Brendan Morrison – Set Me Free: Lo Fi Acoustic Art Rock

With his latest album Fear Brendan Morrison created the perfect offering of Lo Fi Emo Acoustic. Whilst I don’t usually condone using the Emo label, in this case the glove definitely fits the hand of the poignantly pensive alternative singer-songwriter and guitarist. Set Me Free is just one of the seven resoundingly harrowing tracks on offer from the independent artist from Jacksonville Florida. The angst Brendan Morrison offers within his tracks through mainly comes curtesy from the lyrics which really don’t hold back allowing Set Me Free to become one of the rawest Alternative tracks I’ve checked out this year. The Lo Fi sound may not be for everyone, yet, in Brendan Morrison’s latest album the approach allows a more personable translation of the agony which went into the composition and it’s all a little overwhelming. Vocally & instrumentally Brendan’s talents share the same beautiful projection of anger which fans of Fidlar, American Disillusion & other Lo Fi artists revelling in the Emo revival are sure to love.

You can check out Brendan Morrison’s track Set Me Free from his 2018 7-track album Fear. on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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