Brighter Light deliver Silver linings

When we think of piano driven pop music, thoughts naturally go to either high-concept artists such as Tori Amos or the kitsch commercially of Elton Jon or Billy Joel. But Brighter Light offer another way. Theirs is not only the sound of pop as high drama, dynamic whirlwind, it is also the sound of the boy band ethic taken to a sophisticated conclusion. It is highly accessible, effortlessly classy, classical and yet still cool, emotive, eloquent and elegant.

An honest, heartfelt song, emotions worn openly on the sleeve, a tale of love and loss and set to a slow burning musical journey that moves from piano bar balladry to ultimate musical theatrics, and it is glorious at every step of the way. It is the combination of the underlying classical beauty of serious music and the deftness of the commercial and accessible and it is this play off which sets up a wonderful balancing act at the heart of the song. Some music aims for the head, some the heart, Silver by-passes both and goes straight for the soul.

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