August Planet – Metropolis; This is a sound project which erupts a sci-fi chills

Okay, to start with this is no ordinary work. Believe me, this is track right here is totally different from what you thought it could be in every sense of it. The album “Metropolis” is a music project from August planet. It’s more of an instrumental sound music project with different beat and concepts.

Metropolis as a sound music project is a multi-dimensional work that cuts across different music genre in a subtle way.

This type of work can be likened to Adam Young’s “Ayoungscores” music project which is skewed towards creation of magnificent soundtracks and different celestial collection of smooth soothing sound of music beats. Just in same way August’s “Metropolis” is a sound project which tends to interprets with a lot of nature’s synchronic linguistics.

To understand more what this type of work is, just think of an original music written to accompany motion picture, just especially for Sci-Fi movies. The musical genre that was covered in this album transcend from Downtempo to Instrumental Hip-Hop, and then down to a little bit of infusion of Electronica.

This type of music work isn’t for everybody because the revelation of a person’s love of music is different for everyone.

This album draws inspiration from important moments in history and tends to interpret them through musical sounds only.

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