Phillipe Bianco – R&B infused pop for the modern market

Some music is about sticking to the established sounds of the past. Other music is about forging ahead and creating new musical worlds to explore. Phillipe Bianco seems to be the the sound that connects the two. Whilst it is easy to see where he is coming from musically, an accessible pop built from R&B grooves and chilled soulfulness, the fact that the music is built from programmed beats and synth washes, skittering electronica and cutting edge sonics that bridges the two worlds.

The result is a slow groove through soulful territory, a beguiling late night vibe and some personal narratives and heartfelt sentiments in the lyrics. In a world of revolution, where genres are split, fused and rewired into strange hybrids, this feels a lot more like evolution. It is certainly remoulding the traditions of the genre and moving them forward into the early light of a new musical era but it does so at a speed which even the most retro-loving pop-soul groover will be happy with. Sometimes change is only noticeable when you look back to see just where you came from. Phillipe Bianco certainly represents change but somehow stability at the same time. That’s going to keep everyone happy I reckon.

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