ALESTI Makes Alt Rock More accessible than Ever with the single “Fooled by a Dream”

ALESTI made Alt Rock more accessible than ever with their latest single “Fooled by a Dream”.
To create the standout hit, they teamed up with Andy Cizek to create a sticky-sweet, riff-heavy hit which won’t fail to leave you wrapped up the epic soundscape.

“Epic” has never been one of my favourite words, but there are very few other ways to allude to just how momentous Fooled by a Dream is and do it justice.  With orchestral elements joining Pop Punk, Future Pop, and Rock all in his stylistic aural smorgasbord, ALESTI have created a track with mainstream appeal which also offers the unrestrainable energy of Alt music.

Thanks to the massive choruses, biting lyrics, and polished soundscape, Fooled by a Dream possesses a tangible amount of commercial potential – and it will be incredibly exciting watching this up and coming artist ascend the charts.

You can check out ALESTI’s single featuring Andy Cizek for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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