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Feathers – Let the Chaos Feed my Evolution: Your New Synth Soundtrack to 21st Century Existentialism

Bringing salacity to Synth Pop is the Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Feathers who pairs together sniping lyricism with veraciously stylised beats. I’ve never been as excited for a drop as I was checking out Let the Chaos Feed my Evolution; the latest track by the breaking artist which was released on February 3rd. The bass-driven beats constantly feed energy into the mix and the break may be subtle but finding yourself in a sticky-sweet melodic chorus never gets old.

Feathers might have found her voice in Queer piano bars, but it’s instantly perceptible that with her uniquely ingenious lyricism, magnetic vocal style and ability to put together an immersive Industrial-laced Alt Rock beat she was made for much bigger things.

Let the Chaos Feed my Evolution may be a dancefloor filler, but with Feathers’ magnetic personality entwined in the mix consider it to be an essential multipurpose hit for your playlists.

You can check out the latest track from Feathers for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Keep up to date with the latest releases and news from Feathers via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The Metro Fantastic Share Standout ‘There’s No Place For December’

The Metro Fantastic are an exciting band hailing from the  Philippines who have recently shared their exhilarating debut EP ‘The Metro Fantastic, Vol. 1’. Their latest single ‘There’s No Place For December’ is the newest single to be lifted off their inaugural EP and it’s a real belter of a track. Starting with a soft piano opening which draws you in to the sweet lyrical opening this track builds and builds to a truly sweet spot. Lyrically this is a real step up in quality from a group who have world domination in their sights. While production wise this leads them into new avenues with it’s melodic, laid back vibe.  It slowly builds to a faster tempo as it hits the catchy chorus and overall it is a super sweet love song that showcases The Metro Fantastic’s wonderful vocal harmonies.
At points it’s hard to believe there are seven voices performing as they blend so seamlessly together to create one voice. This single has the potential to become a global hit thanks to its relatable lyrics, catchy chorus and laid back, production.  ‘There’s No Place For December’ is simply beautiful.

Okay Cozy – Eazy Breezy: Charismatically Expressive Hip Hop

With a visceral high shine and a charismatic serving of undiluted expression up and coming Hip Hop artist Okay Cozy’s latest release “Eazy Breezy” unfolds as a distinctive Rap earworm.

There’s no disputing that it’s hard to get noticed in the overcrowded Rap scene. Yet, Okay Cozy sets himself worlds apart from the rest of the SoundCloud rappers with his Jazz-laced Hip Hop beats which incorporates elements of R&B to make them even more rhythmically resonant.

The multi-layer beats bleed plenty of reverb into the hypnotic mix as Okay Cozy lays down his endearingly authoritative lyrics through his magnetic vocal style. His playful approach to Hip Hop allowed Eazy Breezy to become an instantly accessible hit which you’ll soon come to see as a playlist necessity.

You can check out Okay Cozy’s latest single Eazy Breezy for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Mia Stegner – Dust: Clockwork Concordance from One of the Most Intelligent Minds in Indie

Mia Stegner is the prodigally blessed up and coming artist responsible for the exceptional single “Dust”; a macabrely mused single about self-construction leading to self-destruction.

But don’t expect your usual flowery lyrics from the 19-year old artist, Mia Stegner has a quaintly expressive style which will leave you instantly enamoured by her ingenious approach to her sound. There’s a slight touch of the Amanda Palmer madness in Dust due to her ability to pack plenty of syllables into her verses and make a mean melody from a ukulele. However, it’s much more innocent – never falling into the realms of infantility, instead the friendly keys wrapping around the light instrumental arrangement accompanies dark lyricism and imagery.

You can check out Mia Stegner’s latest single Dust for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Keep up to date with Mia’s latest releases via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


J Slikk – Trap Lullaby: Melodically Sobering Trap

There’s absolutely no danger of falling asleep to J Slikk’s latest single “Trap Lullaby”. Expect a sobering aural experience as you listen to the depth of the lyrics flow to the smooth beats produced by Mubz Got Beats & Jurrivh.

If you’re looking for your faith to be restored in the Trap genre look no further than the up and coming Hip Hop artist’s single which serves as a melodic attack to Gang Violence. The bars run through clean with no use for autotune allowing the lyrics to hit that little bit harder. While plenty of 18-year old Rap artists are only versing about their own egos there really is no understating how refreshing it is to tune into the new generation of Hip Hop artists and unravel deep introspection.

