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John O’Brien easily impresses and delivers a truly unforgettable track called “Siboney”

“Siboney” is the new single from John O’Brien where its lyrics paint a picture of love that occupies a beautiful historic beach on the south shore of Cuba. John O’Brien has been creating music for over four decades and has released a total of seven albums, to date, and continues to showcase his musicality and songwriting abilities with every new release. He has gone on to tour all around the world, and he always brings a lively and dynamic act to his performances and has recently delved into creativity with the John O’Brien Experience, creating unforgettable and timeless shows. The song, “Siboney”, has a relaxing beach feel to it, which is not surprising since the song is literally about being on a beach. It is charming, lyrically cute, and one that brings the sun. This is a track we’d love to hear on holiday, as we relax on the beach, with the surf nearby, and the sun blazing down. Lyrically brilliant, John O’Brien easily impresses and delivers a truly unforgettable track.

You can watch the lyric video here on YouTube:

Reviewed by Jonathan Currinn

Indie rock group Gentlemen’s Crow has released the new single “You Were Never Really Here”

Gentlemen’s Crow – You Were Never Really Here Indie rock group, Gentlemen’s Crow, from St. Augustine, Florida has released the new single “You Were Never Really Here”.

The band consists of Cameron Moratis on Guitar and Vocals, Alex Sandlin on Lead Guitar, Mike Eyer on Bass Guitar, and Mark Rutski on Drums. They use poetic word choices in their lyrics and mix it with their raw indie-rock sound. They released their debut single in November 2019, titled “Was That You With The Ice Cream?” and followed that up with a self-titled 2-track EP in January 2020.  A relaxing indie-rock vibe fuels “You Were Never Really Here” with Cameron Moratis’ vocals making an impact over the intricate guitar and drum melodies from the band that will certainly get stuck in your head. The song has great energy and certainly showcases Gentlemen’s Crow’s distinct sound and how talented they are. This is one song we’re sure would sound amazing live on stage.

You can listen to the track on Spotify:

Reviewed by Jonathan Currinn

BLAND! – “Bland’s Vibe House Vol. 2” is anything but bland.

BLAND! shines brightly with this mix, giving us various different ethereal sounds and vocal snippets. The entire track is peaceful and melodic, especially at the start, although it switches up during the vocal parts, inflicting a different feel and pace. Urban grooves also intercept the track giving it a subtle party vibe, at times. There are times when you physically hear the track changing, adding an old-school nostalgic effect. The first vocal snippet focuses on class and worthiness which is then followed by piano chords which is suggestive of higher class. Other snippets focus on different subjects and guides the track throughout, whilst the ending feels final and abrupt. BLAND!’s ability to mix and create is beyond intriguing, so much so that the other volumes that have been released are certainly worth checking out.

Listen now on Soundcloud:

The Charlie Kulis Band “Come and Getcha Some” is the first track of six from their debut EP, titled “Twisted”, which is out now.

The Charlie Kulis Band – Come and Getcha Some Country-rock with hints of indie throughout, “Come and Getcha Some” by The Charlie Kulis Band sure is a feel-good tune. The upbeat sound will have you grooving away whilst Charlie Kulis sings the lyrics which paint a brilliant day where the sun is shining and you’re out having a good time.

Positivity in country music is always great to hear but the indie-rock elements mix up the track so much so that it makes it unique and interesting. There are also instrumental breaks throughout which allows the band to impress, with urban elements and earthy guitar chords. “Come and Getcha Some” is the first track of six from their debut EP, titled “Twisted”, which is out now.

Listen now on Soundcloud:

Biig Juan – Pressure

Biig Juan – Pressure “I want pressure, pressure make diamonds” opens this unstoppable track by Biig Juan, and that statement alone makes the listener know we’re in for a treat with this song “Pressure”. Dark and heavy, yet driven and fully focused, this track is here to inspire all and to encourage you to keep going for your goals.

Biig Juan is the owner of The BasemENT Studios LLC and he certainly knows how to bring it, and certainly doesn’t let us down. On the verses, he completely impresses, going in hard and delivering each word with perfect intonation, whilst the chorus soon becomes addicting, spreading self-confidence and intense concentration to his listeners. This is one for your work-out playlists or when you’re getting ready to start your day.

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29-year-old British artist, As In Decorator explodes with the track “Fear2”

29-year-old British artist, As In Decorator explodes with the track “Fear2”, bringing a crescendo of instruments from the bass to the drums. Overpowering, but in the best way, with a deep strong vocal that melds into the sound eruption whilst still maintaining a beat and a melody.

The distorted vocal is full of echoing effects, whilst the backing track continues with a crash down domineering sound. Impressive nonetheless, this track follows up As In Decorator’s debut EP which he dropped at the end of June. The melody in this track will certainly stay with you, long after listening to it.

YT HellaKingin – Friday Night (feat. Heartbreaka & Dale Keano)

A rhythmic pop track embedded throughout this hip-hop number defies everything we’ve heard before as YT HellaKingin brings it with “Friday Night”. Adding R&B and grime to the mix as well as recruiting Heartbreaka and Dale Keano, who are already on top of the game right now, this track is going to get you vibing to the beat.

With an addicting hook and a chorus that gets stuck in your head, this is one awesome track that you can’t help but love. This is perfect for the bars and the clubs with the artists singing about how much they love their partners, “It’s Friday night baby, All I wanna do is be with you.”

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Positronic brings ‘80s influence to 2020 to this upbeat electronic track

Created by Michael L. McDannold, Positronic brings ‘80s influence to 2020 adding an explosion of synthpop to this upbeat electronic track that certainly has no plans of falling down. Professing that he’ll “be there for you”, in the lyrics of the track, Positronic spreads love and positivity with the release of this song, “When You Fall Down”.

Positronic has been making music since 1988, so it is not surprising he is inspired by the likes of the Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, and Erasure, which can definitely be heard within this track. Uplifting, inspiring, and elevating, Positronic sure knows how to deliver with this one.

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Josh Winiberg, Alex Milne & Bergersen Quartet – Amor Fati / Love of Fate

Piano chords at the start lead the track beautifully, preparing us for a wonderful listening experience. Purely instrumental, this classical track takes you on an unforgettable journey that whisks you away to hypnotic sounds and gorgeous melodies.

Full of artistry, Josh Winiberg shines throughout with his piano which is further progressed by Alex Milne on the guitar and the Bergersen Quartet on the strings. It’s one impressive track that really shows how professional all three artists are. “Amor Fati / Love of Fate” really takes the listener away, through a series of artistic turns, for all of six minutes.

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Stephanie Sellars – I Want to Be Bad

Jazz music always holds a secret power over all of its listeners, and Stephanie Sellars certainly knows how to draw you in, with her sultry tone to her vocal and the gorgeous piano guiding the song with a trumpet adding to the track half-way through.

“I Want to Be Bad” is a cover of the 1920’s song by Helen Kane from the musical “Follow Thru”, yet Stephanie Sellars not only makes it her own, but she also brings it into the 21st century, giving it a much-needed reinvention, whilst also doing it justice.

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