Breaking Down Musical and Emotional Walls

Proving that it is never to late to make a name in music, Lompy T, aka Russell Crawley has returned to the creative affray and his latest release is a glitchy, chilled and imaginative slice of dance floor groove. At 17 a career in music and particularly music production seemed out of reach but the advance of technology and affordability of studio software has meant that now with a few more years and a little bit more money, he has been able to meet and embrace his career half way. The Walls of My heart is a testament to the fact that you should never give up on your dreams and that you can always find a way.

Blending ambient electronica and angelic vocals, the song embraces some skittering beats, glitchy and hypnotic production and some serious beats, wandering between the conventional and the trippy as it wanders to its conclusion, it plays with inventive dynamics and chilled after party vibes. But more than anything it is a statement that whatever the circumstances, whatever is standing in your way, there is always a solution and the accessibility of the modern digital age means that we now have a whole wave of musicians, producers, singers and creatives who in an early age would have been denied the chance to contribute to the musical collective.

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