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Sad Indie-folk melodies with ”Don’t Think I Was Yours To Find” from singer-songwriter Luke Clarkson

New artist Luke Clarkson is here with his song ”Don’t Think I Was Yours To Find” and this is a very sad song about love being lost after some decisions that might of gone differently.

Don’t Think I Was Yours To Find” is a lovely constructed track from this young singer-songwriter. This is a quite a reflective song as he speaks of love that perhaps got a bit cloudy after a music festival. This happens all the time and big events can sometimes change us even if you don’t want it to happen.

Luke Clarkson is a young artist with loads of potential on ”Don’t Think I Was Yours To Find”. I listen quite intently while he is singing and this carries on for the whole song. Luke has heaps of things going for him and this is a fine addition to his growing collection.

Stream this new indie-folk jam right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


NYC’s Cream Galore drops new Hip Hop single called ”Boss Up”

New York rapper Cream Galore is a fairly new artist on the scene as he has only been active for 2 months. He has brought out three tracks so far. These are ”Heights”, ”Broke to Riches” and now he tees off with the reflective ”Boss Up”.

Boss Up” is a track all about wanting to get paid and not be broke any further. Mr Cream is tired of being broke as he feels like he is a boss in the game. He wants respect now and isn’t willing to wait for much longer. For such a new artist I’m sure his time will come. I hope he starts pushing his social media and music links to gain more buzz. The talent flow-wise is definitely there and I like the style that he has.

Broke to Riches” is a new Hip Hop track with a nice bounce to it. This New York rapper will surely fine tune his skills and this is a name to watch.

Stream this new song right here via classic SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Micah Sheveloff shares introspective story of life with ”Guns and Cigarettes”

Micah Sheveloff is a Boston-born pianist and also a fine singer-songwriter. He has creatively merged a classical music foundation with a unique feel for popular music. Sheveloff has been a regular performer at venues across New York and is slowly establishing himself as a force on the scene. Recently he has relocated to Saint Petersburg in Florida where he continues to fine tune his craft.

Guns and Cigarettes” is a fine track and showcases Micah’s strong voice and natural music talent. His piano solo’s are quite sumptuously created to wet our music ears with some excellent melodies.

Micah Sheveloff is a quality talent and the Florida based artist is on the right track here. ”Guns and Cigarettes” is quite a sad song and the choices that we can make or break our lives. Enjoy the song with the link below and we anticipate a positive reaction to this kind of soulful music with meaning.

Stream this absolute gem here on his growing Soundcloud music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


”hello, i’ve got anxiety” is a real story with the stunning London talent Ettie

Ettie is a new singer-songwriter from London. She drinks a lot of wine and has a lot of feelings. ”hello, i’ve got anxiety” is the name of her latest track and the name says it all really. This a talented young lady who is struggling to break out of her own head at the moment and needs our support.

Her first single ”fast cars and airplanes” went on to get radio play on BBC Scotland and she has had a great deal of success so far.

hello, i’ve got anxiety” is self-written and produced by Hoeningermix. Ettie, who is struggling with an anxiety disorder herself, wanted to write a song that provided a soundtrack to other peoples’ anxieties. The aim is to hopefully open up the dialogue around mental health. This is a topic that is often swept under the carpet and not talked about enough.

This is a wonderfully created track and we hope that Ettie can move past this and be happy inside. She deserves it.

Stream this real track right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Abi Flynn is a fantastic comeback story with ”Courage”

Abi Flynn is from Brighton in United Kingdom and has a spellbinding style that is a pleasure to listen to. She saves the day like a superhero with her beautiful new song called ”Courage”.

Courage” is packed full of deep vocals and magical drum beats and the ambiance is such a welcome addition to the airwaves of the world.

After recovering from the dreaded chemotherapy and making a full bounce back, Abi is one brave woman. She fought through cancer and never gave up. She then found out that she was giving birth and this must of been a huge shock to the system. After being told that her body was supposedly infertile, this is such a miracle of movie-type proportions. Abi Flynn is 2020’s UK comeback artist of the year and what an inspiration she is.

Courage” sums us 2020 perfectly and Abi Flynn is in stupendous form here. What a brave woman and what a talent.

