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The love that runs away: Jaco tells the pure pop story of his ultimate ‘Baby’

Jaco sings with sensational passion and love via the new fresh single about that special one in your life called ‘Baby‘.

Jaco is a an Italian pianist/singer-songwriter who is based in London, United Kingdom, who makes that pure pop sound-that streams through your body and makes you daydream vividly again.

This is the sensual story of being with someone who you care about so much. You are so hot together as the sheets need replacing each time from the burn marks, but something is keeping you from being together. You ponder why for a few moments but want to stay present whenever they are around you, as what you have is so loving and sensual. The lies are getting to much however and you wonder what they are hiding from you, or do they just value their space from you in the morning.

His voice eases through your heart lovingly, as you close your eyes and take in the wonderful vocals of a talented young musician who shows so much promise.

Baby‘ from the supremely talented new multi-talented Italian artist Jaco, is a tremendous listen and will have you in a thoughtful space, as you wonder why some people can’t be with you all the time. He sings with a vocal delivery that shows his love and desires just perfectly.

When you are with someone you care about and don’t want them to leave, this opens up your vulnerable state to be either loved back, or taken away for a while if rejected. If you want them enough and they feel the same, you will soon be synced together, or time will stop quickly like a broken watch.

Hear this glowing love sing on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


You miss each other so much: Quicker sing exquisitely about the one that got away on ‘All Through the Night’ (ft. Emilia Gudmunds)

Quicker return with a lovely song about those sweet moments on their new single that will pull on your heartstrings called ‘All Through the Night‘ (ft. Emilia Gudmunds).

Dalarna. Sweden indie-country/rock band Quicker have been hard at work during this pandemic to finish up unrecorded music and the chance to work with their friend Emilia Gudmunds, was a moment that they all treasure greatly.

Her stunning voice is so touching after his strong vocals have set up the story about how things were so perfect and you stayed up all evening. Your bodies were so close as you got the know each other and everything seemed to be in slow motion. The world seemed so small and happy for those romantic moments and you never through they would end. Sadly, you grew apart and just like life sometimes, its suddenly over and you are left wondering why and what happened.

All Through the Night‘ has so many highlights. From the terrific guitar pieces that harmonize the melodies to get your heart beating, to the catchy chorus that makes you reminisce about past relationships that were so memorable and you miss that special human, who you fell so deeply in love with. Breakups are so hard but if it ends amicably, at least you can possibly have a friendship that isn’t awkward. You were friends once after all.

You can’t go back to time so the best way to heal is to remember the best moments together and keep them stored away for only you; to see and hold on close.

Stream this sweet song on Spotify and find out more about this glorious group on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


That special attraction: Rising star Faith Louise sends our hearts in a spin with ‘What I Need’

Faith Louise sings like an glorious young angel who knows what she wants, on her latest dance floor grooving new single called ‘What I Need‘.

Clacton-on-Sea, Essex-based 15 year old indie-pop singer-songwriter Faith Louise, sends us a modern sonic sound transporter for the ages and despite her young age, she lights up the gloomy day and brings you back to the good times.

With a spectacular voice, she dazzles your mind and makes you feel like you have wings again on this feel-good 90’s infused dance track. Recorded with Faith’s producer Ashea at SAFO Music Group in London, you just know that this is something special for your senses to lather inside and hold onto tight.

“Even if it is for three minutes, I hope it gives people something they can enjoy and love as much as I do.”-Faith Louise

This is the story of wanting him to look at you deeply, grab your hand and spark a conversation to see what happens next. You are craving that true love and you want to share your life, hopes and fears with him, to see if this is something that will last. After a long and tiresome lock down, this is what you want and need.

She sings with such maturity and has a phenomenal voice that seems to get better as the song goes on, the glow is radiant and you can’t help but sing with her and stomp your feet to this electric beat that highly impresses.

What I Need‘ from Essex’s Faith Louise is a stunning song that shows us a future star who seems humble and self-aware, as she has that extra special pure voice that seems so effortlessly pure, and takes you to a happy place on the clouds up above.

When you have been lonely for so long and catch the eye of someone you fancy too, sparks go off like fireworks and then its time to see if they are a match or a ditch. When you know what you want, finding the elusive partner seems to come so much easier.

Hear her wonderful voice shining through brightly on Spotify and see more about her on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Taking back those tears: KRAiG DiEL wants to make it all right on ‘i’M JUST TRYiNG TO APOLOGiZE’

i’M JUST TRYiNG TO APOLOGiZE‘ is the latest song from the dazzling talent of KRAiG DiEL, as he aims to make it all better one last time.

