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‘Abir Patwary’ tries to find his way through magic of music with self-aware house track ‘’Alalon’’

A lot of us in this world are feeling this exact sentiment and it’s very worrying. Luckily for us, ‘Abir Patwary’, a brand new artist- is here to help us with the predicament we have right now. Finding ourselves and working out who we really are.

‘’Avalon’’ is a beautiful song and the artwork describes the energy perfectly. Two majestic elephants are wandering the earth during sunset, both alone but right next to each other. Precisely what we need in this world. To have someone that has our back, looking after us all the way. 

The single ‘’Avalon’’ is a lonely song, at times sad but altogether self-aware from Abir who has realized that this needs to change and he needs to find his way again. We all get lost sometimes and let’s hope that Abir can find his way, make more music and do what he loves. 

Listen to more of this exciting artist’s music on his YouTube channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Dreamy Sci-Fi Electronic Experiments with ”Life” from Dreamsonic

Taken off their latest 9 track album ”Reverie”, Dreamsonic are here with warped Science fiction electronic track ”Life”. This is an experience that takes you into a different galaxy, full of mystery and intrigue. I feel like I’m in an episode of Rick & Morty while listening to this.

Denton, Texas is the home of Dreamsonic, a 1 piece act that is fairly new in the music game but taking steps forward to become more and more well known. Surely a candidate to be included in a movie, ”Life” takes you on a rather strange journey that makes you feel a bit uncertain at times and very unsure about yourself. I feel a bit paranoid while listening to this song I must admit. Perhaps that was the point of the whole track, life is a very up and down trip.

With constant music coming out which is probably due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dreamsonic will definitely have their fans who urge to soak up as much of this style during the nights, the music fits the late night club scene. ”Life” is a good song, very different from what I have heard before and for that, this kind of creativity must be celebrated.

Stream this new song here on SoundCloud.



Atlanta Rapper/Producer ‘Yahchi B’ drops visuals for his self-assured‘’Quarantine Freestyle’

‘’I’m not your boyfriend, bae or anything in between.’’ Sending a message to the ladies in his life, ‘Yahchi B’ is quite fine with being single right now as he is on a quest for global respect and recognition. 

Heavily influenced by Nas, Outkast, Tupac, Rakim, Eminem, and Kanye West, you can feel the old school style in his lyrical delivery. He mixes in his own new school style while on the mic and the results are quite impressive.

Formerly from the Bronx in New York, ‘Yahchi B’ made the move from his roots a few years ago and this change seems to have paid off. New York is a great city but it is easy to get lost in the suffocating environment of NYC Hip Hop. His style fits the more relaxed but music-crazy South USA.

In the Hip Hop game since 2012, this veteran rapper & self-produced artist has amassed quite a good following since his debut. A very confident Emcee, his flow is impressive, the beat real fly and with a summer time/chill by the pool with your bikini or swim shorts on energy to it. 

Stream this Atlanta rapper’s YouTube visuals right here.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


UK Blues Rock band ‘Near Earth Objects’ return with galaxy-stretching ‘’Run For The City’’ single

Never said I was ready to leave you, be a while but the City won’t keep me from you. 

Near Earth Objects’ aka NEO are a South Cumbria-based band with a variety of genres in their blood. It’s old-school bluesy/Rock with a new school modern folk feel-good-energy going on in the speakers. A very tight band with years of experience playing together, you can feel the harmony and love for the music when you turn them up loud.

‘’Run For The City’’ is all about just going for it, leaving good things and memories behind in order to do what you feel is right and really desire. Believing in your soul is the main thing to do in life, taking a chance and heading upstate to start something fresh and new. With incredible solo guitar riffs and groovy bass lines, ‘’Run For The City’’ is a memorable song with all the right ingredients. 

In 2015, Lead Singer Grant Huck was sadly diagnosed with an immutable nervous system disease that has left him suffering chronic pain and muscle weakness. As a result, he is unable to continue playing live at gigs. However, the band rallied together and decided to continue to work together as a unique recording band. 

A fine thing to do indeed as most bands would have packed it up and moved on elsewhere. The love of music and not wanting to play with anyone else lives on strong with faithful NEO, showing old school values to inspire us all. 

Click here to hear more NEO right here.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


King of Melancholic Trap JAY DVRDEN Has Spilt Grungy Alchemy Once More with their Latest Release

JAY DVRDEN left quite the lasting impression on us with their seminal single Sad Witch. Naturally, we were all too eager to emotively bruise ourselves once again with their latest release.

This time, JAY DVRDEN reworked Gracie Abrams’ hit single I Miss You, I’m Sorry. By contorting the soundscape into a beguilingly ethereal experience which will stay with you long after the short and bitter-sweet track has faded to a close and layering their own deeply connectable introspective lyrics on top of the track, he well and truly made the remix his own.

