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Mykavelli – Bounce Back: Next Level Hip Hop Ingenuity

Hip Hop has never sounded as sweet as when it’s orchestrated by Mykavelli, an emerging new urban Hip Hop & Rap artist that’s stormed onto the scene with his latest track Bounce Back.

The track doesn’t hesitate before it kicks into a furious flow, the harsh snaps of the beat create a furious cacophony of bass that sets the stage for Mykavelli to dominate with his lyrics and infectious rhythmic flow. It doesn’t seem fair to compare to the track to anything else on the scene today, it’s elemental fury rattles and rolls under the domineering prowess of one of the most talented underground rappers on the scene today. His sound is steeped in urban roots, taking elements from artists such as Ice Cube to create a track as fresh as Ice Cube’s 1999 hit You Can Do It. The track was dropped early 2017, here’s to hoping Mykavelli treats us to a fresh new mix in 2018.

With Bounce Back Mykavelli has created a track that everyone can get down to, it’s a stampede of raucous Hip Hop delight.

You can check our Bounce Back on SoundCloud using the link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


A perfect marriage of pop sass and rock integrity

In a world of pre-packaged, written to order, chart to bargain bin dross, Valve remind us that there are other options available, that pop music can be built around integrity and clever construction. It also reminds us that not all rock music has to be centred on adolescent and “how tough do I look” poses…because, of course, the answer is “not very!” Better Believe My Eyes rocks with the best of them, albeit in a deft and understated way and pops to perfection because it has soul and groove to spare. It also has broad appeal, discerning music fans will admire the way it is put together and mainstream pop fans will just want to dance the night away to its slinky rhythms.

There isn’t much new under the musical sun, and what is going on here is hardly new either, but it shows that even along the familiar and well-trodden musical pathways there is still more than enough room to be original as well as highly accessible. It isn’t always about breaking new ground, sometimes it is good enough to revisit old musical comfort zones, give them a new lick of paint, polish things up a bit and come out with a song that works just because it is a great tune. No gimmicks, no fashion statements, just great music for the sake of great music. Isn’t that how it should be anyway?


Cheyenne Benton – Dead & Gone: Pioneering Jazz Funk Pop

Trying to fit Cheyenne Benton into a box to describe her zealous sound is almost an impossible task. The emerging artist has an infectious aura over her which makes her experimental Jazz Pop Soul track one of the most pioneering sounds that I’ve heard in a long time. Cheyenne’s vocal prowess puts her in the same league as vocalists such as Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin and Lady Gaga. Yet with her sound, she’s orchestrated a completely new sensation, infused with a little Jim Jones style pious Jazz. The instrumentals have an awesome funk edge, that makes Dead & Gone ironically inspiriting, yet they almost pertain a Pop Punk edge similar to acts such as Paramore. It’s a universal sound that reputably deserves recognition, even my flowery words can’t do Dead & Gone justice, It’s more than just a track, it’s a ethereal experience that enthrals you through every blast of the trombone, every tap of the keys, every blast of the bass, and every celestial word.

You can check out the vibrant official video to Dead & Gone on YouTube:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Mz.Dyzihre Feat. Brima – Down Low: A New Era for Dancehall

Mz.Dyzihre Feat. Brima’s new track Down Low (What You Sippin?) is a creative mix from one of the most talented emerging artists in Dancehall today, it’s bouncing vibe and domineering edge are just a few of the feats that make this track one of the most infectious that 2018 has seen to date. Drenched in the iconic Dancehall Rhythm, Mz.Dyzihre mixes the genre with a contemporary aura to her resounding vocals that when the chorus hits, she allows them to flow as veraciously as Missy Elliot, yet her sound is strangely reminiscent to Peaches thanks to her inventive lyrics. The track has a little bit more repetition than I’d like from a Dancehall mix but no one can deny that Down Low is a track fuelled by virulent empowering vibes from the New York based artist. Her sound is one that translates into pure, palpable ecstasy.

You can check out Down Low for yourself via Soundcloud using the link below:

Head on over to Mz.Dyzihre’s official website for tour info, new releases and more media celebrating this Dancehall artists iconic sound.

Review by Amelia Vandergast.


MARC – Do U Even Kno: The New Age of Urban Pop Squeezed Into a 2 Minute Masterpiece

Okay, grammar aside, Do U Even Kno is a pretty dope Hip Hop Pop hit. The St. Louis based artist pertains his own enigmatic thug vibe that’s actually instantly loveable. The beat is one that pulls you into the harmony of the track as it thrashes between harsh tempos under complex, resounding layers that leave you in a pretty transient state. For a two minute track to squeeze in so much unchained fury through the lyrics is something you definitely have to check out for yourself.

When MARC’s voice isn’t hiding under reverb, it’s delectably brash with his own unique vibe that the Hip Hop scene simply ignore. The emerging artist teamed up with JANITOR to produce this absolute hit of a track which is probably the best Hip-Hop Pop track you’re going to hear this year.

