Scottish Alt Rock Outfit Silvercoast Kick off 2019 With their Nostalgically Anthemic Hit “Dreamers”

The 5-piece Scottish powerhouse Silvercoast kicked off 2019 by dropping their anthemically energetic Alt Rock track “Dreamers (Young At Heart)”. Anyone with a penchant for the Pop Punk gems of the 00’s are sure to appreciate the sticky-sweet melodies contained within Dreamers which accompany the high-octane emotion which is poured into the single via the vocals from Aaron Murray. With Dreamers, you’re not only treated to colossal guitar riffs, but intricate progressions which wouldn’t sound out of place in an Interpol track. A comparison to Daniel Kessler isn’t an easy one for me to make, but with the alchemically powerful single Silvercoast cooked up, no amount of praise would be high enough.

You can check out Silvercoast’s single Dreamers for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now. Make sure to give them a follow as Dreamers is just the first of many singles which are due to drop in 2019.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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