BLAND! – “Bland’s Vibe House Vol. 2” is anything but bland.

BLAND! shines brightly with this mix, giving us various different ethereal sounds and vocal snippets. The entire track is peaceful and melodic, especially at the start, although it switches up during the vocal parts, inflicting a different feel and pace. Urban grooves also intercept the track giving it a subtle party vibe, at times. There are times when you physically hear the track changing, adding an old-school nostalgic effect. The first vocal snippet focuses on class and worthiness which is then followed by piano chords which is suggestive of higher class. Other snippets focus on different subjects and guides the track throughout, whilst the ending feels final and abrupt. BLAND!’s ability to mix and create is beyond intriguing, so much so that the other volumes that have been released are certainly worth checking out.

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