Annie Green – DMS: Meet the New Queen of Pop Rock

Annie Green’s latest single DMS is drenched in nostalgia, well, that’s if it’s possible to get nostalgic about the early 00’s Pop Rock sound just yet. But Annie Green’s track was anything but an assimilation of previously orchestrated sound. Her soulful attitude-fuelled vocal style entwined perfectly with the punches and rolls off the off-beat bass and guitar chord progressions which fuse together to create a lucidly veracious harmony. The unpredictable nature to the track was yet another element which made DMS so utterly beguiling; I’d hate to give away spoilers, but the violin which drew the track to a close was one of the most unexpected yet ethereally soul-splitting sounds I’ve heard contained with a track in this genre.

For fans of female-fronted 00’s Pop Rock you’re going to need to check out DMS for yourselves, so head on over to Spotify and soak out Annie Green’s phenomenally empowering vocals around the punchy, tentatively orchestrated melodies. It really wouldn’t surprise me if I saw Annie Green’s name up there in the future with the likes of Taylor Swift, she’s got the vocal prowess, the lyrical genius, the ability to compose a concordant contemporary masterpiece – what more could you possibly want?

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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