Abigail Jerri – Let’s Play: Reggae Rhythm With a Pop Polish & A Pinch of Prog House

Summer may not be here quite yet, but that’s no reason we can’t prepare ourselves for it with sun-soaked beats such as Abigail Jerri ’s latest single “Let’s Play”.

With Let’s Play you are treated to a smooth mix of Reggae and Pop which all pulls together as a melodic work of uplifting rhythm. There is no better introduction to Abigail Jerri ’s arrestive approach to Pop than Let’s Play which packs in plenty of salacity around the feel-good vibes of the single. With an already radio-ready production behind Abigail’s releases it’s all but impossible to imagine that she will be an up and coming for much longer’; she’s definitely already arrived. With a natural vocal talent, ability to create an instantly accessible track, and a soulful charisma, there’s not much that can stand in the way of Abigail Jerri ’s future commercial success.

You can check out Abigail Jerri ’s latest single Let’s Play for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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