Marven Denis speaks to the romantic cynics in his summer pop track, ‘Close to Me’.

Marven Denis

Up and coming RnB pop artist Marven Denis speaks to the romantic cynics in his latest up-vibe sun-soaked single, Close to Me, which breaks the mono-cultural mould by allowing tropic reggae-style bass-riding beats to create a solid structure for Denis to lay down his serenading lyrics.

With infectiously catchy choruses and Denis’ fresh approach to his sound that spans across multiple genres and hemispheres, Close to Me has all the potential to become one of the biggest hits this summer.

Denis’ started his journey as an artist by learning bass playing traditional gospel music before he started to explore more genres and work on his composing, directing and producing talent. Which goes some way in explaining how there is so much soul and authenticity in this release.

Check out Marven Denis’ latest single via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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