”Barns, Babes, and Bourbon” is a story of Brandon Bing’s three favorite passions

Sometimes its best to keep life simple and just do what you know. This is certainly the attitude of Country and Western singer Brandon Bing. Big Hoss keeps things light and fun in his new single called ”Barns, Babes, and Bourbon”.

Taken off his latest EP- “The Florida Man”, ”Barns, Babes, and Bourbon” follows the same popular formula as his previous music to much success. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Florida native Brandon Bing knows what he likes and depicts this perfectly with descriptive lyrics and a happy-go-lucky attitude to life that makes him feel down to earth and likable. ”Barns, Babes, and Bourbon” is an American winner, due to the simple strategy of getting folks onto the dance floor, and enjoying the evening. Keeping things simple is something the world needs more of and Brandon is a perfect guide to this path.

Stream this song and more from Brandon Bing on his YouTube channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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