Between Rock And A Hard Place

So how do you stay true to the tenets of the music you love without becoming a pastiche of what has gone before? I guess if I knew that I would be a rich man but whether by luck or judgement Pilgrim seem to have found the answer. Whilst rooted in a classic, heavy rock sound, one that mixes dexterity and power, aggression and craftsmanship, this is much more than four guys merely paying tribute to their own record collection. Others may be happy to copy what has so far defined the genre but the art is to take those influences, re-shape them, re-package them for the current music buyer and move the genre forward into pastures new. And that is exactly what they do.

They may wear their influences honestly and openly on their collective sleeves, particularly classic rock and the melodic end of grunge, and why not, those influences are built of iconic sounds and timeless qualities, ones that have served the genre well for over 50 years, but they are also fully aware that the art is to bend those influences to their own will.

If you think that genres even so previously defined and carefully guarded as heavy rock have nowhere new to go, then Pilgrim will make you think again. Any band that can balance familiarity and originality so well is obviously the flag bearer that every genre needs to lead the charge of modernity.

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