Benjaminz – “All Hustle No Luck” : A Brilliant Flair Of Jazz And Blues In Hip-Hop

Do you know that feeling you get when you just listen to a really good track for the first time? It feels like every second you’re discovering something new and it just keeps getting better and better. Well, this is exactly what Benjaminz’s new track “All Hustle No Luck” just made me feel. It is not your average, everyday hip-hop track. It’s brilliantly crafted, well delivered, creatively incorporates the use of some really cool instrument combinations, has a very good flow of tension and release and presents a really fresh, yet vintage sound. The use of the jazz vocal sample also made it extra cool too.

Apart from being captivated by the precise and very clear vocal delivery, with just the right character and tone, I also really enjoyed the way the instruments effectively interact with the sampled material and the lyrics. Sometimes you get a super cool blasting bassline, other times you hear a really tight drum fill, and then you get the contrasting chorus with a tonal harmonic progression on the electric guitar and organ. It is all in constant evolution with the perfect balance of elements and a high level of creativity, musicianship and production. Check out “All Hustle No Luck” for yourself on Soundcloud and you will not be disappointed!

 Sarah Marie Bugeja

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