Stream this wonderful soul song right here on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Ptree shows us a lost love story on ”One Thing”

Dubai, United Arab Emirates is the home of singer-songwriter Ptree. He is back with his new song that is called ”One Thing”.

This is a love story that doesn’t end well sadly. She is looking for one thing and we never get to know what that is. Maybe that’s the whole point of the story? Sometimes there is one thing that always holds us back in life and in relationships.

There is a lovely tune here and the background vibe is very indie-rock. Ptree has strong vocals and impresses here during this sad love story. He is a multi-talented performer that just likes to be on stage and make people happy.

This is the follow up to ”Loved By You” and this is a terrific indie-folk song that has some bite in it. I like the overall energy and Ptree is improving on each release.

Find out more via his Facebook page.

Stream this lost love single right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


”Indiana” is a stupendous debut effort from the glorious voice of Madison

Madison has a stunning voice and shows it off nicely here with her new and debut song ”Indiana”. The young songstress turns up the volume real loud here and surpasses expectations mightily in this beautiful journey.

The poster on this song showcases what is in store and no one is left disappointed. The listener is left spellbound with this wonderland of stunning beats to get us warmed up. Madison has this ability to grab you with her magnificent vocals that are just a marvel to listen to. I feel like I’m in a movie set with her gallivanting through.

Indiana” strides in as one of the years best electronic-pop songs and its so well sung by the young Madison. I like how she is able to keep the consistency going through with such high notes. What a fantastic song and let’s hope that she flourishes and brings out more gems.

Stream this new song right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Stafford Galli sends peaceful message with ”We Are Your People” country style

We Are Your People” was written as a rally cry in the spirit of community. The song resonates more than ever in these strange a surreal times, when supporting each other is so important but some need it more than others. So let’s join together as one race, one love because ”We Are The People.” This is the message from this vibrant country band from the UK.

Stafford Galli are a Folk Rock band from Doncaster, South Yorkshire in England. This outfit are for sellout shows and rocking entertainment spanning a career of over 25 years. This is a band that has seen the whole road and when they play, the crowd come and they are a fantastically supported act.

We Are The People” is the culmination of their career and this is a humble message of peace that needs to be celebrated.

Stream this new track here on Soundcloud.

Check out the whole story via Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Carlzvt drops in with haunting Hip Hop gem on ”Save Me”

Carlzvt shines on his latest creation and this digs real deep in the soul. Elgin, Illinois is the home for this young artist from the US and he delves through his feeling right now and expresses it with his dope flow.

He is feeling the pressure and needs help right now. Trying so hard for so long can get tiring and feels like this is his time. Patience is running out. This is dreamy-dark Hip Hop with actual meaning.

Save Me” is a top notch track that flows through your heart and brings you production by Bitodelnya who creates a smoke-filled aura that is a pleasure to listen to. The vocals at the end sums up 2020 perfectly. We all just let to let out a bit of steam and shout into a pillow. This is a quality track however and Carlzvt wins hands down with ”Save Me”. Lets hope he can be on stage again soon for the fans to save him.

Check out the Soundcloud link for extra songs.

Listen in to this new track right here on Spotify.

Find out more via Facebook.

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High school friends Ottoman Turks rolls the window down with ”Apathy”

Texas Blues Rock outfit Ottoman Turks are back with a road journey track of the highest order with ”Apathy” off State Fair Records.

This is a 4 piece, tell-your-neighbors and their cousins rock and roll family band from Dallas. They describe their music as outlaw country garage rock that certainly kicks the beer chugging into action. Drinking, dancing, rocking music is the main theme here with the American act. They guys have been a band since 2009 and after recording their first music in a bathroom. After a few changes the Granada Theater gig in Dallas during the summer of 2018 changed everything with label backing.

Inspired by legends Slow Moving Snakes, 40 Acre Mule, Pedigo’s Magic Pilsner, Vandoliers, this is a band that has so many fuses while they spiral it all together as they have some jazz in them too. I like how the band know what each other are going to do next.

Apathy” is a terrific track that keeps you interested throughout and the Texas band Ottoman Turks impress here.

Stream this terrific track via Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen