far from wack. The message is real, the video is brilliant and the vocals are crispy and fresh. Just the way music should be. Life is too short for anything else and I’m very inspired by this track.

Summer Fast‘ from Richie Ravello feat. Ryan Spring Dooley is an awesome song and with a message that shines through. When you find that moment in your life of pure happiness, all other petty things fly away like a grumpy bird. Take charge and do what makes you happy.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


‘Rabbit Hole’ by Alisha Todd is a beautiful song that is full of love

Rabbit Hole‘ by Alisha Todd is a beautiful song full of love and sweetness to snack on during the wild world of 2020.

Australian-born singer-songwriter Alisha Todd has that type of voice that makes you stop whatever you are doing. She just has it. Her genuine style makes her even more lovable too, her lyrics open the curtains into her world. Everything has been done in good time here and nothing has been rushed or flossed over. Real music.

I love how this song gets you in the mood, down the rabbit hole of love where you think of good times. Making babies with that special soul, you want it so much and know what you want to. The world is crazy and you just want to be happy, nothing else really matters right now when you are in this mood of love.

Rabbit Hole‘ by Alisha Todd is such a gem and the travels to Europe really helped this young singer. She has seen the world, been through tough times and is now comfortable in her own skin. This is that type of indie-folk that should be played on full volume, as it will warm your heart.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Trippy and striking: ‘Evidence’ from Miss Terious who is the rap game’s new kid on the block

Trippy and striking: ‘Evidence‘ from Miss Terious is the brand new song from this wildly intriguing and fascinating rapper who strolls into our ears on this awesome journey.

Miss Terious is a British born female rapper from the West Midlands. This is a part of her debut and she enters the UK rap scene with a unique mix of electronic and classical instruments for her alternative rap album. Speaking both English and Japanese, Miss Terious discusses topics such as abuse, mental health, and her separation with the ballet industry. With such a creative upbringing, you can see the skills on this fine young performer.

Evidence‘ from Miss Terious is a striking song, the sounds pierces your ears like you want music to. Her music is like none other, the uniqueness is bold, creative and exactly what the music scene needs. You feel like you are in a different place, your heart beats a bit faster as her vocals blow you away. She is a name to watch and will surely go from strength to strength, her talent is limitless, just like the movie. This is a UK artist who has just stepped up and wants us to take notice. Miss Terious is one of the most fascinating artists out there whose music, truly heals and makes you think.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Canadian singer Tyra Jutai strides out with a banging new track called ‘New Shoes’

Tyra Jutai proves that you can do anything with a new, stylish pair of ‘New Shoes‘.

This Toronto-born and proud native with a raspy voice that oozes absolute delicious sounds that waft in your ears and in your soul. This is a singer-songwriter that sings deep down from her lungs, the words smoke up in her mouth like it’s an infuser.

The young producer-singer with big dreams is in top form here, the beat that does her lots of favors. The sound echos from her dreams as she seeks that new shoes to get her dancing again during this crazy covid time.

New Shoes‘ from Canadian singer Tyra Jutai is a song that reminds me of a late night gig in a legendary venue, it comes on and jolts you in the heart here. With such poise and elegance, this is a fantastic artist with bags full of potential and it’s a wonder to hear.

PS: Somebody go and get this lady some shoes please, thank you.

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Head through to the Facebook link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Shemy ft Jeff Skigh roll in with tightly rolled Hip Hop track ‘Ain’t Like The Others’

Shemy rolls in the game with the potent mix of Hip Hop old school beats and flow on ‘Ain’t Like The Others‘.

Shemy is a hip hop artist from Flint in Michigan and his lyrical ability is gritty and raw, the words flow so well with his style of rapping. It’s effortless and the rhythms are real tight here.

Jeff Skigh is from Flint too and is an independent recording artist. These two work well together on this one. They shoot hoops, grind and do what they need to do, to survive in the wild streets of 2020.

Taken off ‘Oh We Rapping?’, this is a fine Hip Hop track that rides above the competition due to the superior production, vivid stories and the consistent style is upper echelon. Flint seems to be a place where top quality music is made and this is one of the best tracks I’ve heard in this genre this year so far.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Rebecca Downes has released her artfully enticing aural storm “Mama Weer All Crazee Now”

I love nothing more than when artists tear the stigma from insanity. Naturally, I’m infatuated with Alt artist Rebecca Downes’ fiercely unapologetic latest single “Mama Weer All Crazee Now”.

The artfully atmospheric release is enticing from the first striking note. To start, there’s tender turbulence behind her plaintively evocative vocals which steadily runs through her wisdom-spilling lyricism. As the track progresses, the intensity builds, and any true audiophiles are sure to have a few jaw-drop moments.

It would be no stretch to say that Mama Weer All Crazee Now is the most stylistically entrancing single we have heard in 2020. From now on, if Rebecca Downes is pouring her introspective into any soundscape, I want to hear it. I want to drink in the intoxicating cocktail of aural ingenuity and sheer passionate determination to deliver a track drenched in sincerity and perception-shifting wordplay.

You can check out Rebecca Downes latest single by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Crown and the Doubt bring the salacious sleaze with latest single “Dirty Little Secret”

Enough time has passed since The All-American Rejects’ iconic track “Dirty Little Secret”, so Alt-Rock faction Crown and the Doubt have paid their own ode to sordidness with their viscerally electric latest single.

As acclaimed as The All-American Rejects were/are, they don’t seem to possess a fraction of the talent which you will hear in the colossally tight heavy and sleazy Rock instrumentals. But it’s with the vocals where Crown and the Doubt really set themselves apart. They’d give Buckcherry a run for their money when it comes to salacious sleaze.

You can check out Dirty Little Secret for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Leogang – Chance In Hell: A Moody, Rocky Fusion of Alt-Pop and Punk

Leogang are an up and coming indie five-piece from North East London. ‘Chance In Hell’ is a moody, rocky fusion of alt-pop and punk, the verses bass-heavy with a rolling picked guitar part behind the vocals before the chorus kicks in, all angry distortion and power chords.

‘Is There A Chance’ comes from the forthcoming (self-produced and self-released) ‘Shots Are Coming’ EP and given their pre-lockdown gig calendar there’s no surprise that this sounds like a band playing live, hungry, energetic, the bass a funky, rolling number before the ‘Is there a chance’ breakdown at 2’09”; there’s a Kasabian feel to parts, but it sounds original, comfortable, and fresh all at once. It grooves, it rocks, and it’s got a great earworm hook on that mid-song breakdown before the band rock through to a slow final fade out.

‘Shots Are Coming’ is out now on all major streaming platforms, or you can find Leogang on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes