Becky and the Keys – Cold Water Creek: Soulfully Vintage Country Blues

Becky and the Keys

Looking to delve into a vintage soundscape which will strip away the suffocating pressures of the 21st century? Granting you 2:26 minutes of indulgent aural escape is the latest single “Cold Water Creek” by the up and coming Northern Ireland-based artist Becky and the Keys.

Whatever you’re expecting from the soundscape from that description alone, throw away your preconceptions and prepare for Becky Baxter’s soulfully dominant vocals to bring a vivacious serving of Country Blues which may as well have come from the swamps of Tennessee.

Cold Water Creek is a timeless single which brings a stiff serving of the contemporary resonance, making sure that once you’ve heard the rich tones in the warm and full-bodied arrangement, there’s little chance of you forgetting them.

You’ll be able to listen to Cold Water Creek for yourselves from the date of release on July 26th, 2019.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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