I’m not usually one for repetition within music, but the way he worked “where is my mind”  until it matched the iconic tone set by the Pixies was utterly ingenious.

You can check out the official video to JAY DVRDEN’s remix which premiered on May 15th via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Escape the Media Mediocrity with Gucci Poet’s Latest Alt Pop Release “Fake News”

Breaking Alt Pop artist Gucci Poet has recently dropped their third album “Fake News”. If their approach to Alt Pop was any more ahead of the curve, flat-earthers would deny his existence.

Their unique infusion of Pop and Hip Hop is fiery fresh on each track on the album, yet, the title track is the perfect introduction to their lyrically witty, rhythmically fluid style.

Fake News is all about the vibe and the connection which the stylistically moody yet energetically playful track offers as it unravels with unbridled creative expression. Gucci Poet evidently isn’t one for paying mind to genre constraints. But even though their free-flowing tracks transcend the notion of genres, the accessibility of the track has been left unhindered. In short, if you like to keep track of the hottest up and coming talent, get them on your radar.

You can check out Gucci Poet’s latest album for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Ryan Charles powers in with confidence on ”Rare Breed”

Ryan Charles, Southern Country & Western artist and future star, is back with his new song called ”Rare Breed”. This is a statement song about his arrival in the music game and he isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. This man is on a mission and with his Harley Davidson, guitar and ripped jeans, this American biker is ready. Bring on a movie about his life.

With a massive chip on his shoulder and after being fed up with life in his hometown in North Carolina, he ditched the small town ways and headed up to big-time California. The goal? To become a performing artist of course, make ladies swoon in his presence and make men wish they were him. The last two points are merely guesses from my side but you get the point, Ryan Charles had a goal and he took his chance.

Rare Breed” is all about building up your confidence and taking that opportunity to get away from the bad influences of back home, that you know aren’t going to take you anywhere but down. Southern Rocker Ryan Charles  and his guitar have just stepped up to the plate and this is an artist to take seriously. He wants success and respect in this music game so armed with his strong voice, inspiring lyrics and hard-nosed attitude, this single release puts him in the conversation.

Review by Llewelyn Screen


Siirus – Outta Sight: Hypnotically Rhythmic South African Hip Hop

As a teaser to their debut mixtape Al Pacino, up and coming South African Hip Hop artist Siirus dropped their melodically entrancing track Outta Sight.

Thanks to the hypnotically intricate rhythms, dynamic Rap bars, and the nuanced exotic kick, Outta Sight will leave you energetically arrested.

With so many artists on the airwaves, it can be almost impossible for breaking artists to set themselves apart with distinction. But Siirus perceptibly succeeded with Outta Sight. The groove, the layers of personality and the deft execution on the production all ensure that Outta Sight is a radio-ready hit.

You can check out Siirus’ track Outta Sight for yourselves via Spotify. From May 28th you’ll also be able to listen to their mixtape Al Pacino.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Ryse has taken the UK Hip Hop scene by storm with their second single “When I Was Young”

UK Hip Hop artist Ryse broke the mould with their recently released evocatively resonant second single When I Was Young.

Whether it’s the mesmerizingly sombre instrumentals or the magnetic pull of Ryse’s atmospheric spoken word Rap bars on the prelude, you’ll be transfixed from the moment you hit play.

The candid verses retrospectively pull out resounding pearls from wisdom from the journey we all take from childhood to adulthood, while the choruses offer a combination of Pop and RnB Hip Hop giving When I Was Young plenty of earworm potential.

It’s really no surprise that after the release of their second single Ryse has been able to garner plenty of hype. When I Was Young is real talk. The track holds up a mirror up to your own perceptions, they might not be pretty, but ultimately you’ll be grateful that your eyes have been prized open with this authentically unforgettable hit.

You can check out Ryse’s track When I Was Young for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


ALT Grunge Rock artist from LA Gabe Wolf powers through the door with ‘’Last Night’’ single

Influenced by Papa Roach and Linkin Park growing up, you can hear the passion in Gabe’s voice and his unwavering passion for music. These two bands are the pillar of his music armoury and he certainly puts his all into the music. 

Gabe Wolf’ is a self-taught producer, writes his own music and masters his own songs. Joined by good friend Jacob Lauing, Wolf has a fantastic artist to join him for live shows and while making music. After making rock since 2019, ‘Gabe Wolf’ is a mainstay on the LA Alt scene and you can tell that he truly loves the creative side and doesn’t care about the glitz and glamour. 

After being out of the scene for 3 years, it’s great to see Gabe back and doing something he loves. This is someone I would love to see live at a festival in 2021. 

Hear the whole collection of music on his Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen