Barry Wilson Music – Persuasions to Enjoy: A Quaintly Mesmeric Urban Genre Mash

I have a feeling that Barry Wilson Music’s latest single “Persuasions to Enjoy” will go down to the music buying public like marmite. And that’s absolutely what I love about the single.

It’s a little awkward, and that’s not even a criticism, there are teams of urban artists trying to stamp down their slightly nerdy style with Hip Hop, but no one does it quite as inventively as Barry Wilson. For Persuasions to Enjoy the Cork, Ireland-based artist teamed up with vocalists Shaool and Kala who both brought distinctively refreshing offerings of harmony. Instrumentally the single is sporadic, yet the elements of Jazz, Funk and Neo Soul were seamlessly weaved together.

Head on over to Spotify to hear Persuasions to Enjoy that was official release on October 19th.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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