Cara’s Latest Dancefloor Drop “Dangerous”

“Dangerous” is the latest dancefloor hit dropped by up and coming EDM Pop artist Cara. With a darker sensibility than what you’d come to expect from the genre Dangerous is an immersive treat for anyone looking for a soulfully rendered offering of aural magnetism.

The synth-driven rhythm packs in plenty of progression to keep the beat fresh from start to finish. Whilst there is an instantaneously accessible allure from the arrangement of the anthemic mix, Cara’s resounding approach to Pop is still right on the contemporary curve. The lyrics to Dangerous may be kept relatively simple, yet this just adds further to the commercial potential of the single. With the soundbites as fierce as Beyoncé would serve up, watching Cara’s ascension to the top of her game will make for short viewing.

You can check out Cara’s latest single Dangerous which was released on November 18th for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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