Alex Forte Releases the Vibrant Up-Vibe Hip Hop Drop of the Year with Latest Single “Money Pool”

Rather than easing you in gently with their latest single, Alex Forte has thrown you into the Hip Hop Pop deep end with their latest single “Money Pool”.

It’s fairly impossible to encapsulate just how much charisma has been thrown into the quaint and colourful soundscape which takes plenty of influence from Old School Hip Hop for the rhythm while the production remains well and truly in 2019.

Trap artists may have given experimental electronic effects a bad rap, yet, Alex Forte has proven with Money Pool that under rhythmically dexterous hands, plenty of soul, and high-vibe energy can be squeezed from wavy electronica.

The Cleveland, Ohio-based artist has a perceptible and admirable determination to introduce melodicism back into Hip Hop, he also simultaneously proves that you can orchestrate a playful track without compromising on the grind and authority which many listeners seek out in Hip Hop.

You can check out Alex Forte’s impossibly endearing earworm Money Pool for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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