John O’Brien easily impresses and delivers a truly unforgettable track called “Siboney”

“Siboney” is the new single from John O’Brien where its lyrics paint a picture of love that occupies a beautiful historic beach on the south shore of Cuba. John O’Brien has been creating music for over four decades and has released a total of seven albums, to date, and continues to showcase his musicality and songwriting abilities with every new release. He has gone on to tour all around the world, and he always brings a lively and dynamic act to his performances and has recently delved into creativity with the John O’Brien Experience, creating unforgettable and timeless shows. The song, “Siboney”, has a relaxing beach feel to it, which is not surprising since the song is literally about being on a beach. It is charming, lyrically cute, and one that brings the sun. This is a track we’d love to hear on holiday, as we relax on the beach, with the surf nearby, and the sun blazing down. Lyrically brilliant, John O’Brien easily impresses and delivers a truly unforgettable track.

You can watch the lyric video here on YouTube:

Reviewed by Jonathan Currinn

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