Broken Bones Matilda – ‘Midnight Creeper’: Hauntingly Mesmeric Americana Folk

What do you get when you mix Balkan beats with Americana and Folk Rock? I suppose the easiest answer would be listening to Broken Bones Matilda’s latest mesmeric hit ‘Midnight Creeper’. The female vocals are just about as captivating as they come. Through the vocals and quaintly intricate instrumentals the duo managed to cook up a soundscape which is simultaneously haunting yet viscerally sweet. From Midnight Creeper you get the same jangly quintessence that you’d expect from more archetypal Folk bands, yet you’re also treated to the deep pensive allure as offered by bands such as Warpaint and London Grammar.

If you’re fan of strong raspy vocals, sticky-sweet harmonies and soul-splittingly beautiful melodies, you’re going to adore what the West Country, UK duo has cooked up with their latest single which was released in August 2018

You can check out Midnight Creeper for yourself by heading across to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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