You can check out J Slikk’s latest single Trap Lullaby which dropped on January 31st for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Alice Clair – Patience: Authentically Textured Folk

Folk Singer-Songwriter, instrumentalist and producer Alice Clair has recently released her evocatively soulful latest single “Patience” ahead of the release of her upcoming album “Loop”. For the authentically textured track, she hooked up with the BLNDRS who offered their rhythmic talent on the banjo and fiddle while Alice Clair took care of the melodically bluesy progressions of the guitar.

The Charlottesville, US artist released Patience as the perfect introduction to her distinctive Country Folk style which brings archaic instrumental arrangements back onto contemporary airwaves. Her naturally strong vocals add layers of harmony to the euphorically immersive soundscape which is fused with good-feel vibes.

You can check out Alice Clair’s latest single Patience for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now. Make sure to give her a follow to keep up to date with the release of her much anticipated 2019 album.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


MALICIOUS PATRICIUS – climbinsideureyes: Hypnotically Concordant Genre Defiance

The up and coming master of mesmeric melodies has made his return with a brand new EP featuring the hauntedly cathartic single “climbinsideureyes”.

With elements of Shoegaze, Indie, Psychedelic Rock and minimalist Electro the single unfolds as a dreamscape offering a generous serving of transcendence. While climbinsideureyes may borrow many elements from a smorgasbord of genres, it is an expressively endearing work of genre-defiance.

The reverb-laden mix of instrumentals bring the catharsis while the phantasmic vocals bleed into the soundscape, still allowing the poignant lyricism to sting you with the visceral amount of passion. With a sound you’d expect to hear on a David Lynch soundtrack the London-based artist could very well stand to be the prodigally concordant son of experimentalism.

You can check out climbinsideureyes along with the other tracks from MALICIOUS PATRICIUS’ 2019 EP for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Luk – Now or Never: A Debut of Floor Filling Electro Pop

“Now or Never” was the debut single from breaking artist Luk, with hundreds of thousands of Electro Pop fans tuning into his progressive style it’s about time you put him on your radar and shared his passion for Electro House beats.

Expect powerful Pop-style vocals from LA artist BAER which feed into the momentum of the euphorically constructed crisp and clear single designed to take you with the subtle build ups and drops of Now or Never.

The concordant keys mix with the vibrant electronica arrangement laced with the perfect pinch of lush reverb. With Now or Never the Swiss DJ and producer created a visceral feel-good vibes which would perk up any playlist.

You can check out Luk’s latest single Now or Never for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now. Give him a follow on Facebook to keep up with his latest releases and for a chance to

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Parkville – Rooks: Quintessentially Experimental Folk Pop

Following on from their 2018 EP “The Peculiar Aftermath”, Melbourne-based pioneers of experimentally sweet Folk Pop Parkville have treated fans to yet another harmoniously rendered work of alchemy with their latest single “Rooks (Radio Edit)”.

Their unique blend of Folk incorporates an eclectic instrumental arrangement with violin and cello accentuating the acoustic soundscape. While the Pop sensibility to the track comes from the polished production and mesmeric vocals which floods Rooks with commercial potential. Expect unpredictable progressions from Salsa arrangements to concordant minimalism with plenty of spatial effect in the outro.

Despite the light tonality of Rooks, it still resonates as an incandescent soundscape thanks to the depth of the lyrics and the undiluted emotion which has been poured into the track.

You can check out Parkville’s latest single Rooks for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud from February 16th.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


17th Letter – Really Really: The Evolution of EDM Hip Hop

Through an ingenious convergence of EDM & Hip Hop up and coming artist 17th Letter’s debut single “Really Really” was born.

For anyone who appreciates a heavily dubbed multi-layer beat with plenty of progression, the short and sweet two-minute track is the perfect option to mix up your playlists. Despite the constant evolution of the beat throughout the track, the smooth downtempo beat keeps it transcendentally light while 17th Letter lays down his hypnotic rap bars which carry plenty of bounce on their own.

As debut tracks go, Really Really is one of the most promising we’ve heard from EDM Hip Hop in a long time; it’s the perfect teaser for what’s to come from 17th Letter.

You can check out Really Really’s latest single out for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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