Benjamin Antony James – We’re All Dead Inside: Rock n Roll Nihilism

Soon enough Benjamin Antony James’ talent for rhythmically sexy Alt Rock will speak for itself. For now, it’s up to me to tell you about the raucously electric smorgasbord of insanity you can expect from his latest single We’re All Dead Inside. With a title like that, you’re never going to be treated to an archetypal soundscape, and the up and coming artist certainly didn’t disappoint in bringing his unique brand of Rock energy to the soundwaves. The high-octane instrumentals featuring soul-splitting guitar solos were one thing, yet the vocals and lyricism were quite another. With a vocal style which sat in between Shinedown and Buckcherry which was constantly shifting with the ever-twisting momentum of the instrumentals it’s hard not to fall in love with the vocal styling. The ultimate cherry on the cake was the existentialism which was antagonistically penned into the lyrics. The commentary on 21st century disparity certainly did prove that we are all dead inside after all.

With a music video that unfolds like a bad acid trip how can you resist heading over to YouTube and checking We’re All Dead Inside out for yourselves?

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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