Aliza Li has released single Bit a Lemon

Aliza Li has dropped her latest single ‘Bit a Lemon’ blending in the sound of R&B and Neo-Soul through this catchy piece.

Having this insanely upbeat melody riding throughout, making sure that each second this lively rhythm is flowing through to grab your attention.

Using that beat to really give it this energetic and uplifting feeling as you listen, the melody tends to cut through the vocals abruptly and keep that same steady flow persistent through the track to combine with the vocals.

Aliza has some rather unique style of vocals, tending to sound more adenoidal through the voice, having that rather brittle tone to it, going from a rather slow-pace to picking things up a bit as the chorus hits. Making sure that each element collides with each other, without sounding out of tune and keeping that melody to give you a boost.

Listen to Aliza Li’s single Bit a Lemon by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall

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