East London rapper Muzuri drops a passionate rap single showing his ultimate independence from the fake masses on, ‘Stay Swangin’

Praying for himself and his crew that they shall all come out alive from these restless streets that can bite you like a junkie looking for a tasty snack, Muzuri knows that he is ready for the big time after too much time in those dangerous council settlements with, ‘Stay Swangin‘.

Jimmy Muzuri Kidjana aka Muzuri is a Seine-Saint-Denis, France-born, London, UK-based indie Hip hop artist who raps with a fluidly introspective style that is uniquely illuminated.

Slicing his piece of the pie as he looks around to make sure that no one else is eyeing up his meal, Muzuri shows us his rampaging rhymes that take you into a picture that can either make or break you. With so many hungry humans out there who will grab your treasure without even thinking of the consequences, this is a warning to those who are even thinking about ripping him off.

Stay Swangin‘ from the East London, UK-based underground rapper Muzuri is a story all about making your return to your homeland and showing that you don’t have any time for silly nonsense that will waste your precious time. After being down on luck for a while it feels like this is a young artist who has found the all-important self-awareness needed, to get up to the top with that grind-over-fun mentality.

Sometimes you just need a shock to the system – that shall set you free from any previous baggage – that you know needs to be unloaded forever for you to truly succeed at your chosen craft.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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