Alex Van Allen – Fading Out: Traversing Trap With One of the Greatest Indie Rap Artists on the Scene

Alex Van Allen, is potentially the first artist to successfully pull off an Indie Rap mash up. The fact that he did it with his first ever debut track should be enough to get this rap artist in the history books.

The backbeat is as hauntingly rhythmic as it comes courtesy of the empyreal guitar arrangements that give the whole track an almost orchestral undertone which flows with ubiquitous ease. The silence that followed the fade out of this track hit me like a brick, only when the track has faded out, you get an idea of how immersive this the track ‘Fading Out’ is. I get the irony in that statement. Which is why this track may just be the masterpiece that the Rap scene needed.

The Trap style instrumentals are one thing, but Alex Van Allen’s smooth vocal delivery in this down-tempo track are something else entirely. The vocals ooze charisma as he raps with an effortlessly poetical flow that puts artists like Drake to shame.

If you’re on the look out for some more minimalist Rap mixes check out Alex Van Allen’s music on Spotify today!

-Amelia Vandergast

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