All Faces – Summer in London: Prodigal Jangle Folk Pop

All Faces

If you gave M83 a more Folky Twist you’d concoct a similar prodigal sound to the up & coming London based duo All Faces. Their latest release Sumer in London from their second EP may have just redefined Jangle Folk Pop with their stunning soundscapes, yet potentially what is the most ethereal factor when it comes to Summer in London is the beautiful conceptual lyricism that went behind the track, not too dissimilar to bands such as the Fratelli’s, the Lumineers and the Vaccines. All Faces captured the perfect vibe to depict all the heat of a Summer in London. In fact, I will probably lose all faith in the music industry if I don’t hear All Faces new single blaring on Radio 2 throughout the summer. Ben & Daphne share a beautiful vocal synergy that leave you hooked by the lyrical punchlines over the popping up-vibe instrumentals. Daphne has a soulfully fractured, sweet sensibility as she resonates with Ben’s polished Pop vocals to create a sound which is nothing but distinctive.

You can check out All Faces second single from their self-titled EP Summer in London which was released May 2018 on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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