KRAiG DiEL is a talented Newcastle-based pop/trap solo artist, who has made a huge impact of humongous proportions, since entering the scene a month ago. He makes that smoothly delivered music that gets you thinking deeply and dancing with that special soul in your life at the same time.

With electro vibes that strike at your speakers hot, they steam up quickly with this love story that is in peril. His effortless voice brings to you to a reflective state as you recall past relationship and how sometimes, they just ended so suddenly. whist others stood the test of time and survived all rocks being thrown as your core was built to last forever.

i’M JUST TRYiNG TO APOLOGiZE‘ is an indie-pop tear streamer as he puts us into the story of attempting to put things right but is having trouble doing so. With a smooth voice and bags of charm, fast-rising UK artist KRAiG DiEL will surely get through to her but it will take a bit longer and the tissues might need replacing first.

Sometimes you try and make it right but you somehow end up making it all worse, as you pierce through the glass memories that are now broken and you are the glue to put things back to together, no matter who’s fault it was. You can try and fix it but ultimately, it will never be the same.

Stream this fresh new track on Spotify and see his stylish ways on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


We want what we shouldn’t: Tay Drummond speaks the truth on the excellent breakup RnB single ‘Toxic’

Tay Drummond sings with such honesty on the breakup anthem for our minds to think deeply about on ‘Toxic‘.

Formally from Wisconsin, Tay Drummond is a Florida-based RnB/Soul singer-songwriter that is making big moves. He has recently learnt that lots of patience is needed to truly succeed at anything you set your mind to in life. Talent is great to have but without patience, you won’t really reach your goals.

He sings of a story that so many of us can relate to. You are with the wrong person and only now do you realize this. You thought they were all yours but you now know that the time to end things is now as they are so toxic for your soul. The trust is gone and the core is now broken.

With a passionate vocal performance, he sings about needing to take a long break from someone that you once loved. The beat is heavy but never overbearing and this is the type of song that makes an impression with fans all over the world. With more music like this, it shouldn’t be too long until a label snaps him up, as the quality is so easy to hear.

Sometimes we want what we shouldn’t have and we try and keep the light alive but the wind keeps on blowing it out. The time to start fresh is here and ‘Toxic‘ from West Palm Beach, Florida RnB singer-songwriter Tay Drummond is a trip our heart needed to move on.

Working out what your soul needs takes time and a lot of patience that seems out of reach, until you find it inside yourself.

Hear this top song on his Soundcloud, follow on Spotify and see his journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Alt-folk alchemist, Bill E Daly, has pulled light from the darkness with ‘The World is Waiting’

In the same way you wouldn’t want to strike up a conversation with someone that had nothing to say, we should be mindful of which artists we take the time to listen to, any amount of time spent listening to Irish singer-songwriter, Bill E Daly will be well-invested.

The lifelong artist may have only just started to make waves as a solo artist, but after decades honing in on their craft and increasing the value of their introspection, there has been no better time to get acquainted with his unique alt-folk sound.

Their latest single ‘The World is Waiting’ was penned during the first lockdown in 2020 after sympathetically witnessing the impact of lockdown on young adults. While many struggle to see past their own plight, Bill E Daly extended his compassion to some of those hardest hit by the pandemic. Everything feels like it’s the end of the world to those still adjusting to adulthood, the levels of despair while the world stands still is unimaginable.

With reminiscences to Nick Cave, PJ Harvey and other alchemists of alt-folk who aren’t afraid to experiment with darker tones on the sonic palette, The World is Waiting atmospherically encapsulates the dull view which so many have taken upon the world. Lyrically, Bill E Daly finds unique ways to inspire optimism and instil confidence.

It’s a stunning single transpired from just as stunning sentiment.

The World is Waiting is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


TeawhYB – All Gas No Breaks: Intellectually Inspirational High Vibe Alt Pop


If you’re always on the lookout for intellectually inspirational artists with the ability to cook-up high-vibe perennial pop earworms, you’ll strike gold when you hit play on the latest single ‘All Gas No Breaks’ from LA artist TeawhYB.

With their indulgent blend of Pop, Old School Hip Hop, R n B and New Wave Trap, All Gas No Breaks grooves with danceable sun-soaked melodicism while TeawhYB lays down their lyrics which act as a call to action for all entrepreneurs and creatives to keep their foot on the pedal.

