A mellifluous, almost lustful voice: HXVE MXND releases his new track Colors on Rewind

Colors on Rewind is the new single by up and coming artist HXVE MXND, a hypnotizing electro-pop tune from the very beginning.

Playing around with his mellifluous, almost lustful, voice, HXVE MXND waves through a range of harmonic tones that fluctuate from bass to high-pitched notes reaching limpid, somehow heavenly vocals in the choruses. The music is minimal: only a few slow beats and melodic loops neatly flutter throughout the song, giving HXVE MXND as much space as possible to fill it with his vocal overdubs.

Achieving a beautiful combination of electro-pop and indietronica, Colors on Rewind classifies as a cutting-edge pop song that flourishes for its multi-hued soundscape and comforting style – still drawing from HXVE MXND’s charmingly comforting vocals. It would be interesting to see how he’d perform a cappella.

Dive into Colors on Rewind by clicking play on Soundcloud now.

Review by Jim Esposito.

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