Armi Abiera – Don’t Forget to Say Hello: Hauntingly Captivating Acoustic Rock Pop

Don't Forget to Say Hello by Armi Abiera

Don’t Forget to Say Hello is the first single by Armi Abiera and written by Jimmy Wend and it’s safe to say the track stands as testament to both of their musical ingenuity.

The simplicity of the track is the first thing that hits you. There’s no dramatic effect or unnecessary effects just pure, perfectly synergised acoustic rhythm. Every part of the composition was placed there delicately and intricately to create some of the powerful melodies you’ll have heard this year.

Armi Abiera’s emotive vocals lead you into a highly emotional track which is steeped in nostalgic rapture. The track tackles the emotion of a child growing up and leaving home, which, is undeniably hard for all parties involved, yet the way Armi was able to encapsulate all of that in her vocals was nothing short of uplifting. Which is a little strange, because at the same time It’s grounding. Either way the hauntingly captivating melody will stay with you long after the track has faded out.

You can check out Don’t Forget to Say Hello for yourself by heading over to BandCamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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