TeawhYB proves that self-awareness holds just as much importance in music as infectious hooks and vocals which speak directly to the soul by making statements such as “We, as in the world, can’t continue entirely the same way it has before the pandemic. We went through it together, like a relationship gone bad. We’re going to make it out but we’ll have transformed into something we weren’t before.” Putting him on your playlists is practically an act of self-care.

You can check out TeawhYB’s tracks by heading over to their SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Life at the moment: Chachee is honest and reflective on new single ‘Sad Day’

Dark Light by Chachee

Taken off his upcoming thirteen-track album ‘Dark Light‘, that is due for release on the 5th February 2021, Chachee shows us into his mind on the introspective ‘Sad Day‘.

Brooklyn, New York-based 90s lo-fi punk and indie rock artist/drummer Chachee, is a supremely creative musician who makes that nostalgic music that ebbs and flows at reality, while taking you to a thoughtful place that enables you to look deep inside yourself.

This is an artist who plays music to learn about himself and to ask questions about life that can’t be answered yet. A truly deep soul who is a refreshingly honest man in these times of flashy posers ,who get way too much attention for doing very little.

The quirky mixture of acoustic and digital sonic layers fuses with his sense of humor to life right, is a unique outlook that brings so much value to this song for us to hear with a reflective glance, as we know the feeling all too well.

Sad Day‘ from Brooklyn’s self-taught soulful indie artist Chachee, is the intriguing tale of how we are feeling as humanity right now, as each day seems longer than the last with relief still far off. He sings with such a reflective tone that is so rare in music these days. Each day has been a challenge and the hope for a brighter path might still be far down the road, with many detours ahead.

Feeling down is completely natural at the moment, as we grapple with habits that have perhaps defined us, as we realize who we actually aren’t really friends with after all. Sometimes its okay to have a sad day and be off. Tomorrow is going to be a brighter day after all.

Stream this vivid daydream on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Unleash the misery with Five Hundred Bucks’ frenetic feat of Punk Rock ‘Spinal’

This Welcome Mat is a Landmine EP by Five Hundred Bucks

Any fans of Social Distortion will want to turn their attention to the frenetic feat of Punk Rock ‘Spinal’ from Five Hundred Bucks’ aptly explosively titled latest release ‘This Welcome Mat is a Landmine EP’.

The turbulently high-octane hit delivers a relatable sense of indignation both lyrically and vocally, affirming with the listener that yes, it is okay for the fuzzy feels to be flowing when the massive chorus hits; it is possible to feel some semblance of euphoria while the world falls apart around us.

Philadelphia’s tenacious sons and their realism-soaked punky pop rock earworms are exactly what the airwaves in 2021. As they have plenty in the pipeline, you’ll want them on your radar, sooner rather than later.

You can check out Spinal for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Letting your soul decide: New York’s Complexion of Sound help us forget our worries on ‘Lose Control’ (ft. Ximone & Alpha Moses)

Complexion of Sound bring that electric energy to our hungry ears with unmistakable joy, on the brand new dance explosion for us to immerse our whole bodies in called ‘Lose Control‘ (ft. Ximone & Alpha Moses).

A New York-based artist project lead by CoS, who works with the most innovative East Coast producers, engineers, vocalists, songwriters, graphic designers and videographers in the game. This is that spectacular music to feel uplifted again and to dance all night with the volume on maximum.

With a wondrous fusion of dance-pop, hip hop, house and electronic sonic soundscapes that make you blush with excitement, this is a flourishing mixture of the purest form that dazzles your heart and fills the soul with some much-needed goodness after a rough twelve months.

This is the exuberant story of wanting to be connected with that special person so much as you ask them to come with you on a star-gazing journey to getting that spark back into your life, after this long and stressful lockdown. You see it in their eyes that they want to give you their soul and you are just waiting for the words to come out of their mouth. The fire is there and you just want to them to spark the light, so you can both be brightly woven together forever.

Lose Control‘ (ft. Ximone & Alpha Moses) formulates all that is good with music into one tasty treat for you to snack on with eager enthusiasm. This is a fusion of sounds that are a pleasure on the palate, that has been starved of good music. You imagine listening to this electric music live and swaying into the crowds alignment with like-minded fans, as you dance your worries away.

To let go and love is one thing but you also need that reciprocal energy to transform into your soulmate so that you can both be at one with what you want out of each other. Only then can you be truly happy-as if its only one of you who is fully invested-there are bound to be issues later on.

Stream this electric wonderland on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen