Blake Reynolds leaves us suitably captivated with his deft command of harmony in latest single “I Believe”

If vocal talent were the main determining factor in the popularity of artists, it would be no surprise to see Blake Reynolds’ name at the top of the charts. Whilst many Indie Pop Rock artists hide behind vocal effect, in the breaking recording artists latest single “I Believe” you’ll be treated to effortless pitch-perfect harmony which tangibly amplifies the emotivity of the romantically steeped lyrics.

Even though the single allows you to believe that you’ll be treated to a fairly archetypal Pop Rock instrumental arrangement for the main duration of the track, the single progresses into one of the most technical instrumental breakdowns I’ve ever heard in a track such as I Believe. With such a dedication to creating a distinctive soundscape, I can’t imagine that this will be the last we hear from Blake Reynolds and his magnetic vocal cords.

You can check out Blake Reynolds single I Believe for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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