Across The Atlas Deliver Solid Pop-Punk Single

Pop-punk has always been a genre happy to do just what it says on the tin. The infectiousness of the throwaway pop template spliced on to the energy of the punk attitude and the result is the best of both worlds. No bowing down to dance floor fashions that normally rule the former and a chance to lighten up and make more palatable the intensity and surly nature of the latter. Across The Atlas know this only too well and on latest singe, Daydreamer, they are more than happy to prove it.

As a result the riffs are crisp and melodic, the vocals accessible rather than merely aggressive, the intricacies within the song are relevant rather than the pointless showboating that the genre is sometimes prone too. It may not be kicking down barricades and marching into unknown musical territories but then again what’s wrong with just being damned good at your job? Nothing, that’s what!

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