That Sweet Craving: LA’s PYXIE lights up the nights adventures with the catchy indie-pop/rap track ‘Flattery’

As she busts a cheeky move on the tempting dance floor after work, PYXIE tells us what she likes on the fresh new body-moving single called ‘Flattery‘.

PYXIE is an original puzzle-solving indie pop/hip-hop artist from sunny Los Angeles, who loves the creation of those magical words and its many forms that fascinates the hungry mind, as she enchantingly evolves into her own brand of unique music that is wonderfully ever-evolving.

With her lovable penchant for learning new things each day with such alluring innocence, she flow in between the rap, funk and RnB genres the most, morphing them together depending on where her imaginative juices take her to that particular day.

This is the story about loving it when you hear those smooth words from a former stranger, your mind suddenly races and you love the rush each time. You only want it honest though, as that is what you are truly after and nothing less.

Flattery‘ from LA wordsmith PYXIE is a fearless song from a criminally underrated indie singer/rapper, who puts in her best work yet with a display of pulsating lyrics combined with her confident vocals, that will make the shyest of us blush with excitement.

Hear this rising talent on Soundcloud and see more of her adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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