Awake or Sleeping – Owls in The Night: Euphorically Charged EDM

Apparently, people who stay up late have a 10% chance of dying earlier, I’ll take the chance and continue to revel in the same nocturnal ecstasy which Awake or Sleeping packed into their latest Dance EDM single Owls in the Night. The momentous EDM mix is a blindingly immersive Electronic Indie Pop mix composed around a labyrinth of harsh drops and melodic synth. The multi-layered beat has been polished to translate as a perfectly hyped beat that regardless of what time of day (or night) you choose to soak up the euphoric effects of Awake of Sleeping’s latest single.  Yet, given the nature of the track, it would be safe to say if this House beat dropped on a dancefloor it wouldn’t take too long to fill.

You can check out Awake or Sleeping’s latest track Owls in the Night on SoundCloud now, or head on over to the official website of the sonorously talented West Coast producer where you can preview & pre-order his upcoming EP due for release on May 29th 2018.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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