Blooming Echo – They Want to Cut us Down: Sonorously Succinct Lo Fi Acoustic

A night by the lost lake by Blooming Echo

Ambient Indie Folk artist Blooming Echo has just released his latest single They Want to Cut us Down. I seriously can’t overstate how succinct the ambience of the acoustic, alternative lo fi sound is. With a voice that could quite easily sing you to sleep, Blooming Echo has created a perfectly pensive melody which is as ethereally visceral as they come. I could quite easily get lost in the depth of the poignantly penned lyrics which progressed through a metaphorically compelling narrative.

They Want to Cut us Down was the perfect balance of apathy and passion born through minimalistic chord progressions, yet the space in between the sounds are as enjoyable as the ethereal notes themselves. The track has a way of enveloping you completely, every slight shift in pitch grips you like a vice. Blooming Echo’s muted vocals quietly fade into the acoustic guitar, not demanding to be heard, just quiescently hovering over the instrumentals.

You can download & stream Blooming Echo’s latest single They Want to Cut us Down from their 2018 album ‘A Night Lost by the Lake’ on BandCamp now

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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