Blake Anthony Robson – Genre Splicing, Era Striding Rock

If you are one of those people who needs everything in neat generic packages I guess you would drop Blake Anthony Robson into the alt-rock pigeon-hole…or the pop-rock one…or perhaps alt-country…roots? It just shows you the limitations of genres, especially when it comes to acts like this, ones who neatly genre-splice classic sounds into new, original music. So forget that.

Sunny Disposition wanders the same musical pathways as the likes of The Black Crowes did, that country infused, blues grooving, retro-referencing rock re-imagined for a more contemporary generation. It moves from an alt-countrified and considered place to a full on blues rock work out gradually laying on the musical textures and building to something that ticks both old school rock boxes, those of discerning blues fans and opens up a much travelled sound to a whole new audience.

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