You can check out MARC’s latest release via SoundCloud using the link below:

Follow MARC & keep up to date with his new releases and events on Facebook:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Wx – Newport Shorts: Furiously Subtle Hip Hop

Newport Shorts is nothing like your average Rap Hip Hop track, it may appear so as you hit play and the Rap verses carry you through to the chorus, but that’s where the sickeningly talented rapper treats you to a sweet taste of vocal harmony wrapped around lyrics which melt into the subtle down-tempo trap mix.

WX takes inspiration from rappers such as Drake, Machine Gun Kelly, G Eazy & MGK to create his sound which translates into his first ever anthemic hit which truly stands in a league of its own. Newport Shorts is a track that moves at a furiously subtle pace which hits you like a tonne of bricks every time you listen to the heart wrenching rendition. The romantically venomous lyrics sting you every time you listen to this track, It’s clear that US based Rapper Wx didn’t hold back when writing and orchestrating his debut. It’s almost impossible to believe that this is the first track the artist has put out there on the soundwaves, it’s absolute perfection.

You can check out Wx’s track Newport Shorts on Soundcloud using the link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Alec Wigdahl – Let Me Love You: Irresistible Acoustic Pop

With a voice that would give Michael Bublé a run for his money, I have no doubt that Alec Wigdahl’s latest album ‘On My Mind’ will make him a household name in no time. He’s a man that seems to have it all, soul shattering vocals, infinite prowess over the guitar that allows him to create such succinct melodies and evocatively engineered lyrics.

The singer took inspiration from his Acoustic Pop album from artists such as Ed Sheeran, and John Mayer, yet, I don’t mind putting it out there that the first track ‘Let Me Love You’ is infinitely more impressive than anything Sheeran has ever put out. Alec has that irresistible twee indie charm that flows through his lyrics and makes you fall a little bit in love with him and his harmonious abilities to create the perfect mellow sounds to kick back to.

Check out Alec’s debut track on SoundCloud using the link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


American Disillusion – Misery Album Review: Altered States of Alternative Art Rock

If you’re anything like me, finding an album that you can sit back and enjoy all the way through isn’t an everyday occurrence. Yet American Disillusion’s debut album which was released in March 2016 ‘Misery’ provides one of the most satisfying ambiently melancholic soundtracks that any fan of stoner art rock will simply adore. From a spoken word poetry introduction to some of the most dulcet Art Rock sounds that have been released this side of the 1990’s, each of the 12 tracks have an ethereal power of their own. Although Homemade Clouds is one of my stand out favourites, the discord that the bass carries through the introduction almost puts Sonic Youth to shame. The fuzzy instrumentals are sweetened by reverb and drenched in morose flair are subtly pacifying under the vocals which pensively expel the pensive apathy behind American Disillusions sound.

The band take their influence from a range or artists from Modest Mouse to Weezer, Blink 182 to Green Day to contribute to their Alternative Punk Rock eclectic sound. If you’re a fan of Nada Surf, Dinosaur Jr, Nicky Wire, or Fidlar, you’re going to love this album. The remastered version of Misery is available to download via iTunes

Or you can check out American Disillusion on Spotify

Head on over to the American Disillusion Facebook page & keep up to date with the bands new releases:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Versus Machine – Sweet Machine: Post Punk at its Most Poignant

With Post Punk being my favourite genre of music, it’s safe to say that Versus Machine had a lot to live up to with their debut release of Sweet Machine which dropped on New Years Eve, 2017.

They stood up against Joy Division, Killing Joke, Interpol and The Editors with their sound, and still knocked it out of the park. The reverb on the guitars was on point. The dread infused bassline carries blissfully throughout the track around the sporadic whispered vocals that draw you further into this instrumentally enthralling track until you’re fully submersed in that iconic nostalgic sound.  Although Versus Machine did more than recreate the same old tired sounds from the genre, they threw in the additional apathy of a more Shoegaze symphony that created an effortlessly enticing track, that almost demands to be listened to on repeat

I seriously can’t recommend this track enough, you can check out Sweet Machine for yourselves via YouTube using the link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Sasha Ka – Cinderella: Minimalist Sound, Maximum Impact

Sasha Ka released her debut Pop hit Cinderella on 01 Feb 2018, the London, UK based singer songwriter’s sound is rooted in melodic minimal sounds against her hauntingly soulful lyrics that illustrate the disparities and strength that are found in the 21st century. There’s no better time to check out Sasha’s music just as she’s promised more UK tour dates. After listening to her debut, she can definitely count on me to be at the front.

What really makes Sasha’s track Cinderella shine above the rest is the sweet, Funk Soul infused sound that seeps through the acoustic guitar. The off-beat really brings this track alive as the music resonates against her sweet and sonorous voice that carries so lightly it’s impossible not to get caught up in the chilled out, uplifting vibe of her track which she independently wrote, arranged and co-produced. There are so many influences and elements within this contemporary track, from Folk to R&B, Easy Listening to Soul, it’s a universal sound that’s all too easy to fall in love with.

You can check out Sasha Ka’s debut single on SoundCloud using the link below:

If you’ve been left insatiable for Sasha’s sound, check out her website where you can find more music, tour info and news from the stunningly talented artist.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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